08/20/2009 Erica & Krystal In Africa

"Angie looked longingly at a photo of Frankie and Randi, remembering a time when things were much less stressful. Jesse entered the apartment and Angie looked up with a partial smile, telling her husband that she'd made "double blueberry muffins." Jesse tried to cut through the small talk, saying that he knew he'd screwed up by lying about Henry North's murder. Angie told Jesse that she understood why Jesse had chosen to protect Randi. What she couldn't wrap her head around, though, was why Jesse had chosen to lie to her about it. In a touching admission, Angie said that Jesse's peculiar behavior had made her question if there was another woman in the picture. "That's impossible," Jesse replied. "You are the only woman that has my heart."

In their apartment, Frankie and Randi sat with a baby that Frankie has affectionately dubbed "sponge pants." As he held the baby and slowly rocked him, Frankie promised that he'd do everything in his power to make sure the little one had a better life. That life, according to Frankie, included seeing the 1980s movie The Goonies. Although she ceded that it sounded crazy, Randi told Frankie that she fully believed that "this baby... was meant to be ours." Frankie reminded Randi that there were procedures and laws that needed to be followed. Randi recalled going through that system when she was younger. As Randi talked about how she and Frankie could give the baby a better life, Frankie -- at least temporarily -- seemed to buy into what his wife was saying. After a few seconds of pause, Frankie responded, "I wish we could keep him, but we can't." Randi continued to plead, explaining that taking care of the baby was a chance to atone for killing Henry North.

Angie and Jesse showed up at Frankie and Randi's apartment for a brief visit. Randi apologized to Angie for making a mess of things and worried that Madison might cause more trouble for them in the future. Jesse assured them that as soon as Madison received her $10 million insurance payment, she'd be out of their hair. Once their parents left, Randi asked Frankie why he hadn't told them about the baby. Frankie explained that he hadn't seen Randi so peaceful in a long time and had decided that they should keep the baby.

At Confusion, Jesse and Angie playfully exchanged some innuendo-laden words. Jesse got up to get drinks and spotted Madison sitting across the room waving at him.

From her camp in a remote village, Erica was able to hold a webcam chat with Ryan, who was back in Pine Valley. Due to the time difference, Erica was getting ready to call it a night while Ryan was just starting his day. The conditions were harsh, Erica said, but she noted that the children's "smiles and their laughter are just so beautiful."

A few yards away in a tent, Krystal chuckled to herself about how Erica would react upon learning that she and Krystal would have to share their humble accommodations. When Erica entered the tent, she tried to put her best foot forward, but Krystal took pleasure in making jabs about the conditions. As Erica's face fell upon seeing the cot and mosquito net, Krystal quipped, "It's a funny thing about charities. They tend to spent their money on food and medicine instead of fruit baskets and linen sheets."

While Erica tapped out a script for New Beginnings on her laptop, Krystal brushed up on her Swahili, because she wanted to be able to greet the children in their native tongue. When her battery died, Erica wondered where she'd be able to plug in for a quick recharge. "You might try plugging it into the next zebra that walks by," Krystal muttered.

Erica took to more traditional methods of transcribing her thoughts -- pen and paper. After she scrawled a first draft, she read it to Krystal, who seemed unimpressed with the "queen of fabulosity's" speech-like work. Krystal blasted Erica for using the trip to Africa as a way to boost the ratings of her talk show. Erica denied the claims, pointing out that Krystal had invited her to Africa because of her celebrity. Krystal shook her head and said that "attention-seeking" celebrities like Erica didn't understand what it was like for "mere mortals" to get through the day. Suddenly, Erica shouted out, "Jambo, watoto." Krystal was silent as Erica informed her that she'd just said "Hello, children" in Swahili.

While Krystal had been asleep on the flight from Pine Valley, Erica revealed that she'd been studying some of the basics. Nonplussed, Krystal made a crack about Erica having flown in the First Class section. "Mbwa Jike," Erica snapped, refusing to tell Krystal what she'd said. When Krystal paged through her dictionary, she learned that mbwa meant dog and jike translated to female. Erica looked on with a smirk.

Later, as they prepared to go to sleep, Erica and Krystal fought over the light from their lantern. When they'd both finally closed their eyes, they were roused by the roar of a lion from outside the tent. They were both able to get to sleep, but Krystal awoke in a panic a short time later. She called to Erica, who woke up flailing her arms like the blades of a windmill. When she removed her eye mask, Erica realized that there was a serious problem. A scorpion had perched itself on Krystal's chest.

At Confusion, Adam and Liza discussed the contract that had been drawn up to facilitate Adam's $1.5 million loan to Zach. Liza had to step away for a moment, which left Adam having to hold a fussy baby Stuart. Adam looked panicked at first, but he soon adjusted to having a baby in his arms. Liza returned, but shortly thereafter, she had to take Stuart to the restroom to be changed. Ryan arrived a few moments later and questioned Adam's dealings with Zach. Adam insisted that Zach had admitted Kendall's guilt as part of the loan agreement. Ryan refused to believe that Zach would ever call Kendall guilty. Ryan tried to figure out why Zach would take a loan from Adam, wondering if it was a way for Zach to get closer to Adam.

Back at Chandler Mansion, Scott gave Annie a hard time about her resistance to Adam giving money to Zach. Annie was angry that the loan could jeopardize her "beautiful life and beautiful wedding." As they squabbled, Jack showed up with good news for Annie. Dr. Nolan had found Annie competent to stand trial. A subsequent hearing would determine whether or not Annie would stand trial. A chipper Annie asked if she could take off her ankle bracelet. Jack tried to temper Annie's jubilance, reminding her that she faced a laundry list of charges. More than that, Jack stated that Annie would probably have to serve some jail time.

Adam entered the parlor and vowed that Annie would not spend any time behind bars. Taking a sip of brandy, Jack remembered that the presiding judge, Judge Robinson, was a "good golfing buddy" of Adam's. Adam noted that the judge was "terrible with a nine iron" and still owed him money from a previous outing. Out of nowhere, Jack announced that he would be leaving the country and told Annie that she'd need to hire another attorney. While Annie seemed stunned, Adam took the news in stride. "Attorneys are as plentiful as fleas." Adam grinned.

Scott asked his uncle if he was really going to pay off a judge. Adam responded that he was "facilitating justice" for his fiancée. Adam warned Scott not to profess his piety too loudly. He then asked his nephew if he'd ever coveted "thy neighbor's wife, girlfriend, or fiancée" -- and warned him not to lie. Scott told Adam to go to hell, to which Adam retorted that he'd see him there.

Alone in the darkened parlor, Scott was haunted by Adam's words. Annie crept up behind him to ask him if he was okay. Scott turned around angrily and ordered Annie to go back to bed. She did as she was told and scurried away.

Meanwhile, Kendall was furious when she awoke from her sleep and found Zach reading her journal. Ryan stopped by unexpectedly to ask Zach why he was suddenly acting so strangely. After weeks of trying to keep Kendall out of jail, Ryan said that he made no sense that Zach wouldn't so much as try to visit Kendall in jail. Ryan insisted on taking Spike with him for an overnight stay. Liza also showed up to talk business with Zach. As Zach fetched Spike, Kendall pulled him aside and blasted him for forcing her to stay holed up in a secret room.

After Ryan left with his son, Liza assured Zach that she hadn't told Ryan about the loan. Zach signed the papers accepting Adam's loan. Zach then remarked that little Stuart was lucky because he didn't look at all like David. Liza informed Zach that she'd learned that the baby wasn't Amanda and David's child. Zach asked if he could hold the baby. She agreed, and Zach immediately went into daddy mode. Liza remarked that Zach was a natural.

Upstairs in her secret room, Kendall continued working on her story. Suddenly, she struggled to catch her breath."

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