12/03/2008 Aidan Urges Annie To Drop The Act

"Angie was shocked to find Krystal and David kissing at the hospital. David announced that he was not sorry for the kiss and walked away. Angie wondered if Krystal had lost her mind. Krystal was distraught and cried. Krystal explained that she lost control of her life due to Babe's death. Angie understood that Krystal was grieving, but she did not think that Tad deserved an unfaithful wife. Krystal stated that she loved Tad very much and that she did not want to hurt him. Krystal regretted the kiss and begged Angie not to tell Tad what she saw. Angie promised to keep the secret.

Angie found David and chastised him for kissing Krystal. He told her that it was none of her business. She disagreed and reminded him that Tad was one of her best friends. David did not care. He claimed that he needed to help Krystal because "Tad [was] not cutting the mustard." He then revealed that Krystal was seeking him out and not the other way around. Angie thought that he was taking advantage of Krystal's vulnerable state. She encouraged him to leave Krystal alone, even if Krystal wanted to spend time with him. He accused Angie of "projecting" her situation onto him because she was having problems in her personal life. She did not understand why David claimed that. He thought that she was butting into his life because she could not handle living with her husband's lover, Rebecca. Angie affirmed that she truly wanted to help Krystal and she warned David to stay away from her friend.

Zach, Bianca, and Reese were preparing Kendall's hospital room for her arrival. Zach was excited for his wife's return. They taped drawings from Spike and Ian all around the room and played Christmas music. Zach also created a "shift schedule" to ensure that Kendall's loved ones would be visiting her at all times.

Kendall was brought to Pine Valley Hospital. David checked on her and announced to her family that there was no change in her vitals. Bianca asked if the decorations, music, and visits would help her sister. David replied, "It can't hurt."

Just as Zach was about to visit Kendall, Jesse demanded to speak with him about Richie's murder. Zach was annoyed, but agreed to talk. Jesse asked why Zach withheld information from the police. Zach stated that he did not reveal Annie's crime because he thought he could use the information to protect Emma. Jesse reminded Zach that he obstructed justice, which was a punishable offense.

Zach visited with Kendall and he told her how happy he was to have her home. He pleaded with her to wake up for the holidays.

Bianca visited with Kendall next. She joked that her sister had to wake up for Christmas because the holiday encapsulated her two favorite things, bright lights and shopping. Bianca told her sister that she needed to see how big Spike, Ian, and Miranda were getting. Also, Bianca wanted Kendall to meet her new niece, so they could discuss how she was conceived.

Ryan told Greenlee that he felt obligated to help Annie since she was the mother of his child. Greenlee could not believe that he was going to help the woman that killed her brother and abducted her own child. He felt guilty because he assumed responsibility for Annie's mental breakdown. Greenlee assured him that it was not his fault because he did not make Annie go crazy. He disagreed and stated that his love for Greenlee drove Annie mad, and, because of that, Ryan needed to focus on Emma, instead of Greenlee. Greenlee understood that Emma was his top priority.

Greenlee visited with Kendall. She explained that her life was in disarray and she needed Kendall to tell her what to do. She said that even though she usually hated when Kendall bossed her around, Kendall was usually right. Greenlee desperately wanted advice on her situation with Ryan. She affirmed that she loved him dearly, but she did not think they should be together. Greenlee confessed that she really thought they drove Annie crazy, although she denied it to Ryan. Just then, Greenlee realized that Ryan was in the room and overheard everything she said.

Aidan secretly entered Annie's hospital room. He said that her insanity act was brilliant. She gave him a confused look and asked when her wedding reception was starting. He urged her to drop the act and admit that she was faking, but she said nothing. He asked her if she told Ryan about his part in the kidnapping, but she continued to be silent. He tried to taunt her into speaking by yelling that Ryan was at home making love to Greenlee in front of the fireplace. She screamed, "No!" Ryan entered the room and pulled Aidan away from Annie. Ryan demanded to know why Aidan was there. Aidan divulged that he thought Annie was faking her illness, but Ryan disagreed. Aidan said that she was manipulating Ryan, so he would stay by her side and support her. Aidan urged Ryan to go home and be with his daughter.

Jesse escorted a doctor to Annie's room, so she could be evaluated. While the doctor assessed Annie, Ryan told Jesse about Aidan's theory. Both Ryan and Jesse were unsure if Aidan was in on the kidnapping or if he was trying to save Emma. Jesse promised to keep an eye on Aidan.

The doctor announced that Annie had borderline personality disorder. He thought that she needed professional treatment for the condition and he confirmed that she was not faking. Jesse told Aidan about the diagnosis, but Aidan was convinced that she was pretending.

Reese and Zach were at home with Spike, Ian, Miranda, and Gabrielle. Reese and the kids were excited for Christmas and they wanted to decorate the house for the holiday. Zach retrieved the decorations for them and they got to work. Miranda requested that Reese do an elf dance. Reese danced around in an elf hat. As she goofed off, she tripped on a box and Zach caught her. They looked into each other's eyes and Zach seemed uneasy. He left the room abruptly.

Brot turned away when he saw Taylor approaching him at the boathouse. She told him to turn around, so she could see him. He hesitantly revealed his face to Taylor and she looked stunned by the burns on his face. He was disappointed over her reaction and stormed off. Taylor cried as Jake consoled her. She was mad at herself for reacting the way she did. Jake thought that her reaction was warranted considering she thought Brot was dead for months. Still, Taylor wished she could have been more compassionate.

Frankie urged Brot to talk to Taylor. Brot was distraught over the look Taylor gave him, so he did not want to see her again. Frankie thought that Brot was being too hard on Taylor. Frankie affirmed that Taylor loved him and did not care about the scars on his face. Brot said that he could handle the shocked looks he received from strangers, but he could not handle it from Taylor. Frankie felt that Brot should at least say goodbye to Taylor before he left town.

Brot visited Taylor in the hospital. He asked her to turn away from him, so she could not see his face. Taylor refused and looked him in the eye. She then hugged him."

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