05/14/13 JR Finds Out He Killed Marissa

"At the hospital, AJ attempted to talk to JR, but the confused JR said that AJ had the wrong room. AJ bolted out of the hospital in tears. It wasn't until after AJ was gone that JR made the connection. "Oh, my God...AJ," JR uttered.

Dixie entered in time to stop JR from getting out of the bed. Murmuring that AJ had been there, JR said he was an idiot for not recognizing his own son. Dixie insisted that JR remain in bed while she located AJ. As JR settled back in bed, Dixie left the room.

Later, David leaned on JR's threshold and pretended to be amazed that JR had awakened. JR recognized David but wasn't sure why David was there. David said to "cut the crap" because a five-year coma hadn't changed anything between them. David asserted that JR knew why David was there, and JR would experience the same thing David had experienced, beginning with a prison sentence for murdering David's daughter.

JR was shocked to hear that Marissa had died, and he asked what had happened. David rasped that JR had happened to her. David said that JR had been at the mansion, waving his gun around and looking to punish anyone that had wronged him. JR was surprised to hear he'd had a gun, and David yelled that JR had better not dare pretend not to remember killing David's daughter.

Dixie rushed in, angry that David had returned to JR's room after being told to stay away. She ordered the guard to call the police immediately. JR told his mother to wait, and he asked if it were true that he'd killed Marissa. Dixie didn't want to address it, and JR assumed that meant it was true.

Cara entered to check on JR, and Dixie told David that if he hadn't interfered, none it would have happened. Dixie blamed David for JR shooting Marissa and for shooting JR. JR was surprised to hear that David had shot him. David exclaimed that he regretted not being a good shot, but he'd served his time. "Now it's your turn!" David roared.

Dixie tried to hustle David out of there, but JR asserted that if anyone had done that to AJ, he'd feel the exact way that David did. JR figured that he deserved to be in jail if David were telling the truth. Dixie insisted that it hadn't been JR's fault; however, JR thought it sounded like it had been, and he felt very sorry for that.

David chuckled, saying that JR's memory loss was a load of crap, and David had even tried that faulty memory routine himself a few times. Cara reminded David of how the brain tried to block trauma, but David insisted that JR was just trying to keep himself out of prison. David asserted that JR wasn't fooling David, and JR would pay for what JR had done to Marissa and David.

David left, and JR insisted upon knowing what had happened five years earlier. Dixie urged her son to relax and calm his mind. She was sure that the answers would surface naturally.

At the mansion, the distraught AJ arrived in the dark living room. He smashed some glass from the bar onto the floor and sat in a chair to sulk. Miranda arrived and noted that his text message had been cryptic. She flipped on the lights and asked what was going on with him.

AJ announced that his father had awakened. He said it should be good news, but JR hadn't even known who AJ was. Shrugging, AJ reasoned that it wasn't like his father had ever known him. He recalled that he hadn't visited his father in the whole five years, but being there earlier, he'd felt a desire to have what every other kid had -- until JR had awakened without even knowing his own son.

Miranda figured that JR was probably having problems with his brain after being in the coma for five years. AJ told her not to make excuses. To him, the bottom line was that he just wasn't important to his father, and he never would be.

Miranda was sure that, no matter what, JR loved his son. She said that JR had to love AJ, who was the coolest guy ever. She promised to set straight anyone who didn't believe that about him. AJ calmed down and told Miranda that she was his best friend. He said he wouldn't know what to do if he didn't have her to talk to. The two hugged, and AJ said he felt better, thanks to her.

In a hospital room, Angie was shocked by the condition of Amy, the girl that Jesse had admitted to the facility. Jesse relayed that Amy had been in a dumpster by a nail salon, and the salon was a front for a prostitution ring. Angie sobbed, but Jesse assured her that Cassandra wouldn't end up like Amy.

Amy awakened, but she didn't remember what had happened to her. Jesse suspected that Russian sex traffickers had held her captive. Angie said that other girls could be in trouble, so they needed Amy's help. The fearful Amy replied that if she talked, her former captors would hurt her family.

Jesse promised that he wouldn't let that happen, but Amy insisted that if her former captors found out that a police officer had helped her get to a hospital, she'd be dead. Jesse implored Amy to say who the captors were and where they'd held her, but the terrified Amy refused to say anything.

Jesse showed Amy a picture of Cassandra, but Amy claimed she'd never seen Cassandra before. He pressed until Amy rolled over in her bed and told him to leave her alone. Angie said he was scaring the girl. Jesse wished he had something to go on, but Angie feared Amy was hanging by a thread.

Angie and Jesse went into the hall, and Angie sobbed in his arms. Jesse decided to call Zach for an update. Angie returned to Amy's room, and Amy asked if Angie knew the girl in the picture. Angie explained that it was her daughter, and Angie gently asked Amy to reveal what she knew so they could prevent Cassandra from suffering as Amy had. Amy replied that if the captors had Cassandra, then it was already too late.

Angie held in her sobs until she'd left the room. She wandered to a corner in the corridor, where she sobbed and cried for God to help her baby.

David happened by and became concerned about Angie's distraught state. She told him what was happening with Cassandra, and David wondered who he could call or how he could help. Angie told David about Amy's condition, and Angie sobbed, wondering if she'd ever see her daughter again.

Angie wished Jesse had told her about the kidnapping sooner, so she could have done something to help. She supposed, though, that Jesse had already been doing all that could be done. David frowned, and Angie said she was sorry because she'd probably made him think of Marissa. David replied that the only thing he was concerned about was Angie.

David looked up and saw Jesse staring at him. Angie asked if Jesse had spoken to Zach, but Jesse said Zach wasn't answering his phone. Angie left to get some air, and Jesse's stare narrowed on David.

Jesse told David not to think it, but David ranted that after trying to pass Lucy off as Angie's baby, Jesse still hadn't learned to tell Angie the truth. Jesse ordered David to back off because David knew nothing about Jesse's marriage. David retorted that he knew Angie deserved better.

Later, Jesse found Angie sitting in Amy's room. He'd expected that Angie would be there, and he promised that they'd find Cassandra before the same thing happened to her as had happened to Amy. Angie began to pray to God to help them find their baby before it was too late.

Backstage at the club, Yuri tossed a skimpy outfit at Cassandra, but she let it fall on the floor. Vlad reared back to slap her, but Yuri stopped him and grabbed a nearby girl. Yuri squeezed the girl's arm, and the girl pleaded with Cassandra to pick up the outfit. Cassandra complied, and Yuri said it was show time.

Cassandra changed clothes, and Vlad made her down some liquor. Through the stage door, Yuri showed her what the other girls were doing, and he told her to get close enough for the men to touch her with their tips. Cassandra balked at the command, and Yuri grabbed another girl to use to threaten Cassandra into compliance.

At the bar, Zach pretended to the bartender that he was interested in getting to know the girls on stage, and the bartender said he could make some introductions. A dancer named Sinnamon approached and noted that she hadn't seen Zach before. He guessed she was new then.

As Sinnamon flirted with Zach, he asked what it would take to get a backstage pass. She asked how green his wallet was. Zach assured her that it was very green. She advised him to pay the bartender and follow her.

After Zach headed to the back with Sinnamon, Cassandra crept onto the stage. Yuri stood in the crowd with his hand casually around a girl's throat, and Cassandra began to dance and shed her clothes. The crowd of men went wild and tossed money into the air. At that moment, Angie was praying that God kept Cassandra safe and delivered her home.

In a private room, Sinnamon sat on Zach's lap and flirted with him. Zach touched her necklace and asked if there were any other spices around because he liked to combine flavors. He claimed to like chocolate, and he preferred to break in new girls. As Sinnamon wrapped her top around his neck, he asked if she knew what he meant. "I do," she replied, jerking the cloth tightly around his throat.

Zach guessed that Sinnamon liked it rough, and she giggled. The bartender knocked on the door and entered to say that time was up. Sinnamon thought it was too bad that she and Zach couldn't finish, but Zach promised he'd be back.

Once Zach left, Sinnamon handed the bartender her necklace and ordered him to run it for fingerprints. She asserted that she needed the customer's identification immediately."

- Chanel S. Garner