11/26/2008 Annie Prepares For Her Wedding

"Zach visited Kendall in the Canadian hospital. The doctor told Zach that he should take Kendall home, because she was not getting any better. Zach was frustrated and asked the doctor if she was sending Kendall "home to die." The doctor stated that she could do nothing else for Kendall.

Emma asked Ryan where her mother was. Ryan assured his daughter that he would find Annie and help her. Emma inquired if her mother was sad, and Ryan said that she was. Then, Jesse arrived. Just as Jesse stated that Annie disappeared, Annie called Ryan. She was hiding in the basement of Fusion. She cryptically told Ryan that she was waiting for him. He asked where she was, but she would not say. She said that all of their friends were waiting for them and hung up.

Amanda was getting ready for the fundraiser when David came to see her. She was annoyed that he showed up unannounced. He admitted that he stopped by the previous night and saw JR with her. She reminded David that their plan to ruin JR was cancelled, so he urged her to reconsider. She stated that she would get back on board with their plan, if he paid her an extra one million dollars and let her work JR from her own angles. David was not sure if she was worth the extra money. She affirmed that he needed her and that she would get the job done. He liked her confidence, so he agreed to her terms.

Natalia arrived at Angie's house with a dress in her hands. She announced that the dress was for Rebecca because she wanted her mother to be her date to the fundraiser. Angie looked uneasy, but encouraged Rebecca to go. Rebecca hesitantly agreed to attend the event.

Taylor was annoyed that Jake was "forcing" her to go to the fundraiser, but he was happy that she was his date. As she was about to get into her wheelchair, he put shoes on her feet. She noted that she did not need shoes. He said that she would because they were going to dance together.

Erica, Bianca, and Reese were preparing for the fundraiser. When Greenlee entered ConFusion, she was irate because there were posters of Erica everywhere. Greenlee snapped at Erica for being a "diva." Erica was unaffected by Greenlee's insults and continued to get ready for the event. Bianca suggested to Greenlee that she work with Erica, since Erica saved Fusion. Greenlee called Bianca naïve. Greenlee affirmed that Erica was not saving Fusion for Kendall; instead, Greenlee thought that Erica wanted Fusion for herself.

Guests arrived for the fundraiser and Zach and Erica addressed the crowd. Zach thanked everyone for coming. He said that the fundraiser was a chance to not only rebuild buildings, but families and lives, as well. He then handed Erica a check for a very large donation and exited the room. Erica welcomed everyone and announced that she was auctioning off a dance with herself to the highest bidder. David beat out Tad, Jack, and Adam with a fifty thousand dollar bid. Erica was shocked, but pleased by the bid, and danced with David. Tad, Jack, and Adam scowled as David twirled Erica on the dance floor.

Reese found Zach on the roof. She asked what was wrong, and he explained that the doctor in Canada thought Kendall was a lost cause. Reese wondered if he had told Erica and Bianca yet. He said that he did not want to spoil their evening. He then declared that he was bringing Kendall home, but he refused to let her die.

Colby entered the event. Pete assumed that she spent the day with Brot. She said that Brot planned to leave town, and Pete was glad. Colby then saw Taylor arrive with Jake. Colby told Taylor that she looked pretty. Colby proceeded to ask Taylor if she was happy. Taylor replied yes, and Colby ran off. Taylor told Jake that Colby's behavior seemed odd.

JR arrived and immediately found Amanda. They were having fun until Amanda saw Jake and Taylor together. JR commented that Jake did not deserve Amanda. JR further noted that he was enjoying himself, thanks to her.

Frankie was visibly annoyed when he realized that Natalia and Rebecca were at the fundraiser. He asked Angie why she brought them. Angie urged him to accept Natalia and Rebecca, but he refused.

Jesse arrived and was shocked to see Rebecca. Jesse wondered why Rebecca was there. Angie explained that Natalia invited her mother, so she supported the invitation. Jesse thought that Angie was being overly generous. He affirmed that he wanted to spend the night with his wife, not Rebecca.

Randi was upset with Frankie because he refused to accept Natalia as his sister. Randi assumed that he did not acknowledge his half-sister because she was "illegitimate." He claimed that was not true, but Randi was skeptical. She reminded him that she was illegitimate and a former prostitute. He stated that she was different and that he did not care about her past.

Ryan arrived at ConFusion with police officers. Greenlee asked why he came. He explained that Annie called him and that he had a feeling she was going to show up at the event. Greenlee was worried.

Annie went into the bathroom of ConFusion. She was wearing a wedding dress. She looked crazy as she got ready for what she thought was her wedding day. Then, she pulled a knife out of her purse as she proclaimed that no one would ruin her big day.

Annie entered the fundraiser. She looked completely disheveled with her lipstick smeared all over her face. The crowd looked horrified by the sight of Annie. When Ryan saw her, he looked nervous because he noticed the knife in her hand and blood on her dress. Annie was excited and told Ryan that she was ready to get married. She then recited her wedding vows. Ryan asked her if she hurt anyone with the knife, but she said nothing. Meanwhile, Erica was on the floor of the bathroom bleeding and unconscious."

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