11/25/2008 Annie Prepares For Thanksgiving

"Brot told Colby that he did not want to disturb his mother and Taylor, who both seemed so happy with their new lives. Colby said that Taylor might have moved on, but would always wonder about her relationship with Brot. Also, Colby said Brot would regret not knowing if he even had a chance with Taylor. But Brot felt strongly that Taylor would not accept his disfigured looks. Brot demanded that Colby leave him alone.

Ryan limped back into his house. Greenlee saw he was injured. Ryan said Annie accidentally ran over his foot as she tried to get the car around him and past a gate. Jesse walked into the house. He said that he needed proof that Annie faked Emma's kidnapping in order to arrest her. Ryan said Annie admitted everything to him, but he did not get it on tape. Greenlee suggested Jesse talk to Aidan. She said Aidan knew Annie's plan to get Ryan back and pretended to go along with it to draw her out. Ryan said Aidan had plenty of chances to tell him about Annie, but never said a word. Ryan asked Jesse to find Annie so he could get her the psychological help she needed.

Greenlee snuffed that Annie was mentally too far gone for any help. Plus, she wondered why Ryan wanted to help Annie after all he had been through. Ryan said Emma needed her mother. Jesse got a call and learned that Annie's car was found abandoned at the hospital. Jesse and Ryan went to question Aidan at the hospital, but David said Aidan was in no condition for visitors. As Jesse and Ryan began to leave, Aidan called out to them. He agreed to answer their questions. Jesse asked Aidan if he knew where she might have gone after confessing the plan to Ryan. Aidan said Annie wanted to get her family back so she was probably at the last place they were all happy together. Ryan scolded Aidan for not telling him about Annie's plan sooner. Jesse told Ryan to go outside, where he ran into Greenlee. Ryan immediately asked who was watching Emma. Greenlee said Corina, the babysitter, and an armed policeman were with Emma.

Greenlee said Aidan was going to tell them about Annie's plan, but was sidetracked when he found her and Ryan together the night of the tornado. Ryan said things would have been different if he had only stayed away from Greenlee. Greenlee told Ryan not to blame himself for Annie's actions. Ryan suggested Aidan helped Annie to win Greenlee back, but Greenlee said Aidan gave up on her a long time ago. Ryan told Jesse he thought Annie was at Wildwind, where Ryan and Annie exchanged wedding vows. After Jesse left, Aidan asked a nurse to use the telephone. He called Zach and asked him to come to the hospital. Aidan told Zach that Annie admitted she kidnapped Emma to Ryan. Aidan figured it wouldn't be long until Annie admitted she killed her brother and Zach covered it up.

Annie wiped the tears from her eyes, straightened her hair, and looked at herself in a mirror. She said it was time to get ready for her guests. She set a table for several people and started to grab a turkey. But Annie's mind switched into another scenario. Annie was dressed in a pink cocktail dress. Ryan complimented Annie on her appearance for their Thanksgiving dinner. Zach, Greenlee, and Aidan showed up for the dinner. Greenlee apologized to Annie for ruining her marriage to Ryan.

Jake said that David told the board he was a liability, which gave David the authority to operate on Aidan. Jake said he was the one who flew across the country to care for Aidan until he arrived at Pine Valley Hospital. David came by and took his scrubs off, but couldn't resist poking fun at Jake. Taylor told David that he had no right to seek revenge against Jake for Babe's death. David said Taylor knew nothing about Babe. Even so, Taylor reminded David that he was not the only person who had lost a loved one. She told David he needed to let Babe's death go and move on with his life. Jake appreciated Taylor standing up for him, but told her he could handle David himself. Jake escorted Taylor back to her room. She thanked Jake for having so much faith in her recovery. Taylor wondered if Brot would have had the same reaction to her injuries. Jake said he doubted Brot would have left her side.

JR offered to help Amanda repair her boat. After JR left, Randi called Amanda and asked her to help stuff gift bags at ConFusion. Colby and Pete helped Amanda unload boxes of water and other supplies. Pete asked Colby how long she would keep Brot a secret. Colby said as long as needed. Pete suggested that Fusion hire Colby as Amanda's personal assistant. Amanda asked Colby if she wanted the internship. Pete said he figured Colby was done with her time at the hospital and almost brought up Brot. Colby dragged Pete away and explained that Brot was in love with Jake's patient who had moved on. Amanda asked Colby if she was referring to Taylor. But Bianca asked for Amanda's help before Colby could explain further. Pete was hurt when he found out Colby had left ConFusion without him.

Zach informed Reese and Bianca that the City Council's budget to repair Pine Valley after the tornado was twice what he estimated. Zach said the fundraiser would not raise nearly as much needed for tornado victims. Bianca said they would have to work harder to get more donations. Zach said that would be hard, given the worsening economy. Reese said they needed to have faith the fundraiser would work, and even that Kendall would pull through her coma. Zach snapped at Reese for trying to help him, and walked away. Bianca told Reese that Zach's reaction stemmed from his stress. Bianca, Reese, Amanda, and Zach sat down to discuss the fundraiser details further, but Zach seemed cold and not compassionate for the cause. He left to answer a call.

Bianca wanted to call Rachael, the nanny, and check on the children. Reese told Amanda that it was hard for her to rebuild a town for Kendall, a woman she had never met. Amanda said Kendall was not the saint people made her out to be. Bianca overheard Amanda call Kendall and Erica "devilish divas." She reminded Amanda that Kendall and Erica bailed her out of serious legal trouble with Bella. Reese told Bianca to take it easy on Amanda, but Bianca snapped for Reese to stay out of it. Bianca apologized to Reese for being so mean to her. But Reese felt she had been overstepping bounds with all of Bianca's relatives since coming to town.

Brot hid behind some netting when he heard JR coming. Colby found JR working on the boat's broken carburetor at the pier. JR said he thought Babe would be disappointed in how he was living his life since she died.

David was surprised when he came home and found Annie sitting alone at the dining room table. Ryan, Greenlee, and Jesse found David lying on the floor. David said Annie hit him on the head and rushed out of the house. Annie applied fresh lipstick in a bathroom. She said the next day would be the happiest day of her life, and no one would stand in her way."

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