08/19/2009 Tad & Taylor Spy On David

"Colby and Pete babysat Stuart. Pete was intent on burping the baby. Suddenly, Stuart let out a huge burp. Colby laughed when she saw that Stuart had spit up on Pete in the process. As Colby cleaned Pete's shirt, Liza entered the suite. Colby told Liza that David sent her flowers. Liza was uninterested and tossed the flowers into the garbage can.

Taylor found out from a nurse that no missing babies had been reported at the hospital. Taylor relayed the information to Tad. He wondered how she inquired about a missing baby without raising suspicions. Taylor explained that she told the nurse she was writing an article on abandoned children. He was impressed with her sneakiness. She stated that she was so good at being sneaky that the CIA tried to recruit her. He asked why she did not join. She replied, "I never said I didn't join." Then, she laughed.

At the hospital, David placed a phone call. He called Colby and asked if his "delivery" arrived. Colby said yes, but noted that Liza did not care about the flowers. He told Colby that he would visit Liza soon.

Meanwhile, Taylor had eavesdropped on David's phone call. She heard him say "delivery" and wondered if he was talking about Amanda's baby. Taylor told Tad about what she heard, so Tad followed David.

Colby told Liza that David wanted to visit her. Liza wished that Colby would have deterred him from visiting. Colby replied that she was not her mother's social secretary. Then, Colby and Pete got ready to leave. Liza thanked the teenagers for babysitting. Pete said that he enjoyed it because it was good practice for the future. Colby shot him an annoyed look. He sheepishly added, "If I ever get married."

After Colby and Pete left, Liza held Stuart. She apologized to the baby for not spending more time with him. She explained that she was working nonstop. She further noted that she got caught up in drama, which she regretted.

David arrived at Liza's suite and asked if she liked the flowers. She showed him where she had discarded them. He chuckled and stated that the flowers were cowardly. He noted that he should have visited Liza sooner, so he could apologize in person. He then apologized for telling her that she was incapable of love. She retorted that David was probably right when he made the comment. He stated that she had an energy that lit up a room. He felt that she possessed the energy because she was capable of loving deeply. She accepted the apology and asked David to leave.

Liza quipped to Stuart, "That's a life lesson for you. The ones you want never want you back and the ones you don't want send you flowers."

Once David left, Tad asked Liza about David's visit. She explained that David hit on her, but she rejected him. She wondered why Tad followed David. Tad said it was a long story. She looked panicked and assumed that David had discovered Stuart was his child. Tad did not want Liza to worry, so he divulged that Stuart was not Amanda and David's baby.

Liza was very confused. Tad explained that Jake did not want to give Amanda's baby to Liza, so he found another child. Tad stated that Jake received Stuart in a private adoption; meanwhile, Jake stashed Amanda's baby. Liza was stunned, but also relieved that she no longer had to worry about David. Tad further explained that Amanda decided to keep her baby, but David could not know. Tad revealed the plan to leave Trevor at a church, so Amanda and Jake could adopt him, but noted that the plan went awry. Liza felt bad for Amanda and asked if she could do anything to help. Tad said that he suspected David of kidnapping Trevor. Tad asked Liza to try to get information out of David. She agreed.

Liza held Stuart in her arms and exclaimed, "You're really mine!" She called herself silly for thinking that she was incapable of love. She knew she could love due to how much she loved Stuart. She told the baby that he was the love of her life.

Taylor sat with Opal in the hospital. Opal was very distraught over the disappearance of Trevor. Opal blamed herself and wished that she never came up with the plan to leave Trevor at a church. Taylor urged Opal not to feel guilty. Opal asked if she could read Taylor's palm and Taylor agreed. Opal took Taylor's hand and immediately stated, "You're a wonderful woman!" Taylor smiled as Opal told her more. Opal encouraged Taylor to stay true to herself because she saw good things in Taylor's future. Taylor seemed pleased.

Tad returned to the hospital and told Taylor about his conversation with Liza. Taylor feared that a stranger might have taken Trevor and they were wasting their time on David. Tad was almost certain that David took Trevor.

David checked on Opal. He asked if Amanda would be picking Opal up from the hospital. Opal snapped and told David to leave Amanda alone. Opal scolded him for treating Amanda poorly. He reminded Opal that he had lost children, but no one cared about his feelings. She stated that no one cared about him since he did not care about anyone but himself. Then, Pete arrived to pick up Opal.

Frankie entered the police station and asked Jesse, "Is it true? Did Randi kill Henry North?" Jesse replied yes. Frankie and Angie looked devastated. Jesse explained that Henry and Randi had shared a past from when she was a hooker. Jesse said that Henry was obsessed with Randi. Jesse then divulged that Henry attacked Randi, so she hit him over the head and killed him.

Frankie was appalled that Henry tried to rape his wife. Frankie wondered why Jesse and Randi did not tell the cops that she killed Henry in self-defense. Jesse felt that the cops would not believe her because she was a former prostitute and Henry was a prominent D.A. Jesse stated that he covered up the murder to protect his family, especially Randi and her baby.

Frankie wished that Jesse and Randi had told him the truth, instead of Madison. Jesse was aggravated with Madison for meddling. Angie wondered how much Madison knew. Jesse said that Madison knew everything because she stole the security tapes. Frankie realized that Madison had been secretly torturing Randi.

After Frankie left, Angie and Jesse had a heart-to-heart discussion. Angie wished that Jesse had told her the truth from the start. She felt that he did the right thing when he helped Randi; however, she felt that he was wrong for lying to her. She reminded him that his lies cost them their marriage twenty years earlier. She wondered when the lies would end. He explained that he did not tell her the truth because he did not want to implicate her in the crime. She said that they needed to work together to protect their family. Then, they hugged.

Randi begged Natalia to let her keep the baby she found. Natalia explained that it was against the law to keep the baby without notifying the authorities. Randi said that her life had disappeared until she discovered the baby. Randi wanted to take care of the baby, so she could feel what it would have been like with her own child. Randi promised to tell Frankie about the baby. Natalia agreed to let Randi take the baby home while she searched to see if anyone reported a missing baby.

Natalia learned that no missing babies were reported at the hospital. She also discovered that there were no reports at the police station, either.

After Randi arrived at her apartment with the baby, Frankie entered the home, as well. He was relieved to see Randi. He told her that he knew about Henry and that he did not blame her. They embraced. Then, he heard a baby crying and inquired about the noise. She replied, "That's our baby.""

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