08/11/2009 Emma Makes A Promise

"Scott entered Marissa's hospital room and she asked what he was doing. He replied, "Something I wanted to do ever since I met you." He then planted a huge kiss on her. She looked surprised and confessed that she never expected a kiss from him. He was disappointed by her reaction. He assumed that she did not like him because he was the "good guy" and not the "bad guy," like JR. He noted that women liked to cry on his shoulders, instead of dating him. She wondered why everyone assumed that she was in love with JR. He was convinced that she had feelings for JR and he left.

Meanwhile, David was lurking in the hallway and witnessed the kiss between Marissa and Scott. David looked pleased.

David noticed Scott at ConFusion and sat next to him at the bar. David thanked Scott for visiting Marissa in the hospital. David commented that Scott and Marissa had a lot in common. Scott retorted that Marissa was just a friend. David thought that their friendship could blossom into romance. Scott stated that Marissa was into the "prince of darkness" vibe, which he did not possess. Scott then asked David for pointers on how to be a "bad guy." David told Scott to pursue what he wanted, regardless of who he hurt. David then warned Scott that he would probably hurt the people he loved in the process and end up alone. Scott retorted, "Thanks for nothing."

Emma called Annie on a cell phone. Emma asked her mother if she could stop lying about the night of Stuart's murder, since Kendall was put in jail. Annie told Emma that she should never speak of the night again. Annie ordered Emma to forget the true details of the night. Emma said, "I promise."

Ryan entered Emma's bedroom looked surprised to see her holding a cell phone. He asked how she got the phone and whom she was making promises to. Emma looked nervous.

Ryan asked Jesse to stop by his penthouse. When Jesse arrived, Ryan handed him Emma's phone. Ryan explained that Annie secretly gave the girl the phone. Jesse listened to the phone's voicemail and was shocked to hear many messages from Annie. Ryan was upset, because a judge had ruled that Annie was not allowed to have any contact with Emma. Ryan wondered if the secret phone calls could get Annie thrown in jail. Jesse did not think that the phone was enough to send Annie back to jail. Ryan was frustrated.

Annie admitted to Adam that she spoke with Emma on the phone. He reminded her that she was not allowed to speak with her daughter. Annie stated that she missed Emma. He vowed to help her win custody of Emma, after he made the charges against her disappear.

Annie's therapist, Dr. Nolan, arrived at the mansion. Annie quipped, "Let's see how crazy I am today!" Dr. Nolan inquired about Annie's feelings towards Kendall's confession. Annie calmly stated that she would forgive everyone that falsely accused her of the crime. She further noted that she wanted to move on with her life, especially due to her engagement.

Adam called Randolph, a judge that he was friendly with. Initially, Adam talked about a round of golf that he played with the judge. Then, Adam revealed that he was engaged. Adam stated that his fiancée needed help.

Jesse entered the mansion. Jesse informed Adam that Annie had been inappropriately contacting Emma. Adam said that Annie missed her daughter and simply wanted to hear her voice. Jesse warned Adam that Ryan would press charges if Annie did not stop calling Emma.

Annie and Dr. Nolan finished their therapy session. In front of Adam and Jesse, Dr. Nolan announced that Annie passed her psychiatric evaluation. Annie and Adam were ecstatic, but Jesse looked disgusted.

After Jesse and Dr. Nolan left, Adam told Annie that they needed to celebrate. As Adam declared that they would finally get their happy ending, he opened a bottle of champagne. When Adam heard the cork pop, he flashed back to the night of Stuart's murder. Adam remembered crying after Stuart was shot. Annie asked Adam if he was feeling okay. Adam claimed that he was tired and went to bed.

Annie sat in the parlor while she sipped on champagne. Scott entered the room and saw Annie clad in a skimpy bikini. She offered him champagne. He smiled, ripped his shirt off, and headed for the pool. She watched in delight as he took off his pants and jumped into the pool.

The prison guard told Erica and Liza that Kendall refused to see them. Erica blamed Liza for Kendall's predicament. Erica noted that a better lawyer would have gotten Kendall acquitted. Liza reminded Erica that Kendall confessed. Liza then stated that she planned on filing an appeal. Erica told Liza not to bother, because she was fired. Liza said that Erica did not have the authority to fire her because Zach and Kendall hired her.

Erica visited Ryan at his penthouse. She was very upset because Kendall refused to see her. She begged him to visit Kendall at the jail, but he refused. He felt that they should all obey Kendall's wishes. He also noted that Zach was Kendall's husband and it was Zach's place to deal with Kendall, not his. Erica thought that Ryan might be the one person Kendall would see. Ryan said no and explained that he needed to focus on Emma. He then revealed that Annie had given Emma a cell phone. He also divulged that Annie and Adam were engaged. Erica responded, "The world's gone mad!"

Ryan curled up on his couch and turned on the television. He thought of Erica as he watched a movie, so he called her. He apologized for being harsh with her. She replied that there was no need for an apology. He asked what she was doing. She said that she was watching her favorite movie, "Rumba to Romance." He laughed, because he was watching the same movie. After they said good night, they could not stop thinking about each other.

Liza visited Marissa in the hospital. Liza apologized to Marissa for Marian's actions. Marissa was not mad and inquired about Marian's health. Liza said that Marian was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

Liza vented to Marissa about her frustrations over Kendall's case. Liza was annoyed because Kendall refused to see her. Liza was even more annoyed because Zach refused to help her with Kendall's appeal. Marissa wondered if Liza liked Zach. Liza claimed that she merely respected Zach.

Kendall asked Zach how she ended up in a secret room in their home, instead of a jail cell. He stated that she was where she needed to be, at home with her sons. She then remembered Jesse drugging her in the courtroom, right after Marissa was shot. She also recalled seeing a woman in the courtroom that appeared to have on the same clothes as her. Zach explained that Jesse drugged Kendall, so a look-alike could take her place in prison.

Kendall was horrified and wondered why the look-alike agreed to go to prison for her. Zach said that he paid the woman a great deal of money. Plus, he hoped to prove that Annie was the true killer quickly, so the look-alike did not have to spend years in prison.

Kendall did not want to go along with Zach's plan. She tried to leave, but the door was locked. She looked at Zach and asked if she was his hostage. He said that he could not risk her ruining the plan. Then, a red light flashed to signal that someone was at their front door. Zach left the room.

Kendall sat alone in the room and looked worried. Suddenly, she heard Spike's voice. She noticed a baby monitor and listened to her son talking. She then looked overjoyed.

Zach found Liza at his front door. Liza demanded that Zach help her with Kendall's appeal. He was eager for Liza to leave, so he agreed to help her.

Zach entered the secret room and saw Kendall with the monitor. She agreed to stay in the room, so she could be close to her sons. Zach and Kendall then entered their sons' room. Kendall told her sons that she loved them and would never leave them again.

Liza returned to Marissa's hospital room. Liza vented about Zach again. Marissa commented that Liza seemed to care a lot about Zach. Liza admitted that she had a "little thing" for Zach. However, Liza was certain that she would get over Zach soon.

Liza was at home when she heard a knock at her door. She was surprised to see David and asked, "What are you doing here?" He replied, "Something we'll both regret in the morning." He then grabbed her and kissed her."

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