11/24/2008 Aidan Refuses Surgery

"Amanda was upset with David because his plan backfired. She stated that when JR saw her wearing Babe's dress he became enraged, not enticed. David apologized for his miscalculation, but he still wanted revenge on JR. She asked why he wanted JR to drink. David snapped and yelled that he wanted so much more than JR drinking again. First, David wanted custody of Little Adam. Amanda assumed that David yearned for more than his grandson and that he wanted Krystal, as well. Amanda thought it was pathetic that David was trying to tear apart the town, while everyone else was trying to rebuild it. David made her swear that she would keep her mouth shut about his plans.

Aidan told Greenlee not to consent to his surgery. She explained that he needed the surgery because the bullet was lodged in a dangerous spot. He refused and stated that the kidnapping was his fault. She was confused. He said that Annie told him about her plan to kidnap Emma before the tornados hit. Annie thought that the kidnapping would bring Ryan closer to her and Greenlee closer to Aidan. Aidan claimed that he was going to tell Ryan about Annie's dubious plan when he found Ryan and Greenlee together. He saw Greenlee looking at Ryan the way that she used to look at him and it broke his heart. Then, he found out that Annie had already put her plan into action. He decided to pretend that he was working with Annie, so he could make sure that Emma was safe. He swore to Greenlee that he had no malicious intent, but he understood why she would not believe him. Greenlee was shocked by Aidan's revelation, and left the room.

Krystal awoke from a nightmare in which she dreamt David was sleeping beside her, instead of Tad. Tad tried to console her, but she felt that her dreams were premonitions. Tad received a call from Jake. Jake said that Aidan was refusing to have surgery. Tad and Krystal rushed to the hospital.

Greenlee saw Tad and urged him to convince Aidan to have the surgery. Tad went in to see his friend. Tad asked why Aidan was refusing the surgery. Aidan lied and pretended that he did not like the odds. Tad saw through the excuse and asked for the real reason. Aidan said that he felt guilty about something bad that he did. Aidan assumed responsibility for the kidnapping going awry and for Di's death. Tad told Aidan that it was not his fault, and he reminded him that Emma was saved. Tad encouraged Aidan to have the surgery because he could not lose another person in his life, so Aidan consented.

Jake was about to bring Aidan into surgery when David stopped him. David did not think that Jake was capable of handling a complicated surgery like Aidan's. Jake was confident in his skills and scrubbed in. To Jake's surprise, David scrubbed in, also. David said that the hospital's board of directors wanted him in the operating room, so he could assist Jake and step in if Jake made a mistake.

Krystal saw Angie at the hospital. Krystal realized that Angie was crying and inquired why. Angie was upset because she felt that Rebecca knew Jesse better than she did. Angie was torn because she felt bad about Rebecca's condition, but she also felt bad for herself because she had to share Jesse. Just as Krystal urged Angie to tell Jesse the truth, Jesse arrived at the hospital.

Jesse wanted to know why Angie was distraught. She began to cry and divulged all of her emotions. She explained that she felt like she was losing Jesse, even though she knew that he loved her very much. He said that she was very kind and understanding about Rebecca's situation. He then encouraged Angie to share her emotions with him regularly, so he knew how she felt.

Bianca saw JR enter ConFusion and she began to chastise him for trying to rape Amanda. JR affirmed that he did not try to assault Amanda. He stated that Erica overreacted. Bianca reminded JR that he was capable of physical harm, since he threw her over a balcony. JR looked annoyed and stated that he did not need to explain himself to Bianca.

After JR left, Reese asked Bianca why he angered her so much. Bianca said that the issue of rape really "pushed her buttons." However, Reese wondered if something else was bothering her fiancée. Bianca admitted that she was very stressed out because of the new baby, the wedding, and Kendall. Reese thought that Kendall was a big part of why Bianca was frazzled. Bianca wished that she had told her sister about the baby sooner. Bianca felt guilty that she used Zach as her donor without informing Kendall. Reese assumed that Kendall would be happy about her niece, but Bianca was skeptical.

Pete, Randi, and Natalia went to ConFusion to help Bianca and Reese set up for the fundraiser that Fusion and Cambias were hosting. Pete put on music and they all began to dance.

JR went to see Amanda on her yacht. He noticed that the boat looked in disarray. She explained that the yacht took a beating during the tornados. He offered to fix the boat. She wondered why, and he replied that it was his way of apologizing to her.

Ryan told Annie that he knew she orchestrated Emma's kidnapping. Initially, she denied it, but she eventually admitted it. She then pulled a gun out of her purse and pointed it at Ryan. She said that he could have had it all, but she would make sure he had nothing. He tried to calm her down. She explained that she had to fake the kidnapping, so she could win him back. Annie thought that Greenlee was poisoning his mind and making him think that he was in love with her; however, Annie was convinced that Ryan still loved her. She then begged him not to tear their family apart. He stated that he knew she loved him and that he wanted them to be a family. She handed the gun to Ryan and said that she could not kill him because she loved him. He was relieved.

Annie and Ryan sat down together to talk. Annie revealed all of the details of the kidnapping. She swore that Emma was safe, until Di turned on her. She stated that she had to shoot Di, or Di would have killed her. Just then, Greenlee entered. Ryan told her to leave, but Annie insisted that she stay. Annie snidely admitted to the kidnapping and the two women began to yell at each other. Emma heard the commotion and came into the room to see what was happening. Ryan secretly handed Greenlee the gun and asked her to watch Annie while he put Emma in bed.

Annie gloated to Greenlee that she "won." Annie stated that Ryan would not turn her in for the kidnapping because that would hurt Emma. Greenlee disagreed and predicted that Ryan would tell the police about Annie's sick plot. Annie looked worried and started to leave the penthouse, but Greenlee pulled out the gun. Greenlee revealed that Ryan gave her the gun because he did not trust Annie. Annie had a crazed look in her eye as she walked towards the balcony. Ryan entered the room and asked what was going on. Annie stated that Greenlee made her realize what she needed to do. Then, Annie jumped off of the balcony."

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