09/23/2009 Erica Slaps Annie

"Zach asked Ryan if he made any progress with Annie. Ryan said no, but he guaranteed that he would have more luck than Zach did.

Zach was skeptical that Ryan would be successful. Also, Zach had a hard time trusting Ryan. Liza encouraged Zach to give Ryan a chance. Zach rudely told Liza to leave him alone. She knew that he was purposely trying to push her away. He apologized to her. She wondered what would happen with his marriage, once Kendall was exonerated, but he did not want to talk about it. Liza stated that, if Zach was her man, she would appreciate him and never cheat on him. He kissed her.

Adam informed Ryan that Annie disappeared. Ryan questioned how that happened since Annie had a cop watching her. Adam said that the cop fell asleep and could not find Annie. Just then, they heard Annie scream.

Meanwhile, Annie and Erica were in the restroom. Annie taunted Erica about her relationship with Ryan. Annie wondered how Kendall would feel if she knew that Erica was dating Ryan. Annie noted that Erica was taking Kendall's "sloppy seconds." Erica looked furious as she slapped Annie across the face. Erica then grabbed Annie and threw her into a bathroom stall. Annie fell on top of the toilet and Erica said, "Oh good, now all I have to do is flush." Annie tried to leave, but Erica would not let her. Erica dunked Annie's head into the toilet.

Adam and Ryan entered the restroom and found Annie soaking wet. Annie wanted to fight Erica, but Adam urged her to relax. Adam and Annie left the restroom. Erica told Ryan that Annie was about to crack. Erica was certain that Annie was on the verge of confessing to Stuart's murder. Ryan warned Erica to be careful around Annie. Erica noted that she could take care of herself.

Ryan and Erica returned to the dance floor and the crowd cheered. Ryan could sense that Erica was distracted. Erica explained that Annie taunted her about their relationship. Erica wondered exactly where their relationship was going. He smiled and said that he was happy with their relationship, but he did not want to put a label on it. She agreed.

Tad announced to the dancing couples that "sex sells." He urged the couples to kiss in order to raise more money. Ryan looked into Erica's eyes and kissed her. Everyone on the dance floor applauded, except for Annie. Annie looked upset and ran out of the room. Erica told Ryan to follow her.

Ryan found Annie on the roof. She was distraught because she wanted a man to kiss her like Ryan kissed Erica. Ryan reminded Annie that Adam loved her. Annie said that Adam did not long for her the way that Ryan longed for Erica. Annie admitted that she was tired of putting on an act. She was especially tired of lying. He tried to get on her good side, so he commended her for trying to protect Emma.

Jake saw that Carey, Trevor's nanny, fell asleep while she was watching the baby. He tried to pick up Trevor, but she woke up. She told Jake that David did not want anyone holding the baby. Jake proceeded to flirt shamelessly with Carey. He pretended to cry as he told her how much he missed Trevor. She empathized with him. He then planted a big kiss on her.

Krystal saw Jake hitting on Carey. Jake assured Krystal that he had a plan. Krystal agreed to help Jake. She went to the dance floor and asked Tad to distract David. Tad pretended that one of David's patients made a donation and encouraged David to thank the patient. As David spoke to the television audience, Amanda looked for Jake.

Jake convinced Carey to leave him alone with Trevor. As Amanda approached Jake, he was removing Trevor from his play pen. Amanda wondered what Jake was up to.

Frankie was irate because Madison bugged his apartment. Madison caught Randi and Jesse talking on tape about their involvement in Henry's murder. Madison flaunted the tape and declared that she had the upper hand. Frankie angrily asked, "What do you want?" She replied, "Dance with me." He looked surprised, but agreed.

Jesse, Angie, and Randi were shocked to see Frankie and Madison walk onto the dance floor together. Jesse asked Frankie why he was dancing with Madison. Madison slyly smiled and handed Jesse a tape recorder.

Jesse, Angie, and Randi went to into an office to listen to the tape recorder. They were annoyed to learn that Madison bugged them. Randi exclaimed, "Madison won!" Angie urged Randi not to give up.

Angie wondered how a spoiled brat like Madison could manipulate their entire family. Jesse suggested that he confess, so Madison no longer had control over them. Angie did not want Jesse to confess. Angie noted that Madison would not leave their family alone, even if he confessed. Angie felt that Madison was determined to break up Frankie and Randi's marriage because her marriage failed.

As Frankie danced with Madison, he asked again, "What do you want." She whispered something into his ear. He looked aggravated. She said, "Make it juicy."

Randi asked Frankie what Madison's demands were. He was reluctant to tell her, but she demanded to know. Frankie revealed that Madison wanted him to divorce Randi. He affirmed that he would never leave Randi, regardless of Madison's threats. Randi told him to give Madison what she wanted.

Tad saw Madison standing alone on the dance floor, so he told her to leave. She said that she was waiting for her partner, Frankie. Tad stated that Frankie was a married man. He then told her that she was disqualified from the dance marathon. She looked miffed and went to the restroom.

Natalia followed Madison into the restroom. Natalia introduced herself as Jesse's daughter and Frankie's sister. Natalia then announced that she knew how Henry really died. Natalia pointed at Madison in the mirror and stated that a black widow spider killed Henry. Natalia grabbed a vase and broke the mirror with it. Madison looked horrified as she stared at her distorted image in the broken mirror."

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