05/13/2013 Miranda Does Not Know Who Her Father Is

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"In the hospital locker room, David was stunned and angered to hear Cara confess that she'd had an abortion while he had been in prison. As Griffin tried to protect Cara from David's flaring temper, Griffin threatened to call the police to have David removed from the hospital. "You shot JR at point-blank range. You told the police you were sorry he wasn't dead," Cara snapped. "How could anyone want a child of yours after that?" she demanded.

Cara added that the thought of having a child who could grow up to be anything like David repulsed her. She continued to express her disappointment in David and stated that she would not have been able to have a child who would have endured the hardships of being connected to David's many crimes.

David, in disbelief over what Cara had done, asked her, "How did you become so cold, so callous, that you could just throw away your own baby?" Cara responded by telling David she was not sorry and that she would do the same thing if she had to do it all over again. Cara asked David why he had returned to Pine Valley and blamed his return for opening up old wounds. David reminded her that he had lost everything and that he was still grieving over Marissa's death daily. David explained how he had inadvertently shot Marissa in an attempt to keep JR from hurting a room full of other people. David insisted that even though he was the one who had shot Marissa, JR was solely responsible for her death.

When Griffin saw David storm out the locker room, he returned to check on Cara, and he assured his sister that she was doing the right thing by lying to David about her abortion. Cara vowed to do whatever it took to protect that secret. She added that she would be leaving Pine Valley after completing the treatment rounds for one of her patients. Griffin agreed with Cara's decision to leave Pine Valley.

Later, Griffin told Cara that JR had woken up from his coma and asked for her assistance, since Angie could not be reached. Cara agreed, but they both wondered why Angie had not responded to her pages and noted that was uncharacteristic behavior for Angie.

As their special night at Chandler Mansion wound down, Miranda hugged AJ and thanked him for being the best friend she had ever had. Miranda told AJ it was getting late and because he had baseball practice then next day, she had better return home. AJ reminisced about good times he had spent with his father when he was young boy.

Miranda encouraged AJ to visit his father in the hospital. AJ was quick to remind Miranda of the havoc JR had wreaked in their lives, ultimately breaking apart both of their families. AJ told Miranda that instead of wondering what it would be like for his father to wake up from the coma, he spent more time wishing life had been different before his father became unstable. As Miranda was leaving, she again thanked AJ for an amazing night and encouraged AJ to make things right with his father one day. Later, AJ decided to go visit his father in the hospital.

As JR was waking up from his coma, he asked Dixie who had shot him. Dixie, unsure of how to respond, had Angie paged, but Angie could not be reached. Filling in for Angie, Griffin checked on JR and asked him about his last memories before falling into his coma. JR said he remembered that Marissa had asked him to do something for her and was angry that he hadn't done what she had asked. JR began wondering why Marissa was not there to check on him. He became frustrated when no one would answer his questions. Dixie told JR to relax and not to worry himself trying to remember details, assuring him that they would return in time.

Griffin assured JR that everything was all right, and explained that they were performing neurological tests to check on his brain functions. JR thanked Dixie for being by his side throughout his coma. Outside JR's room, Dixie met with Griffin and Cara to go over JR's test results. Griffin told Dixie the JR was suffering from retrograde amnesia. Cara explained how the bullet had affected a part of JR's brain that allowed him to store recent memories.

As Dixie quizzed the doctors on what JR would be able to remember, Cara warned Dixie of the possibility of JR exhibiting some distinct personality changes. Later AJ returned to visit JR and was pleased to see his father was awake, but was shocked to discover that JR did not recognize him.

Bianca met with Zach at Jane's Addiction to discuss Miranda. Zach first made a phone call to the Feds to check on a suspicious website named youreveryfantasy.com. Bianca explained to Zach how the kids at school had been ridiculing Miranda for having a lesbian mother. Bianca was relieved that none of those kids was aware of the identity of Miranda's biological father, thanks in part to a gag order that Erica and Zach had obtained. They both feared that Miranda might learn she was the product of rape from something she could find on the Internet.

Zach and Bianca agreed that it was in Miranda's best interest for them to tell her the news before she learned it elsewhere. Zach was quick to offer his support to Bianca for whenever she decided to tell Miranda how Miranda had been conceived.

Later, Zach arrived at an underground strip club. When he realized that he would need a special bar code to gain access to the club, he stole another patron's phone and emailed that's person's bar code to his own mobile phone.

Vlad and Yuri escorted Cassandra into their office and offered her pills to help her relax before going to perform on stage. They explained how she needed to learn to perform right and be nice to the customers. Cassandra wanted nothing to do with their plans for her. She told Yuri that he had made a mistake and that she was not the type of girl who was cut out for that line of work. She revealed that she had strict parents and was still a virgin. Yuri was thrilled to learn of her inexperience, telling her that just made her more profitable to him. Yuri turned on some erotic music and demanded that Cassandra begin to strip for him.

Cassandra tried to hold back her tears while nervously taking off her clothes. Yuri became frustrated when Cassandra did not perform well. "You will learn. One piece at a time. You are only making this harder for yourself," Yuri growled. Cassandra made another attempt to dance as requested, but it was still not what Yuri wanted. Angrily, he poured vodka down her throat to help loosen her up. Cassandra cried and begged to be released so that she could go home. As she unbuttoned and removed her blouse, Yuri told Cassandra that it was time for her to get to work.

As Angie grilled Jesse about what had happened to Cassandra after her arrival at the airport, Jesse finally opened up to Angie and revealed that she'd been "taken." Angie encouraged Jesse to meet the kidnapper's demands, suggesting that they use the cash from their retirement and pension funds to pay the ransom. Jesse explained to a distraught Angie it was not a typical kidnapping, and there was no ransom. Angie was inconsolable and begged for more details regarding who had kidnapped her daughter.

Jesse told Angie that Zach was helping him with the search for Cassandra and that he feared sex traffickers had taken Cassandra. Angie fell apart with tears. Jesse assured Angie that they were doing everything they could to find the kidnappers and had notified federal agencies, including the FBI.

As they were talking, a hospital security guard alerted Jesse that the girl he had taken into the hospital the night before was waking up. When Angie asked Jesse about the unknown girl, Jesse gave her a few details and told her to wait outside the girl's room while he went into the room to talk to the unknown woman. Reluctantly, Angie remained outside the room.

As Jesse tried to communicate with the woman, it became obvious to him that she was still too traumatized to provide any helpful information. Angie, insistent upon finding out if there was a connection between the woman and Cassandra's abduction, stormed into the girl's room and was horrified to see the bruises on the young woman's face. Angie fell into Jesse's arms, sobbing uncontrollably."

- John LaCarter