12/02/2008 A Gift From Kendall

"Frankie told Jake that Brot was alive and in Pine Valley. Frankie said Brot was supposed to tell Taylor he was alive. Taylor did some sit-ups in her hospital bed and then went to see Jake and Frankie. Taylor suspected the two men were talking about her. But Jake quickly said he asked Frankie to cover his shift to spend more physical therapy time with Taylor. Taylor didn't seem to buy Jake's excuse. Jake and Frankie left Taylor alone so they could discuss Brot further. Frankie said Brot came to check on Taylor after hearing about her accident, but had no intention of telling Taylor he was alive. Jake said they needed to tell Taylor the truth about Brot. Frankie went back to Taylor's room, but kept looking around to see if Brot would show up. Taylor asked Frankie if he was expecting a visitor. Frankie said an old friend of theirs was back in town. Taylor asked who the person was, and Frankie said Brot was alive. Taylor was in shock. She could barely speak. Frankie said he saw Brot himself. Taylor accused Frankie of lying to her, but Frankie told Taylor he had no reason to lie to her. Frankie said he knew exactly how Taylor was feeling, and he would never make such a cruel joke about Brot being alive. Taylor asked Frankie to take her to Brot.

A distraught Krystal sought help from Angie at the hospital. Krystal said she felt like she was losing her mind. She had trouble sleeping, getting out of bed, and eating. Angie said Krystal's reaction was typical after losing Babe. Krystal asked Angie for medicine to help with the pain, but Angie said Krystal needed to deal with the grief naturally. Krystal explained that she was having dreams about David. It scared Krystal that she felt so close to David. Angie admitted she didn't like the idea of Krystal leaning on David, but it made sense since they lost a child together. Angie suggested Krystal speak to a grief counselor, but Krystal said she was tired of talking. Angie went to check on her patients, but promised to come back for Krystal. David was surprised to see Krystal at the hospital. Seeing how upset she was, David asked Krystal if anything was wrong. Krystal said she wanted David to get out of her dreams, and more important, her life. David was flattered to hear Krystal dreamed about him. David said he dreamed about Krystal too. David offered to help Krystal with her pain. He pulled her into a private room and kissed her. David said he could make Krystal feel alive again. She kissed David again. Angie caught the two kissing.

Greenlee took Emma to work. Amanda told Greenlee that it was time for her to get back to running Fusion, since Erica was in the hospital. Greenlee said she never stopped running the company, but would be the one issuing orders again. Bianca came into the room and told Greenlee and Amanda that they still both legally reported to Erica. Bianca said she would fill in for Erica until Erica recovered. Greenlee replied that she was perfectly capable of running her own company. But Bianca thought she should act in Kendall's best interests instead of Greenlee's. Amanda pointed out that it was confusing if everyone was fighting. Greenlee decided that it might not be so bad working with Bianca. She suggested that Amanda run the office and report back to her and Bianca. As Emma was coloring, she ran across the front page of a magazine with Annie's picture. Emma tore the page out and stuck it in her bag. Greenlee took Emma to Ryan's house. Emma showed Greenlee the magazine picture. Greenlee explained that Annie was sick and being cared for by doctors. Emma wanted to know when Annie was coming home. Greenlee said Annie would always be with Emma.

Ryan found Aidan lurking outside Annie's door at the psychological ward. Ryan was curious why Aidan was hanging around Annie. Aidan said he wanted to make sure Annie was safe. But Ryan still had his suspicions about Aidan. Ryan said he found it hard to believe Aidan was working against - not with-Annie on the kidnapping plan. Aidan said he would never do anything to hurt Emma. Ryan wasn't so sure Aidan felt the same about him. Ryan went to see Annie, who immediately noticed that her wedding ring was missing. Ryan asked Annie if anyone helped her kidnap Emma. Annie looked at a window and said it was "him." She was referring to her deceased brother, Richie. Ryan explained that Annie killed Richie, so Richie could not have helped her. Ryan asked if Aidan helped Annie kidnap Emma, but Annie insisted she never kidnapped Emma. Annie clung onto Ryan as nurses came to take her to a doctor. Annie screamed for Ryan not to leave her as the nurses gave Annie a sedative.

Brot was anxious to leave Pine Valley. At the marina, he told Colby that Frankie was going to tell Taylor he was alive. Brot said Frankie gave him the chance to tell Taylor the truth, but Brot was too scared. Brot started to leave to catch a cab, but was stopped by Jake. Colby went back to her house. Jake said he never guessed that Brot was the one who hired Tad to investigate Taylor. Brot said he felt obligated to check on Taylor. Jake said Brot should have felt obligated to tell Taylor the truth. Jake told Brot how furiously Taylor tried to go back to Iraq. Jake said Taylor talked about Brot all the time because she still loved him. Brot claimed he didn't want Taylor anymore. Jake said Brot would have left already if he didn't still care for Taylor. Frankie and Taylor arrived as Brot was leaving.

Zach received a special package from Kendall while he and Reese were working on design plans at the office. Zach opened the large box and found a framed and autographed Red Wings hockey jersey. Reese handed Zach a note from Kendall that was enclosed. It told Zach that she was always cheering for him, like he did for the Red Wings. Reese suggested that Zach bring Kendall back to Pine Valley from Canada. Zach thought Reese was implying that Kendall was dying. He reminded Reese that Kendall was a fighter, and far from dying. Bianca heard Zach shouting at Reese when she walked into the office. Zach left to go to a meeting. Reese showed Bianca the jersey. Reese said Zach's passionate love toward Kendall made her realize how important Bianca was. Bianca said Zach would be fine once Kendall woke up. But the news for Kendall was grim. Reese said doctors had told Zach that Kendall might never wake up. When Zach returned, Bianca said it would be best if Kendall came home.

Ryan came home to find Greenlee comforting Emma. Emma went to make a card for Annie. Greenlee thought Emma should know that Annie was not coming home. But Ryan didn't want to ruin Emma's hopes.

Aidan went to see Annie after she had been sedated. Aidan wanted to know if Ryan suspected him in the kidnapping plan. He even told Annie she could stop faking her insanity to talk to him."

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