12/01/2008 Annie & Ryan Exchange Vows

"The entire crowd at ConFusion stared at Annie as she stood in a bloody wedding gown and professed her love to Ryan. Ryan asked Annie whom she hurt with the knife that she was carrying. She refused to answer him until he recited his wedding vows. Jesse encouraged Ryan to go along with Annie, so he said his vows. She insisted that he kiss her, but he removed the knife from her hand instead. Jesse immediately put her in handcuffs. Still, she was unaffected by the cuffs because she was so ecstatic over what she imagined was her wedding ceremony. As Jesse led her out of the club, she announced to the crowd that she was hosting a reception with dinner and dancing.

Jake saw a trail of blood and followed it into the restroom. He saw Erica bleeding on the floor and checked her pulse. Just then, Reese and Zach entered the restroom and were horrified to see Erica had been stabbed. Jake stated that Erica was alive and breathing on her own, but she was in critical condition. Reese found Bianca to tell her the news. Bianca rushed to her mother's side just as an ambulance arrived to take Erica to the hospital.

Zach made an announcement to the crowd. He told everyone that they could leave, but they were required to give their contact information to the police. He thanked everyone for coming and wished that the night ended differently.

Amanda told JR that she recognized the crazy look in Annie's eyes because her mother, Janet, looked the same way. He ordered her a martini to make her feel better. Meanwhile, David watched their interaction and slyly grinned. JR approached David and commented that he usually caused the trouble at parties. David protested that he came to the event to donate money, not cause problems. David then snidely reminded JR that there was an open bar. JR stormed off and Amanda followed him. JR admitted that he wanted a drink so bad he could taste it.

Greenlee consoled Ryan. Ryan was adamant that Annie's mental illness was his fault. Greenlee affirmed that Ryan was not to blame. David overheard this and disagreed. David felt that Ryan made Annie go nuts. Ryan did not respond; instead, he left to go to the police station. Greenlee chastised David for his insensitivity. He responded that he was disappointed in Greenlee over her relationship with Ryan, and he assumed that Leo would be as well. She slapped him across the face.

Taylor approached Amanda and inquired if she had any ill will towards her. Amanda claimed that she was over Jake and did not care if Taylor was with him. Then, Amanda saw Colby and urged her to dish the details about the man she knew from Taylor's past. Colby pretended that she did not know what Amanda was talking about. Taylor was annoyed and wheeled herself away. Amanda asked why Colby lied to Taylor, but Colby would not say.

Frankie could sense that Colby was upset. He encouraged her to reveal what was bothering her. She admitted that Brot was in Pine Valley and hiding at the boathouse. Frankie rushed to the boathouse. When Frankie found Brot, he demanded to know why he was in town. Brot revealed that he came to see Taylor. Frankie reminded Brot that he kept the truth from Taylor because Brot promised to stay away forever. Brot insisted that he was leaving the next day on a bus. Brot then noted that he saw Taylor happy with another man, so he knew he was doing the right thing. Frankie explained that although Taylor was falling in love with Jake, she was not over Brot. Frankie refused to keep Brot's secret any longer. Frankie threatened to tell Taylor that Brot was alive if Brot did not tell her before his bus left town.

Rebecca, Angie, and Natalia arrived at home. Rebecca felt bad that Annie had a psychotic break in front of a large crowd. Angie offered to make tea, but Rebecca asked for bourbon instead. Natalia was in awe of Jesse and how he arrested Annie. Natalia announced that she wanted to go into law enforcement. Both Rebecca and Angie were against the idea. Then, Natalia left to meet Randi and Frankie, as Rebecca and Angie drank together. Rebecca admitted that she hated Angie before she met her because it was obvious that Jesse truly belonged to her. Angie urged Rebecca to share all of her feelings. Rebecca revealed that she was angry when she discovered she had cancer, and wished that Angie had gotten sick instead. Rebecca then apologized and stated that she no longer harbored anger for Angie. Angie understood that Rebecca had been upset. Rebecca worried about Natalia, so Angie assured her that she and Jesse would take care of Rebecca's daughter. Rebecca was nervous that Angie would not be able to handle Natalia because she was very stubborn, like Jesse.

Bianca, Reese, Jack, and Adam were waiting at the hospital for news on Erica. Joe said that Erica needed a blood transfusion. Adam offered to donate, since he had the same blood type as Erica. Reese did not know what her blood type was, but she offered to donate anyway.

Jake successfully repaired Erica's lacerated liver during surgery. Bianca visited her mother as she recovered. Erica wearily opened her eyes and asked if her dress was ruined. Bianca laughed and told her mother that she would buy her a new dress. Adam then entered the room and announced that he saved Erica's life with his blood.

Annie was at the police station and still thought it was her wedding day. Jesse introduced Annie to a psychiatrist, Dr. Hathaway. Dr. Hathaway tried to question Annie, but she could not focus. Then, she saw Ryan arrive at the station and she squealed with delight. Greenlee entered the station shortly after and touched Ryan's arm to show him support. Annie noticed that and freaked out. Annie yelled at Greenlee to stay away from Ryan. The doctor and officers attempted to restrain Annie, but she would not calm down. So, Dr. Hathaway sedated Annie and put her in a straitjacket. Jesse told Ryan that he was escorting Annie and Dr. Hathaway to the hospital because Annie needed immediate psychiatric treatment.

Zach arrived at the police station. Ryan wished that he could have prevented Annie's breakdown and the damage she caused. Zach revealed that he knew Annie was unstable. Zach further explained that he overheard Annie confess to killing Richie, but he did not tell anyone. Ryan was furious with Zach for "playing God." Ryan warned Zach to stay away from him and his family."

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