08/12/2009: Annie Steals Scott's Pants

"Liza was at home when she heard a knock at her door. She was surprised to see David and asked, "What are you doing here?" He replied, "Something we'll both regret in the morning." He then grabbed her and kissed her. Although Liza kissed David back, she quickly pulled away from him.

Liza was suspicious of David's motives. She assumed that he wanted to seduce her so he could steal Stuart. David claimed that he did not think Stuart was his son. She was skeptical and reminded him that he used Krystal to get closer to Little Adam. David told Liza that his relationship with Krystal was none of her business.

David refused to believe that Liza did not find him attractive. Liza swore that she felt nothing when they kissed. He noted that she was a good liar, which was why she was a successful lawyer. She retorted that she was a successful lawyer because she was smart and knew to keep away from jerks like David. He stated that her lips did not lie when they kissed him back. She reiterated her disinterest. David was frustrated and called Liza an unhappy person. He said that she would always be alone because she would never let a man make her happy. After he left, she looked upset by his comments.

JR visited Marissa at the hospital. He sensed that something was wrong. Marissa explained that David was acting protective and controlling, like a father. She further noted that David warned her to stay away from JR. JR asked if Marissa planned to take her father's advice. She stated that she was an adult and could make decisions for herself.

JR recalled a conversation that he had with David. David swore to stay away from Little Adam, if JR left Marissa alone. Marissa noticed that JR was deep in thought and inquired why. JR told Marissa that he needed to see Little Adam and abruptly left the room.

David looked at Marissa's chart and was pleased with her recovery process. Marissa asked if David was going to lecture her about JR again. David then revealed the deal he offered JR. Marissa was shocked that David would give up Little Adam in order to keep JR away from her. David replied, "Now you know how much I love you."

Annie sat in the parlor while she sipped on champagne. Scott entered the room and saw Annie clad in a skimpy bikini. She offered him champagne. He smiled, ripped his shirt off, and headed for the pool. She watched in delight as he took off his pants and jumped into the pool. After his dip in the pool, he looked for his pants in the parlor. Annie flirtatiously held the pants in her hand and refused to give them back. Scott grabbed Annie and kissed her. Still, she would not give him the pants. He moved close to her, as if he planned to kiss her again, and stole the pants from her.

After Scott left the room, Annie returned to sipping champagne. Suddenly, she remembered that Adam had a security camera placed in the parlor. She looked nervous. She took the DVD out of the camera and watched her kiss with Scott. She did not realize that JR was standing behind her.

JR laughed when he saw Scott and Annie kissing on the DVD. JR noted that Annie hooked up with all the Chandler men. He sarcastically asked Annie if she planned to hook up with Colby next.

Scott put his clothes on and went back to the parlor. JR quipped that they should have a threesome. Scott was confused, so JR informed him that his kiss was caught on tape. Annie added that the kiss she shared with JR was also on the DVD. Scott looked peeved when he learned that JR had kissed Annie.

Scott asked to have the DVD, but Annie wished to keep it as an insurance policy. She was glad to have proof that both men came onto her. She warned them not to go against her, or she would show Adam the DVD. She assumed that Adam would take her side and disown the men.

Annie left the parlor with the DVD in hand. Scott inquired why JR kissed Annie when he was dating Marissa. JR corrected Scott and stated that he was not dating Marissa. Scott thought that Marissa wanted to be JR's girlfriend. JR wondered why Scott did not make a move on Marissa, since it was obvious he liked her. Scott said that Marissa wanted JR, not him.

JR admitted to Scott that he was considering David's deal. Scott was appalled. Scott said that he would not pass up the opportunity to be with a great girl that cared about him. Scott urged JR to be with Marissa.

JR went back to the hospital to see Marissa. She explained that she knew about David's deal. She was furious with JR for considering the deal. JR said that he wanted no part of the deal, but she did not care. She threw a glass at him and told him to leave. She screamed that she would always be alone, because everyone kept leaving her. She then sat in her bed and cried.

Annie viewed the DVD for a second time. As she watched Scott kiss her, she slyly smiled.

Zach and Kendall sat together in their sons' room. Kendall told her sons that she loved them and would never leave them again. She then looked at Zach and agreed to live in the secret room for as long as she needed to. Zach vowed to prove Kendall's innocence.

Zach and Kendall entered the secret room. She commented that the room was depressing. He pointed out that the room had many essentials, like a television and a DVD player. She looked at the DVDs available and laughed when she realized they were all hockey movies.

Kendall asked Zach where she should sleep. He showed her that the couch turned into a bed. She wondered why she could not sleep with him. He said that it was too risky, but Kendall thought there was another reason. She asked him if he resented her for sleeping with Ryan. Zach said that he could not get over her infidelity. He reminded her that she cheated on him with two men, Ryan and Aidan. Kendall professed her love for Zach and begged him to forgive her. He said that he would never forgive her. She asked why he was intent on saving her then. He stated that he would always protect his wife and his family.

Zach got a call from Francesca about the casino. Kendall urged him to take care of business. She said that she would listen to the boys on the monitor and call him if anything happened.

As Kendall browsed the Internet for articles on her murder case, she heard a loud noise in the boys' room. She found a hammer in her room and picked it up. She carried the hammer like a weapon as she entered the boys' room.

Kendall was startled when a man grabbed her. Then her surprise turned into relief when she saw Jesse standing before her. Jesse said that Zach had asked him to check on the boys.

Kendall asked Jesse why he helped Zach carry out his crazy plan to get her out of jail. Jesse stated that he thought Kendall was innocent. She thought there was more to his story. He explained that it was very difficult for him to be separated from his son for a long time. He did not want Kendall to be separated from her sons.

Zach met with Francesca. She was concerned because $100,000 was withdrawn from the casino's bank account. He explained that he withdrew the money and planned on withdrawing the same amount every month. She reminded him that the casino's numbers were down due to the economy. She feared that the casino could not recover from such losses. He said that he would take out a loan from his biggest enemy.

Liza arrived at the casino and overheard Zach talking about a loan. She wondered who he would request a loan from. He wanted to ask Adam for a loan. She was surprised. He explained that a loan was his way of getting closer to Adam. Zach hoped that Adam would let his guard down, so he could prove that Annie killed Stuart. Liza thought it was a good plan and agreed to facilitate the loan.

Liza asked Francesca for the details of the loan. Francesca said that a lawyer needed to handle it. Liza affirmed that she was a lawyer. Liza then asked how much Zach wanted to borrow. Francesca said that the initial amount was $100,000. Liza was shocked that Zach needed such a large amount.

Kendall fell asleep and dreamed of all the tender moments she shared with Zach. When she awoke, she walked to the door and put her hand on it. She did not know that Zach was standing on the other side. He, too, had his hand on the door."

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