08/14/2009 Angie Asks Jesse If He Killed Henry North

"Erica bustled into Ryan's place full of apologies for her lateness. When she stopped to take a breath, she was mesmerized by a shirtless Ryan as he did pull-ups on a door frame . She managed to pull herself together before he finished his last repetition. She unloaded her woes about her increasing workload, and was caught off guard when Ryan mentioned a meeting they had with a buyer.

Ryan quickly briefed her on the information he'd found about Fusion's financial status. Erica insisted that she needed to go home and change so that she would be presentable for the meeting. Ryan assured her that he could handle things on his own, and encouraged her to relax and prepare for the scheduled tapings at New Beginnings.

Ryan went to ConFusion to meet with Gary, the buyer from Lacy's. Although Gary was impressed with Ryan's credentials, he felt that negotiations regarding Fusion needed a woman's touch. As if beckoned, Erica appeared and offered to fill the role. Flustered, Gary went to get Erica a chair, while Ryan openly admired Erica's beauty.

The trio quickly settled down to business, and Gary was forced to admit that with the recession, Lacy's wanted to decrease inventory. Ryan sat back as Erica began to charm Gary like no one else could. After a few dances, Gary decided to end the evening. Erica asked Gary about the offer they had on the table, and Gary agreed to double it. Pleased, Ryan announced that he would draw up the paperwork and have it sent over. Gary left, and Ryan thanked Erica for the sacrifices she made to find success for her companies.

Ryan and Erica reveled in their success briefly, and then Erica made mention that running Fusion was one of the main reasons she got up in the morning. Ryan thought that Erica needed more in her life and made some suggestions of how to enhance Erica's downtime. Before Erica could respond, she was surprised to hear the DJ play a song from her favorite movie. Ryan wasted no time and quickly asked her to dance.

David listened quietly as Jake lambasted him for suggesting that Jake and Amanda consider adoption. When Jake's rant was over, David recommended that Jake not get so worked up in the future over a suggestion.

Tad and Taylor assumed it was Opal when they heard the click of high heels as someone approached baby Trevor. They were alarmed when Amanda called them moments later and told them that Opal was stuck at the hospital. Tad hastily ended the call and both he and Taylor rushed around the corner to find that someone had taken off with the baby. As the reality sunk in that they had lost Trevor, Taylor and Tad fretted about what their next move would be. Every scenario that they thought of ended with Amanda and Jake losing their baby in the system.

Amanda and Jake stopped by to see Opal, who frantically told them that they needed to call Tad. Moments after they told her they'd already done so, Tad called back. He told his brother that although they'd looked everywhere around the church, they hadn't found Trevor. Jake told Tad that he and Amanda would join them, and ended the call. Opal wanted to go with them, but Jake insisted that Opal get fully checked out. He also asked her to keep an eye out for anyone who showed up with a baby.

Jake and Amanda left quickly, but Opal wasn't alone for long. David strolled in and asked if she had really experienced a recurrence of her heart problems. Opal pretended that she was fine, but when David mentioned Jake and Amanda, both were surprised to see a drastic jump in her heart rate. Opal made up some excuses, and David told her that she needed to talk about her issues before her attacks became more serious.

At the casino, Jesse told Madison that she needed to leave his family out of any discussions she had with him. Ready to do battle, Madison challenged him to admit that life was tough when he was on one side with the police and his wife was on the other. He warned her again and she told him that he needed to be careful of how he talked to her.

Jesse proceeded to analyze who he thought Madison North was as a person, and deduced that the only thing she cared about was money. He told her that she had a lot to lo se if the newest investigation into her husband's death had different results. A short time later, Frankie returned to the casino and was pleased when he found that Madison was still there, alone and nursing a drink. He tried to take her up on her previous offer to gamble, and although she initially had her suspicions, she decided to play Frankie's game.

Madison toyed with Frankie for a little while, and gave him pointers on how to successfully get information out of her. Frankie entertained her charade for a few moments, and then told her that he'd rather be direct. Surprised at his choice, Madison caved in and asked what he wanted to know. Frankie questioned her about why she caused so much trouble for his family. Instead of an answer, Madison noted that the Hubbards caused enough trouble on their own. She then tried to redirect the conversation into one that included seduction, but Frankie rejected her and walked away.

Amanda and Jake arrived at the church and lamented what had happened. They tried to formulate new plans, but were stymied by their fear that their dishonesty would be uncovered--and the idea that David could end up with the baby. Amanda insisted that David was behind the abduction. The others tried to convince Amanda that it wasn't possible, but Amanda was unwilling to consider an alternative. Jake devised a plan to find out if David knew anything, and asked Tad for help. Jake then asked Amanda to go to the hospital to see if anyone dropped the baby off. Taylor volunteered to stay near the church to see if she could find anyone who could help.

Opal tried to convince David that there was no need to be concerned about her heart, and promised to go home and relax if David would release her. David told her that it wasn't possible, given her medical history. Before Opal could protest any further, Amanda barged in the room with the intent of finding out how Opal was doing. Amanda stopped short when she saw David.

Amanda stated that Tad had gotten tied up and that she was sent to take Opal home. David told the two women that he still needed to check Opal's test results before he authorized her release. He left the room, and Amanda told Opal that the baby hadn't been found yet. Opal's stress over her plan's failure sent her heart rate soaring upwards again. Amanda attempted to calm Opal down and said that Tad, Jake and Taylor were all working hard to find Trevor. Amanda then asked questions about David, and Opal felt worse when she realized the possibility of David being behind the kidnapping.

Jake and Tad broke into David's house and, although they didn't hear a baby, they launched a search to find evidence that Trevor had been in the house. Tad found a box of baby things and showed them to his brother. Jake thought it was a start, but figured that David was too smart to bring the baby to Wildwind. Jake continued to go through some mail and hit the jackpot when David's phone bill revealed repeated calls to a place in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Tad gleefully remarked that all they needed to do was use the number to find the physical location.

Taylor stopped a homeless woman and asked if she'd seen anyone with a baby in a basket. The woman admitted that she had, and described the person who took Trevor as a woman with a spider tattoo on her face, who'd spoken to the baby in Spanish. She handed Taylor a sock that had fallen out of the basket, but became suspicious when Taylor continued to ask questions. The woman walked away.

Angie met up with Jesse at ConFusion and got an earful about how she should have left the Henry North autopsy alone. Angie demanded that Jesse be honest with her, and asked if he had killed Henry North. She said that she knew Henry's death was due to blunt force trauma and not the car accident. Jesse swore again that he was not Henry's killer. Angie believed him, but knew that Jesse could identify the true culprit.

Sure that the person under Jesse's protection was Randi, Angie continued to solicit information from Jesse. Jesse tried to maintain his ground, but with one final effort, Angie said that if Jesse didn't open up, she would call Randi. She did just that, but on the other end, Randi ignored the call and instead cooed at baby Trevor.

David ran into Amanda as she exited the hospital nursery with tears streaming down her face. He tried to draw parallels between the two of them, and admitted that he'd visited the nursery as well, and wondered what their son would have been like. Irate, Amanda told him that if their son had lived, David would have tried to gain sole custody, and she said that she would have never allowed him to steal her baby. She stalked away and left David stunned, trying to figure out what had just happened.

Tad went back to the church and revealed that the person the woman described as having taken the baby was actually a character from a television show. Taylor was disheartened but determined that they would find Trevor. Tad said that they had to, because he refused to put Jake and Amanda through what he experienced as he tried to track down Kathy.

Amanda and Jake overheard David as he placed a secretive call and told the person on the other end that a package was on its way, and that he would be there soon. When David walked away, Amanda insisted that the call had to be in reference to Trevor. Tad called and told them that he'd gotten an address from the phone number they'd taken off of David's bill. He told Jake that he would send the information by text and ended the call. Jake relayed the information to Amanda, and she told him that she needed to go to Massachusetts with him."

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