05/15/13 Evelyn Arranges A Trip With Celia

"In the Chandler living room, Dixie arrived as AJ and Miranda were discussing giving JR another chance. Dixie was relieved to find AJ, and she implored him to return to the hospital. Dixie said that JR felt horrible about what had happened, and he wanted to make it right.

Dixie conveyed that JR had recognized AJ the moment that AJ had left, but JR had been too weak to follow AJ. She said she'd promised JR that she'd talk to AJ and let him know that he mattered to JR. AJ seemed leery, so Miranda asked to speak to him alone.

Dixie left to find Brooke, and Miranda reminded "Ace" that he really did want to reconnect with JR. She asked AJ to give it another shot. AJ reluctantly agreed, and they headed off to find Dixie.

At the hospital later, Dixie led AJ in to see JR and then left the guys alone to talk. JR apologized for their last encounter and swore that he hadn't forgotten AJ. JR noted that "Bud" was all grown up. AJ murmured that no one called him Bud anymore. JR said he'd missed a lot, and he apologized for not being around as a father.

AJ reasoned that JR hadn't been much of a father before the incident, and JR replied that the worst part of it was that he'd been trying to avoid being the kind of father that Adam had been. JR was sorry for putting AJ through the same thing JR had been through as a child. JR felt that AJ hadn't deserved that, nor had he deserved to lose his mother.

JR claimed not to remember what had happened five years earlier, and he didn't expect his son to forgive him for the incident. He added that he couldn't even forgive himself, and hurting AJ had been the last thing that JR had wanted to do. JR knew that it would take time to regain everyone's trust -- especially AJ's; however, JR declared that he was back, and he'd be the father AJ deserved.

JR touched AJ's arm, but AJ pulled himself back. Dixie entered to check on the guys, and AJ rushed out. She tried to stop AJ, but JR said to let the boy go.

JR berated himself for not recognizing his son. He guessed his son thought he was the same jerk as always. Dixie asked if JR had expressed how sorry he was for not recognizing AJ. JR replied that he had, but AJ just didn't trust his father. She urged JR to keep the lines of communication open, and JR vowed to make it right with his son.

At Opal's house, Opal saw a scratch beneath Pete's eye and demanded to know if Celia had done it to him. Pete explained that he'd gotten it from climbing a trellis at Celia's school to help her slip in after curfew. Opal said that trellis climbing for his beloved was romantic.

Pete complained about Ceila's strict school and her obsessive, psycho guardian. Opal guessed that with a guardian like that, Pete wouldn't be seeing Celia that evening. Unfazed by the guardian, Pete asserted that he planned to see Celia as much as possible.

Back at the mansion, Celia was telling Brooke about the wonderful change of events between Celia and Pete. Celia was excited about him and said she'd never felt that way before. Brooke replied that it was a wonderful feeling.

Just then, Pete arrived, and he and Celia seemed drawn to each other as he greeted the women. Pete handed Brooke a proposal he'd done for her. Sensing that Celia and Pete wanted to be alone, Brooke excused herself from the room.

Celia and Pete talked about what a great time they'd had the other night, and Celia noticed the scratch on his face. He said it had been worth it to see her. He wanted to spend the day with her, but he had a lot of work to do. She hoped that they'd see each other that night, and she wondered if it were possible to top the fun they'd already had. Staring into her eyes, Pete said it was very possible.

At Bramwell Hall, Opal arrived in Celia's dorm room to talk to Evelyn. Opal introduced herself and said that Celia was dating Opal's son, Pete. Evelyn rendered a surprised look, and Opal hoped Celia hadn't gotten into trouble the other night. Evelyn said she didn't know of any trouble Celia could be in.

Wandering to the window, Opal noted the broken trellis she'd seen on the way in. Opal suspected that someone had busted it while sneaking in the other night. Evelyn became outraged, but Opal offered to pay for the damage, so no one would get in trouble over it.

Opal and Evelyn went outside to view the trellis, and when they returned inside, Opal insisted upon paying for the damages because her son had been involved. She remarked that Pete was a determined man and wouldn't let a trellis or curfew get in the way of what he wanted. Evelyn thanked Opal for stopping by. "We have to look out for love. Let's just hope a broken trellis is all we have to worry about with those two," Opal added.

Later, Celia arrived in her room and discovered Evelyn waiting inside. Evelyn beamed that she had a surprise for Celia. Evelyn had planned for herself and Celia to spend the rest of the spring in Europe. Evelyn advised Celia to pack because they'd leave that evening. "I'm not going," Celia declared.

In an unknown location, Yuri awakened Cassandra and praised her work from the previous night. Handing her some pills, he said she'd be treated well when she performed well. She took the pill, and he said they'd see what other talents she had. Yuri left, and Cassandra took the pill out of her mouth.

In the corridor, Yuri told Vlad that they had to take advantage of the clean, exotic Cassandra before she got used up. Yuri ordered Vlad to call Martin about the new talent, but Vlad didn't think Cassandra was ready. Smacking Vlad on the head, Yuri demanded, "Don't think! Do!"

Yuri and Vald went back into the room to retrieve Cassandra. Yuri grabbed her by her face and said she'd been a good girl up to that point. He warned her not to let him down anytime soon.

Later, Yuri took Cassandra, who was clad in a leather-tasseled bikini, into a boudoir and tossed her onto the bed. He called in Marvin. Wearing only a pair of briefs, Marvin entered with a bag of sex toys. He spilled the bag onto the bed, and Cassandra tried to make a dash for the door. Marvin caught her and held her down, and Yuri injected her with a syringe.

At Jane's Addiction, Zach was telling Jesse about the strip club. Sinnamon approached, sporting a ponytail and dark suit. "Now there's a surprise," Zach remarked. She announced that she was Special Agent Lea Marquez, and flashing an FBI badge, she told Zach that he was under arrest.

Zach found Lea amusing and said he knew there had been something special about her when he'd met her. Lea insisted upon arresting him, and he asked her if he'd be booked for enjoying the view. She asked if she had to make a scene, and Zach introduced her to Jesse, the chief of police. Jesse wanted to know what was going on, but Lea replied that it was a federal matter.

Jesse volunteered to take responsibility for Zach's actions because Zach was assisting on a case. Lea insisted that Zach was a person of interest in her case. Jesse invited her to sit down and work things out. Zach quipped that he'd seen strippers pretend to be cops but never cops pretending to be strippers. Upon hearing that, Lea whipped Zach around, placed cuffs on him, and began to read him his rights.

Jesse ordered Lea to remove the cuffs, sit down, and shut up. Lea said she was there to arrest Zach, but Jesse replied that in his jurisdiction, she had to give him the courtesy he deserved. Jesse invited Lea to sit down, and she revealed that she was following a money laundering trail run out of some businesses. One of the trails from Zach's casinos led to some offshore, dummy accounts. She claimed that one of the accounts belonged to Zach, and Zach murmured that the Koslovs were pulling out all the stops.

Lea asked what Jesse and Zach knew about the Koslovs, and Jesse said her investigation was about to take an awful turn. Jesse asked what branch she was with, and she said, "Philly." Jesse suggested that she check with DC because she had just begun investigating sex trafficking, as well.

Lea left to call her superiors, and Jesse left to follow a lead. Lea returned to Zach's table to announce her boss had given her the sex trafficking case. Zach asked, "When are Scooby and the gang coming down?" Lea snapped that her dancing on a pole in a g-string didn't mean she wasn't good at her real job, and he quipped that she'd looked good on the pole in her g-string.

Lea wasn't in the mood for games. She needed to question Zach, and she warned him that she'd arrest him for being uncooperative. Zach told her to hurry up with her questions because there was a missing girl that needed to be found.

In an FBI office later, Lea questioned Zach about the offshore accounts. Zach said that he'd spent the entire afternoon trying to explain to her that the Koslovs had set him up. Zach was bored, tired, and ready to go home. Lea contemplated arresting him, but he told her that he knew she wouldn't because of the two unshakable facts he'd learned about her.

Zach had learned that Lea as smart enough to know that he wouldn't have handed over his books if he were guilty. He assumed Lea was also smart enough to know that wasting time with him could cost a girl her life, and Lea wouldn't want that hanging over her head. As he opened the door, Lea asked him to say the other fact he'd learned about her. "You have a great ass," he said and strode out.

In Amy's hospital room, Angie tried again to get Amy to relay some information that could help Cassandra. Amy revealed that she'd been kept in dark, smelly rooms, and she and the others would only be let out at night to work at a club or motel. The captors transported the women in windowless trucks. Amy said that, sometimes, they wouldn't leave for weeks at a time, but "they'd bring the men there."

Amy didn't want to talk anymore, but before Angie left, Amy said she was sorry about Cassandra, and no one should have to suffer what Cassandra was going through.

Later, Jesse arrived to question Amy about the location she'd been held in. Amy remembered that, though she hadn't been able to see out of the windows, she'd heard a train go by twice a day. Hours had ticked by between the train sounds, and the trains had seemed to take a long time to pass. Amy remembered wishing that she'd been on one of the trains.

Jesse thanked Amy, and in the corridor with Angie, he said that it sounded as if a freight train was going through the area where Amy had been held. He decided to find some maps of train routes in the area, and he promised that they were one step closer to getting Cassandra home."

- Chanel S. Garner