08/18/2009 Kendall Spies On Zach & Liza

"Erica threw a ton of designer dresses onto her bed. She then tossed boxes of expensive shoes on top of the dresses. As she glared at the heap of clothes, there was a knock at her door. She was relieved to see Ryan standing before her.

Ryan inquired why Erica urgently needed to see him. She showed him a small backpack and asked how she could fit all of her clothes into the backpack. He looked confused as Joe entered the room. Erica did not seem excited for Joe's visit.

Joe removed many large needles from his bag. He stated that Erica needed numerous vaccinations for her trip to Africa. Ryan looked shocked as he asked, "Erica's going to Africa?" Joe explained that Jamie and Jeff were holding a fundraiser in Africa, and Erica had volunteered to go. Joe felt that Erica's celebrity endorsement would be a big help to the fundraiser. Joe was very grateful for her support.

Erica looked extremely nervous as Joe prepped all of the vaccinations. Joe named all of the vaccines she needed to prevent diseases such as yellow fever, typhoid, and rabies. Erica quipped, "Do I need the rabies shot just in case Krystal bites me?" Joe informed Erica that she could take the typhoid vaccine orally. Joe handed her a vial and she drank from it. She gagged from the awful taste of the vaccine. It was then time for Joe to administer the shots. Joe told Ryan that he might want to leave the room because all of the shots were not going into Erica's arm. She was horrified by Joe's comment, but Ryan laughed.

After Joe finished, Ryan checked on Erica. She noted, "I may never be able to sit down again." Joe thanked Erica once more for her help and he left. Then, Ryan offered to help Erica pack. She did not know how to fit all of her clothes, shoes, makeup, and hair products into one backpack. He advised her to bring a few t-shirts and shorts. She shot him a befuddled look and stated that she did not own t-shirts. He chuckled and suggested a tank top instead.

Ryan and Erica managed to pack only one bag for Erica's trip. She was amazed that she only packed one tube of lipstick. She then revealed to Ryan that she was going to Manhattan to get her visa. Ryan offered to accompany her to New York and give her a proper send-off. She was delighted by the idea.

Erica and Ryan spent the afternoon and evening in Manhattan. They traveled all over the city, taking pictures every step of the way. At the end of the night, they admired the moon. Erica wondered if her trip to Africa would change her. Ryan said that Erica would change the world, but the world would never change Erica. Then, they kissed.

Zach arrived home and found Kendall standing in the living room. She had set up a romantic dinner, complete with flowers and candles. He reminded her that she should not leave the secret room. She retorted that she took all of the proper precautions to ensure no one saw her. She explained that she wanted to thank Zach for all he had done for her. She hoped that he was hungry, because she put two steaks in the oven. Then, Liza knocked on the front door. Kendall ran into her room, while Zach greeted Liza.

Liza was delivering Chinese food for dinner. When she saw the candles and flowers, she assumed that he had company. Zach said that he was not entertaining anyone. He further noted that he liked to set the table as if Kendall were living there. Liza thought that Zach's explanation was sweet. Suddenly, the smoke alarm went off because the steaks were burning. Liza handed Zach the Chinese food and urged him to take it. She turned to leave, but he told her to stay, and invited her to eat with him.

Liza and Zach ate dinner. Meanwhile, Kendall grew impatient. Kendall called Zach on his cell phone and he discreetly relayed that he was eating with Liza. Kendall was furious.

Liza assumed it was difficult for Zach to live without Kendall. She recalled being extremely lonely after Colby moved in with Adam. Liza admitted that she continually hoped Colby would return to her. Zach called Liza a good mother. He affirmed that Liza strongly influenced Colby, whether Liza realized it or not. She returned the compliment and told Zach that he was a great father. He said that he was not perfect, but he tried to do the best for his kids.

Liza felt that it was unfair of Kendall to shut her family out, especially Zach. Zach stated that it was Kendall's decision not to have any visitors at the jail. Liza was impressed that Zach had faith in Kendall's innocence, even though Kendall thought she was guilty. Liza commented that Kendall could spend many years in prison. Then, he looked up and noticed Kendall spying on them. He was nervous that Liza would see Kendall, also, so he created a distraction. Zach threw a wine glass across the room. He stood up and accused Liza of not believing in Kendall. He stated that Liza should not be Kendall's lawyer if she doubted Kendall's innocence. Liza looked surprised by Zach's emotional rant and rushed out of the house.

Zach met Kendall in her room. Kendall stated that she did feel guilty for Stuart's murder, like Liza mentioned. He urged Kendall to concentrate on feeling innocent. He also encouraged her to relax. He suggested that she write another book. So, Kendall opened her laptop and began to describe a character that sounded a lot like Zach. She wrote that the character loved intensely, but never forgave.

Zach entered the living room and saw that Liza had left her purse. Just as he was about to take the purse to Liza, she returned to the house. As he handed her the purse, she told him that she wanted to stay on the case.

Randi sat in a motel room with baby Trevor. She watched the news and was glad to see that no one reported a missing baby. She held the baby in her arms and gushed over him. She could not understand why someone would abandon a baby. She noted that Trevor looked lost and alone when she found him. She promised to take care of the baby.

Frankie told Natalia and Angie that he could not find Randi. He was concerned because Randi had been missing for an entire day. Frankie asked his sister and mother to help him look for Randi.

After Natalia left Frankie's apartment to search for Randi, Angie revealed her suspicions to Frankie. Angie thought that Randi knew Henry North when she was a prostitute. Angie wondered if Randi's sordid past with Henry was part of the secret that Randi and Jesse were hiding. Frankie told Angie to shut up, but she continued. Angie hypothesized that Randi killed Henry because he would not leave her alone. Frankie did not want to hear his mother's allegations. Frankie refused to believe that Randi was a killer, so he kicked his mother out of the apartment.

Madison visited Jesse at the police station. Madison hoped that Jesse put an end to the investigation of Henry's death. Jesse said that he did not have the authority to end the investigation. She desperately wanted the insurance money for Henry's death. She threatened to tell everyone that Randi killed Henry, if Jesse did not get her the money. Jesse was tired of Madison's threats. He reminded her that she committed insurance fraud and extortion. He vowed to send her to jail if she told anyone the truth about Henry's death.

Madison visited Frankie. She revealed that Randi was the love of Henry's life. She then divulged that Randi killed Henry. Frankie was shocked and did not want to believe her. Madison also purported that Henry, not Frankie, was the father of Randi's baby.

Angie met Jesse at the police station. She demanded to know the truth about Henry's death. He urged her to trust him, but she wanted answers. She said that he was destroying their marriage by keeping secrets. She told him to admit the truth or she would leave him. He was stunned by her ultimatum. She asked if Randi killed Henry. He simply nodded his head yes. Then, Frankie arrived and inquired, "Is it true? Did Randi kill Henry?"

Natalia ran a check on Randi's credit card and discovered her location. Natalia found Randi at the motel and was shocked to see a baby. Natalia feared that Randi stole the baby, due to her grief. Randi stated that she found the baby at a church. Randi explained that she was headed to church to ask God for forgiveness when she found the abandoned baby. Randi assumed that the baby was God's way of telling her that all was forgiven. Randi was certain that she was destined to find the baby.

Natalia informed Randi that she could not keep the baby because it was against the law. Natalia wanted to call the police, but Randi begged her not to. Randi said that the baby gave her life new meaning. Randi exclaimed, "Please don't take him away from me!""

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