09/21/2009 David Expresses Regret

"As the charity dance continued at Fusion, Natalia noticed that Randi and Frankie were no longer on the dance floor. When Brot mentioned that he had seen Madison earlier, Natalia became concerned. She wanted to warn her brother, but Brot reminded Natalia that she had been assigned to watch Annie.

In ConFusion, Madison approached Randi. Randi appeared frightened and slightly dazed as Madison suggested that Randi could probably use something to drink. Agitated, Randi yelled at Madison to stay away from her.

In the bathroom, Jesse and Frankie found Taylor unconscious in one of the stalls. After they roused Taylor, she explained that Randi had attacked her. According to Taylor, she had found Randi standing by the bathroom sink looking pale and frightened. When Taylor had greeted Randi, Randi had swung her purse at Taylor. After that, everything had gone blank.

As Jesse and Frankie left the bathroom, they bumped into Angie and Randi. Angie explained that she had found a terrified Randi huddled alone in a corner. Randi admitted that she had an altercation with Madison in the bathroom. Frankie gently explained that Randi had hit Taylor, not Madison. Randi was horrified by her actions; she feared that she had suffered from a delusion.

Jesse revealed that Brot had seen Madison earlier, so it was possible that Randi had seen Madison at some point. Frankie comforted his wife while Angie went to check on Taylor. A quick examination of the wound confirmed that Taylor's injury wasn't serious; she had a small bump on the back of her head and a slight bruise on her chin. However, Angie urged Taylor to go to the hospital just to be certain that everything was fine.

Taylor was more concerned about Randi. Angie attributed Randi's odd behavior to stress and low blood sugar; she assured Taylor that Randi would be okay. Angie made another attempt to convince Taylor to go to the hospital, but Taylor just wanted to go home. She explained that she'd been eliminated from the dance and had intended to leave before the incident with Randi in the bathroom. When Tad approached, Angie pleaded with him to persuade Taylor to reconsider.

After Angie left, Tad checked Taylor's bump. He agreed that Taylor should go to the hospital, but Taylor didn't think that it was necessary. She was determined to rest at home. Before she left, Taylor congratulated Tad on doing a fantastic job hosting the charity event. Taylor thought that Tad was very funny. Tad thanked Taylor and then watched her walk away.

Angie returned to Jesse, Frankie, and Randi. After she checked Randi, she declared that Randi appeared to be fully recovered. Tad approached them moments later to inform them that their break was over. Madison lurked in the background watching as the Hubbards left ConFusion.

On the dance floor, Angie and Jesse discussed the possibility that Madison had killed Henry. Angie was certain that it couldn't have been Randi. According to Angie, Randi was too sweet and kind; however as far as Angie was concerned, Madison was pure evil. Jesse reminded Angie that Randi had just attacked Taylor. Angie argued that the incident in the bathroom had been an anomaly. Angie was certain that it wouldn't have happened if Randi hadn't been under extreme stress and fatigue.

Natalia and Brot danced over to Jesse and Angie a few minutes later. Natalia had heard that Jesse had been looking for Madison. Jesse insisted that he had everything under control; he wanted Natalia to focus on watching Annie. Natalia seemed frustrated, but didn't argue with her father.

Tad announced the start of a dance-off. Everyone had to do the twist; the winning couple would receive a break. As Frankie and Randi danced, they felt Madison's eyes on them. Frankie warned Randi to be careful. Randi assured Frankie that no one could hurt her while she was in Frankie's arms. Moments later, Tad declared Frankie and Randi the winners of the dance contest. Frankie cajoled Tad into allowing Jesse and Angie to take a break along with Frankie and Randi.

In ConFusion, Madison made certain that Frankie had spotted her. She was careful to stay within sight, so that Frankie could follow her. On the rooftop, Madison waited for Frankie to arrive. When he burst through the door, Madison warned Frankie not to move any closer or else she threatened to jump.

Jesse called Natalia to ask if she had seen Frankie. Natalia confirmed that she'd seen Frankie earlier, but that she had no idea where he had gone.

As David and Amanda danced, Amanda apologized to David for going along with Jake's plan. David conceded that he had made mistakes, as well. David admitted that he had been too possessive when he had learned that Trevor was his son. David attributed his anxiety to having lost Babe, Leora, and Little A. David revealed that he was willing to work out a custody arrangement with Amanda.

In ConFusion, the nanny was trying to calm a fussy Trevor when Jake approached them. He offered to help, but the nanny hesitated to accept. She worried that David might object. Jake assured the nanny that, as Amanda's husband, he only had Trevor's best interests at heart. The nanny relented; the baby immediately calmed down when Jake held Trevor. Amanda walked up moments later. Amanda was worried that David would see Jake with Trevor.

Jake returned Trevor to the nanny as he explained to Amanda that he had thought that David and Amanda were still on the dance floor. The tension mounted when Amanda revealed that David had expressed regret for how he had behaved when he had learned about Trevor. Jake didn't trust David's change of heart; he was certain that David would say whatever he needed to say, in order to gain Amanda's trust.

Tad approached his brother as Jake watched Amanda, David, and Trevor. Tad noticed that Jake looked like "crap." Tad assured Jake that Amanda's heated words during their very public argument had just been an act for David's sake. Tad assured Jake that Amanda didn't blame Jake for anything. Jake admitted that he feared that he was losing Amanda. Jake was certain that the writing was on the wall. Jake pointed out that it was impossible for him to compete against her child.

Amanda approached Jake a short time later. She assured Jake that she loved him. Amanda confessed that she needed Jake in her corner. Jake appeared moved by his wife's passionate declaration. He held her briefly and then advised her to go. Amanda was sad as she walked away, while Jake watched her with tears in his eyes.

Tad made another attempt to bolster his brother's spirits. He advised Jake to stop torturing himself. Jake confessed that watching Amanda with David was akin to watching a train wreck. Jake reminded Tad of David's history with women; Jake pointed out that none had escaped unscathed, including Krystal.

As Ryan and Annie danced, Annie confessed that she was surprised it had taken Ryan so long to figure out what had really happened on the night that Stuart had died. She confirmed that she had been protecting Emma because Emma had accidentally shot Stuart. According to Annie, Emma had picked up the gun that Kendall had dropped. Annie insisted that it had been an accident; Emma had not meant to shoot Stuart.

Ryan reminded Annie of the incident at the hospital when a near catatonic Emma had written "Mommy" on the board. Annie claimed that Emma had not been implicating her in Stuart's murder, but rather she had been calling out to her mother. Annie also added that Zach had helped her because he understood Annie's situation; Ryan had taken away Spike from Zach just as he had taken Emma from her.

Ryan insisted that Emma needed help, but Annie was adamant that Ryan not take Emma to counseling. Annie reminded Ryan of her experience at Oak Haven Sanitarium. According to Annie, therapy wouldn't help Emma; it would only confuse her further. Ryan vowed to do whatever was necessary in order to protect their daughter.

Nearby, Zach and Liza watched Ryan and Annie closely. Zach was certain that Annie was confessing something to Ryan; Zach could see it in Ryan's eyes. Liza was certain that Annie was filling Ryan's head with lies. Their attempt to spy on Ryan and Annie was thwarted when Tad announced that Zach and Liza had won the sexiest couple award, which had earned them a short break.

When they returned to the dance floor, Liza suggested that Zach and Ryan join forces. Zach refused to consider it because he didn't trust Ryan. Liza accused Zach of not being able to forgive Ryan and Kendall because of their affair. Liza wondered if it mattered that Kendall might be innocent of the crime she had confessed to. Zach clarified that Kendall's betrayal of her family was a separate issue.

When Ryan and Annie left the dance floor, Zach and Liza decided that they needed to find a way to take a break. Liza had an idea. Without consulting Zach, she called out to Tad and the camera crew. As Tad approached, Liza kissed Zach. As expected, they quickly raised enough donations to earn themselves another break. Zach didn't appear to react to the kiss.

At home, Kendall watched the charity dance marathon on television. Her mood soured when Tad announced that Zach and Liza had won the sexiest couple contest. Kendall wondered aloud if Zach intended to keep an eye on Annie by inviting her to have a "threesome" with him and Liza. Kendall's disposition didn't improve when Liza kissed Zach. Kendall yelled, "you bitch" as she glared daggers at the television screen.

In ConFusion, Annie admitted that she had given Ryan quite a bit to think about. She smiled as she realized that they were working together, like old times. However, Annie was quick to clarify that she was in love with Adam, not Ryan. As Annie walked away, Zach and Liza approached Ryan.

Ryan was livid as he confronted Zach about taking Emma to see Annie. Zach didn't apologize. Zach insisted that Annie had a secret and he was determined to learn what it was for Kendall's sake. Ryan was relieved to hear that Kendall had finally realized that she had not killed Stuart, but he didn't want Emma involved in exposing Annie as a murder.

Ryan confided that Annie had implicated Emma in the murder. Liza and Zach were shocked that Annie would suggest that her daughter had murdered Stuart. All of them realized that Annie had to be feeling cornered in order to accuse Emma of the murder. Ryan intended to capitalize on Annie's desperation. Ryan was confident that he alone could coerce a confession out of Annie by pretending to help her to protect Emma. Zach and Liza refused to be excluded; they insisted that everyone would need to work together if they hoped to prove Annie's guilt.

When Liza pointed out that Annie was approaching, Ryan took advantage of the situation by punching Zach with enough force to knock Zach to the ground. As Ryan stormed passed Annie, Annie looked truly surprised. Annie chased after Ryan to ask him why he had punched Zach. Ryan explained that he wanted Zach to understand that Zach couldn't take their daughter. Ryan refused to allow anyone near Emma for fear that they would discover what she had done.

Liza helped Zach to his feet. Zach accused Ryan of enjoying the punch just a bit too much. Liza suggested that Zach didn't really want Kendall out of jail. Zach happened to look up and spotted Kendall skulking behind a potted plant as she watched them. He snapped at Liza never to imply that he didn't want Kendall out of jail. Zach was clear that Kendall was innocent and that he would do whatever was necessary to prove it.

After Zach walked away from Liza, he tracked down Kendall in the audio room. Kendall sniped that she was surprised that Zach had been able to tear himself away from Liza. Zach ignored the barb as he demanded to know what Kendall was doing out of the house. Kendall explained that she had called the neighbors, pretending to be Rachael, to ask them to watch the kids while she attended to an emergency.

Zach warned Kendall that someone might have seen her. They were both startled when a familiar deep voice responded, "Someone did." Zach turned to find Aidan standing in the doorway."

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