05/09/13 Celia & Pete Make Up

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"At Jane's Addiction, Celia approached Pete and coldly remarked that he could have mailed her charm, because she had no intention of seeing him again. He retorted that he'd gotten the message loud and clear when she'd stood him up. Celia couldn't believe that Pete was mad at her, and she snapped that he was lucky that she hadn't slapped him when she'd found out what he had intended to do. A clueless Pete asked what she was talking about.

Celia accused Pete of putting on a "good guy act," and he called her a princess and told her to play her games with someone else. She declared that she was glad that she had found out that he had been playing her before she'd fallen for him, and she stalked out. Pete chased after Celia and asked her to slow down. She surmised that wasn't what he and his friend had had in mind when they'd talked about her "v-card," and she divulged that she'd overheard every disgusting detail of their conversation.

Pete called Dylan a pig, and he informed Celia that he had stood up to Dylan and had said that he'd never met a girl like Celia before. Pete admitted that he'd been around the block a lot, but he argued that she should have asked him to explain instead of screwing him over. Celia was sure that he'd found other girls to screw in her absence, but he reiterated that he didn't want anyone else but her. She looked doubtful.

Pete assured Celia that he only wanted to have dinner with her, and she expected that the next step would be to get her wasted, so he could brag about his latest conquest. He pointed out that he didn't need to get girls drunk to be with him, and she huffed that he just charmed his way into their pants. Pete vowed to prove himself to Celia, but he required that she give him a chance. She remained unsure, but he promised that they'd stay in public and that he'd have her home before curfew. He hopefully asked if she was in.

Later, Celia sneaked back into her room through the window, and Pete followed and almost fell on top of her. He apologized, and she worried that he shouldn't be there, but he contended that a gentleman walked a lady home. Pete asked to see her again the next day, but Celia noticed that he was bleeding, and she ran to get a tissue. She dabbed at a cut on his head from the rose thorns on the trellis, and they looked like they were about to kiss. He repeated his inquiry about the next day, and she caved in, but she insisted that he go. He crawled out the window, and she was clearly enamored.

At the Chandler mansion, Miranda opened the mysterious card. She found an invitation to a special evening and a handful of red flower petals inside. She followed a trail of flower petals up the stairs to the bedroom, and she opened a gift box and discovered a beautiful dress inside. AJ appeared and asked if he'd done okay, and he worried that she didn't like it. She thought that the gown was awesome, and AJ crowed that he'd shot and scored.

Miranda called the dress perfect, but she suspected that it was for the school dance, and she proclaimed that she'd rather die than go. AJ tried to calm Miranda down, but she insisted that she couldn't face the kids who'd seen Hunter trash her, and she refused to attend the dance. AJ declared that he wasn't going, either, and he told her to put on the dress and meet him downstairs. He left, and she picked up the frock again and smiled.

Miranda descended the stairs in the gown, and she called out for AJ. He appeared, dressed in a suit, and she remarked that he had cleaned up nicely. They agreed that they both looked "totally hot," and he slid a corsage onto her wrist. They stood intimately close for a moment, and she asked what he had planned. He told her to close her eyes, and she teased him for being cheesy, but she obliged.

AJ led Miranda into the living room and told her to open her eyes. He had set up the room with twinkling lights, and he revealed an area that was set up for a band. A group of young men entered the room, and she squealed in delight as she recognized them as the members of Hot Chelle Rae. A thrilled Miranda watched the band perform "Hung Up" as AJ gazed adoringly at Miranda.

AJ and Miranda danced, and she asked why he'd gone to such great lengths. He claimed that she'd needed a pick-me-up after the ordeal with Hunter, and she called him a genius. Miranda gushed that she would never forget it, and she hugged AJ.

Angie scolded David for being at the hospital. He requested her opinion about Cara, and Angie advised him to let Cara go. He inquired why Cara was staying in Pine Valley, and Angie revealed that Cara had asked whether there was room on staff, because Cara had wanted to continue to oversee the care of a particular patient. David questioned whether Angie had been surprised by Cara's change of heart, and Angie conceded that it might have had something to do with him.

In JR's room, Dixie gasped and called JR's name. JR's eyes fluttered, and he croaked, "Mom." Dixie rushed to his side and began to cry tears of joy. Dixie excitedly summoned Angie and told her that JR was awake. Angie rushed in to tend to JR, and David tried to follow, but a security guard stopped David from entering JR's room. JR called Angie by name, and both Angie and Dixie were relieved that he remembered Angie.

Dixie explained to JR that he had been in a coma for five years, and he looked bewildered. Dixie asked Angie if JR would be okay, and Angie reported that JR's muscle tone was weak, but his reflexes were normal, and she predicted that he would soon be holding his own. Angie said that she needed to run some neurological tests and that JR would have to undergo intense physical therapy, but overall, she didn't see anything to worry about. Dixie thanked her, and Angie left.

JR asked if Dixie had been there the whole time, and she replied that she'd visited him every day. He questioned whether she'd ever thought that he might not wake up, and she assured him that she'd never given up. He asked what had happened, and she mentioned Adam and Brooke's engagement party. JR assumed that Adam and Brooke had gotten married, and Dixie informed him that they'd waited, but it was a long story. She disclosed that JR had been shot on the night of the party, but JR didn't remember anything.

Angie left a message for Megan, Cassandra's roommate in Paris, to find out why Cassandra hadn't returned Angie's calls. David approached and asked about JR, and Angie warned him to stay away, but she conceded that she had been wrong about JR's finger twitch being an involuntary reflex. David realized that JR was awake, and he asked about JR's brain function. Angie reluctantly reported that JR appeared to be perfectly normal, and David ranted that his own daughter was dead, while JR had walked away, unscathed. Angie encouraged David to let it go, but David doubted that Angie would do nothing if she'd lost a child to a monster.

Griffin found Cara in the locker room, and he suspected that David had cornered her, but she admitted that she had approached David to explain about the baby. Griffin wondered if she'd told the truth, and she said no, but she didn't believe that David had bought her lie. Griffin informed Cara that she'd missed an appointment with Mackenzie, and Cara explained that she had been avoiding David. Cara was determined to formulate a plan to convince David to leave her alone for good.

Griffin implored Cara to forget about David, but she was sure that David would never let it go. She resolved to make sure that David never found out what had happened to the baby, but David overheard the end of her sentence and wanted to know what she was keeping from him. Griffin ordered David to leave her alone, but David believed there was more to the story than a miscarriage. David bellowed that he'd had enough, and he demanded to know whether she had lied to him. Cara silently looked at Griffin, and a horrified David questioned whether she'd had an abortion.

Vlad forced two bruised and beaten women into the room with Cassandra, who asked what had happened to them. A brunette woman said that she badly needed a pill, and she begged Cassandra for one. A blonde woman remarked that Cassandra was pretty, and she sadly recalled that she had once been pretty, too. Cassandra looked for a means to escape, but the blonde woman told her that the men outside wouldn't let her go.

The brunette woman incoherently rambled about being a good girl, and Cassandra asked what was wrong with her. The blonde woman explained that if they were bad, the men made them "do it without the pills." Cassandra wondered what she meant, and the brunette curled up on the bed and desperately pleaded for a pill. The blonde advised Cassandra to remember that the customer was always right. Cassandra panicked.

The blonde woman suspected that Cassandra had already taken a pill, and she remarked that Cassandra would need the drugs. Cassandra replied that she wouldn't, because she was going to get out of there. The brunette woman begged Cassandra to make sure that her baby was safe. Vlad entered and grabbed Cassandra, and he growled that it was time for her to earn her keep.

Jesse and Zach searched the alley behind the nail salon, and they heard a noise in a Dumpster. They found a young woman inside, and Jesse reported that her pulse was weak and that she was freezing. Zach called an ambulance, while Jesse cradled the woman in his arms and urged her to hold on. Jesse noted that there were bruises all over the woman's body.

The woman began to stir, and Jesse implored her to hang in there. Zach pushed Jesse to tell Angie the truth to prepare her for the worst, but Jesse thought that it would kill Angie. Jesse held the young woman tightly in his arms. Later, Zach searched the alley and found a card for a gentlemen's club.

Angie heard back from Megan and learned that Cassandra had left Paris to return to Pine Valley a few days before, thanks to a plane ticket from Jesse. Jesse approached and said that he needed to talk to Angie, and Angie confronted him about the plane ticket. Jesse explained that he'd wanted to surprise Angie, but his voice trailed off. Angie asked where Cassandra was, and Jesse admitted that he didn't know."

- Jenny Smith