09/22/2009 Jesse Demands Madison Leave Town

"On the rooftop, Frankie wondered if he should give Madison a push. Madison warned that the blackmail tapes would go straight to the police if she fell off the roof. She demanded ten million dollars from him, and he asserted that Henry had wronged her, not Frankie. Jesse arrived on the roof, stating, "That's why she killed him."

Jesse claimed that Madison had killed Henry, and attempted to kill Frankie. Jesse said that Madison had followed Henry's "cheating ass" to D.C. to do it. In a flashback, Madison recalled seeing Randi flee a hotel room, while Henry bled on the floor. Henry had asked for Madison's help, but she'd crouched over him with an eagle's bust to finish the job.

Madison said she was innocent until proven guilty. Frankie vowed that she wouldn't pin a murder on his wife. Jesse ordered Madison to leave town. He stated that Madison's blackmail tapes were useless, since they implicated Madison in the crime. "What's it gonna be, precious? Prison or a one-way ticket out of here?" Jesse asked.

While dancing, Natalia and Brot witnessed Jesse and Frankie shuffling Madison to the exit. Brot commented that Frankie was handling it. Natalia said to shut up and dance.

Later, Jesse instructed a police officer to get Madison on a bus out of town. Off to the side, Randi wondered to Angie and Frankie if they could really prove that Madison, not Randi, had killed Henry. Angie replied that at least they knew Madison was gone for good.

Jesse informed Randi and Frankie that they could go home. Randi wanted to dance until they were eliminated, and she left for the dance floor. Frankie told Jesse that it seemed too easy. Near the dance floor, Jesse saw Brot and Natalia asking Randi if everything were okay. Randi said she'd be fine, and Jesse ordered Natalia to get back to watching Annie.

Later, the police officer returned to the dance-a-thon, and Tad excused the Hubbards from the floor to handle "police business." The officer assured Jesse that he'd watched Madison's bus leave. Just then, Frankie received a text message, instructing him to head to Erica's office alone. Frankie excuse himself, claiming it was hospital business.

When Frankie arrived in Erica's office, Madison spun around in the chair. She said she hated buses. Madison waved a tiny cassette, calling it insurance. She played the tape, and Frankie heard Randi considering confessing to Frankie before he found out another way. Frankie realized that Madison had sent a listening device to the house in the anonymous gift. Frankie demanded to know what Madison wanted. "Dance with me," she replied.

On the dance floor, Natalia sensed something was still wrong. Brot wondered what had inspired Natalia to become a cop. She said discovering that her father was the police chief helped her to understand her own restlessness. Brot shared that a similar restlessness had led him to join the Army. He said that while in Iraq, he'd worried about winding up in a body bag. "Instead, I come home like this," he stated. Brot said that Natalia was on her path, but he was still finding his.

In an audio room, Aiden confronted Kendall and Zach. Aiden realized that Zach hadn't been pressed to visit Kendall in prison, because some stranger was in Kendall's cell. Aiden figured that Kendall being in hiding wasn't much different than being in a prison cell. Zach advised Aiden to help Zach take Kendall home, and forget what he'd seen.

Kendall wanted Zach to go with her, but Zach said he was too close to cracking Annie. Kendall insisted that Zach's on-air kiss with Liza had meant something. Zach said that if Kendall didn't leave, she'd destroy their plan and risk sending everyone who'd helped her to prison. Aiden peeped out the door, and warned that Liza was headed their way.

Zach exited the room despite Kendall's protests. Liza saw Zach, and said she'd looked everywhere for him. He claimed to have been seeking a reprieve in the audio booth. Liza wanted to see his "oasis." Zach couldn't stop Liza from entering the room; however, he was relieved to find the room empty when he strode in behind her.

At home, an angry Kendall watched Annie dancing on the television. Kendall said it was an injustice that Annie was free, while Kendall was locked in a room with Aiden. She wondered why he'd ever helped Annie. Aiden replied that he done it for the same reason that Kendall had followed Zach's instructions: love.

On the dance floor, Annie wondered if Erica would be upset about Ryan dancing with Annie. Ryan said Erica was engrossed in a good cause. Annie worried that Emma might have to relive the nightmare, and wondered what Ryan would tell Erica about their conversation. Ryan replied that he'd say what Erica wanted to hear. "If I point the finger at you, then Emma stays protected. That's all that matters, right?" Ryan asked. Annie dismally agreed.

Aside, Liza commented to Zach that Ryan's charms must have been working, because Annie seemed on top of the world. Zach looked perturbed. Though Liza understood Zach's need to save Kendall, Liza warned him not to disrupt Ryan's progress with Annie.

When Erica returned to the event, Adam quipped that she'd hobbled back from the emergency room in record time to check up on her "new boy toy." Erica retorted that if Adam were looking to rein Annie in, he should try a leash or a jail cell. They approached Tad to finagle their way back into the competition. "If you dance, you dance together," Tad replied. When Colby and Pete saw Erica dancing with Adam, Pete bet $10 that Adam would find his way to Annie by the next song.

Adam accused Erica of holding the fundraiser just to corner Annie. He insisted that Annie was innocent. Erica reasoned that Annie had killed her own brother, so it wasn't a stretch that she'd killed Stuart. Adam claimed that he wouldn't be with Annie if she'd killed his brother. Erica figured that Adam was with Annie because he had a death wish.

When Erica heard Tad broadcast that someone had pledged $10,000 to see Erica Kane dancing with Ryan Lavery, she teased Adam for paying a small fortune to keep Annie away from Ryan. Adam bid her to have fun with her doormat. "Enjoy your lunatic," Erica sneered.

Annie gaily danced with Adam, stating that Ryan might let her see Emma. She believed that Ryan and she had just needed time to see each other as parents, not enemies. She said Ryan and she were putting their daughter first.

Erica eagerly asked if Ryan had gotten a confession out of Annie. Ryan said that Annie hadn't confessed, but she'd told him who'd committed the murder: Emma. Erica was angry that Annie was shielding herself with Emma.

Zach and Liza danced near Ryan and Erica, hoping to learn if Ryan had uncovered anything new from Annie. Ryan resentfully told Zach to back off, because Ryan had everything under control. The exchange grew heated, but when Tad intervened, the couples dispersed.

Later, Natalia was relieved when Annie and Adam earned a break from dancing. Natalia was exhausted, and Brot offered to help her take a nap while dancing. He placed her feet atop his, and let her rest her head on his shoulder.

Aside with Scott, Adam said he needed to stop listening to conspiracy theories, and start listening to his fiancée. Adam said he'd been given another chance, and a lot of people had benefited from it, including Liza, Zach, Kendall, and Ian. Scott replied that he didn't have his father. "You got me, and we both have Annie to thank for that," Adam replied.

In the bathroom, Annie thanked Erica for letting Annie borrow Ryan. Annie announced that she'd changed her mind about inviting Ryan to her wedding. A miffed Erica attempted to exit; however, she stopped when Annie continued that they were all practically family-except Kendall, who was in jail for killing Stuart. Annie wondered how Kendall would feel about Erica taking Kendall's "sloppy seconds." Erica slapped Annie in the face.

At a table at ConFusion, Liza told Zach to stop goading Ryan, because Ryan was on the right track. Liza suggested that Zach and she go home "separately." Zach said she could go, but he wanted to see things through.

Just then, Kendall called Zach. He lied that it was the babysitter, and stepped away to take it. Kendall announced that she'd returned to her "cell" unseen. She gave Aiden the phone, and Zach advised Aiden to remove the television if watching the marathon agitated Kendall. Aiden promised to take good care of Kendall, adding, "This time, I'll keep my hands to myself."

Later, Kendall was upset that Aiden had thrown their night together in Zach's face. Aiden assumed that Kendall wanted Zach to be as jealous as she was. Aiden couldn't believe Kendall was worried about Liza's one night with Zach. Kendall doubted Aiden knew what was best for her. Aiden said Zach had given him a detailed list. Kendall retorted that Zach wanted Aiden to lock her up. "First, he asked me to do this," Aiden said, unplugging the television. Kendall protested as he hauled it out of the room.

Back at ConFusion, Liza noticed that Zach was upset after his call. Zach vowed to put an end to other people handling his business. Zach marched over to Ryan at the bar, and claimed that Ryan's plan wasn't working, because Annie hadn't confessed. Ryan ticked off the reasons that his plan was working better than Zach's. Ryan figured that Zach wouldn't accept Annie's signed confession, if it were rendered from Ryan.

Ryan urged Zach to let the past go, because Ryan and Kendall had been helping each other. Zach quipped that Ryan had helped Kendall get revenge, while Kendall had helped Ryan get over Greenlee. Ryan replied that he'd never get over Greenlee. "Then you know how I feel," Zach asserted.

The dance continued, and Pete told Colby that he was starving. She said they could get a break once they'd earned $6,000. Pete groaned, and she threatened to call the "wambulance" to treat his whining. Pete said he wasn't whining; he was hypoglycemic.

As Tad broadcasted that the dancers would drop like files without donations, he discovered Pete sprawled on the floor. Still trying to dance while tugging Pete's arm, Colby told Tad about Pete's condition. A dazed Pete cried, "Uncle!" Tad corrected that he was Pete's brother. Pete uttered that "uncle" meant he quit. Tad helped Pete up, and sent the couple to eat."

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