09/24/2009 Tad Stalls David

"At Fusion, David wrapped up his plea for viewers to donate money for the charity. Nearby Krystal begged Tad to stall David, in order to buy Jake and Amanda more time to talk. Tad did his best, but David seemed eager to end his ordeal in front of the camera. As soon as David managed to walk away from Tad, Krystal attempted to divert David's attention. She claimed that they needed help with the telephones. She insisted that they might raise more money if David were answering the calls for donations.

David suspected that Krystal was up to something. Krystal denied it, but David didn't believe her. The issue became moot when the nanny approached David to inform him that Jake had taken Trevor. Krystal followed as David raced to ConFusion.

In ConFusion, Amanda wondered what Jake planned to do with Trevor. Jake clutched Trevor close to him as he revealed that he intended to run away with Amanda and the baby. Jake questioned Amanda's feelings for David when she seemed reluctant to agree to the plan. He worried that Amanda was in too deep and had started falling for David. Amanda denied the accusation, but Jake didn't believe her.

David, Krystal, and the nanny arrived moments later. David demanded to know what was going on. Amanda tried to cover for Jake; she explained that Trevor had been fussy, so Jake had soothed the baby. Jake refused to allow Amanda to lie for him. He defiantly warned David that he intended to take Trevor; according to Jake, there was nothing that David could do about it. Amanda appeared stunned.

Meanwhile, David calmly reminded Jake that Trevor was not Jake's son. When a police officer approached them, Amanda panicked. She begged David not to press charges against Jake. To everyone's surprise, David informed the officer that there had been a minor misunderstanding over a family matter. After the police officer left, Krystal questioned David's motivation.

David confessed that he had taken great pleasure in torturing Jake up until David had seen Jake with Trevor just moments before. According to David, he had seen and recognized the pain and desperation that Jake had felt. David didn't want to hurt Trevor, so he had decided to work something out rather than fight everyone over custody. To prove his sincerity, David agreed to allow Jake to visit Amanda and Trevor at Wildwind.

Amanda was delighted by the concession. However, after she and David returned to the dance floor, Jake confessed that he didn't trust David. Jake was certain that David's change of heart was merely an act for Amanda's benefit. Later, Jake quietly promised Trevor that he would do everything in his power to hold on to Trevor and Amanda.

On the dance floor, David credited Amanda and Trevor for his new outlook. David claimed that he had been deeply affected by how much his actions had hurt Amanda. David didn't want that for her or Trevor, so he had decided to let go of his anger. Amanda confessed that she wanted to believe David, but she had her doubts. David promised that he was sincere; however, he was curious if Amanda had been playing him.

Liza was startled when Zach leaned down to kiss her. They shared a passionate kiss before Liza pulled away to look deep into Zach's eyes. After a long moment, they resumed their heated kiss. When Liza suggested that they find some place quiet to continue what they had started, Zach claimed that he couldn't leave with her. He reminded her that he loved his wife. Liza tried to hide her hurt and disappointment. She claimed that she understood and then stoically watched as Zach walk away. Afterwards, Liza briefly gave into her tears.

When Tad spotted Liza, he informed her that she and Zach had been disqualified from the dance because their break had been too long. Tad immediately sensed that Liza was troubled. Liza confirmed his suspicions when she confided that Tad had been right to warn her away from Zach. Tad admitted that Zach hadn't seemed uninterested while he'd been kissing Liza on the dance floor. Liza pointed out that appearances could be deceiving.

When Tad and Liza spotted Zach across the room, Tad invited Liza to join him during his break. Liza gladly accepted; moments later they went to the rooftop. Liza was eager to find the most effective and efficient way to get over Zach. Tad suggested that Liza start by being honest with herself. Later, Zach found Liza sitting at the bar. He tried to apologize, but Liza cut him off. Liza decided to salvage her dignity by dropping Kendall as a client. Liza hoped that a clean break from Zach would help mend her broken heart.

In ConFusion, Adam accused Erica and Ryan of practically "rutting on the dance floor." Erica countered that Annie had been jealous when she'd seen her with Ryan. Adam adamantly denied that Annie had feelings for Ryan. Erica argued that the man that Annie didn't have feelings for was Adam. She suggested that perhaps one day Annie might grow to love Adam, but not until Ryan was out of Annie's system.

On the rooftop, Ryan urged Annie to tell him why she needed protection. Ryan promised to help her. Annie confided that she was afraid of what she could lose if she revealed too much. Ryan expressed concern that the secret was taking a toll on Annie. Unfortunately for Ryan, his plan to gain Annie's trust had backfired. The harder that Ryan pushed, the more suspicious Annie became. She accused him of wanting her to confess to Stuart's murder.

Ryan dropped all pretenses. He admitted that he had a difficult time believing that Emma could have killed Stuart. Annie argued that she could never falsely accuse her own daughter of such an awful crime. Before Ryan could respond, Adam appeared in the doorway. Annie played the victim until Adam hustled her away from Ryan.

When Adam and Annie returned to the dance floor, Adam offered to take Annie home. Annie refused to leave; she didn't want Ryan and Erica to think that they had gained the upper hand.

Erica spotted Ryan when he entered Fusion. She quickly led him to her office, so that they could speak privately. Ryan was frustrated because he had blown it with Annie. However, Ryan was confident that he could regain Annie's trust. Moments later, Zach entered the office. Zach was furious when he realized that Ryan had failed to obtain a confession from Annie.

Zach insisted that Ryan leave Annie to him, but Ryan stubbornly refused to back down while Emma was involved. Ryan insisted he could get the truth from Annie. Erica agreed because she believed that Annie would remain vulnerable to Ryan's charm as long as she continued to have feelings for him. However, Erica asked for a moment alone with Zach.

After Ryan left, Erica noted that Zach had lipstick on him; she assumed that it was Liza's. Erica demanded to know what was going on between Zach and Liza, but Zach said nothing. He simply turned and then walked out of the office.

Later, Ryan and Erica danced. Afterwards, they returned to her office where Ryan tried to open up to Erica about his feelings. Ryan admitted that he had missed Erica while she had been in Africa. However, Ryan hesitated to say more. Erica reminded Ryan of their promise not to label what they felt for each other. Ryan agreed; he didn't want to ruin what they had.

As Annie and Adam swayed to the music, Annie confessed that she could hear Adam's heart pounding. When Adam pulled away, Annie noticed that he seemed a bit unsteady on his feet. She suggested that they go home, but it was too late. Adam suddenly stumbled backwards and then collapsed. When Adam looked up, Stuart was leaning over him. Stuart asked, "Adam, what are you doing on the floor? Did someone shoot you too?"

Randi begged Frankie to give Madison what she wanted. Frankie refused to allow Madison to destroy their marriage. Randi feared that Madison would ultimately succeed in her quest to break up Frankie and Randi's marriage.

Natalia confronted Madison in the bathroom. Natalia claimed that she knew who had killed Henry. Madison's calm demeanor slipped when Natalia added that a big ugly black widow spider had done the nefarious deed. Madison was shaken when Natalia suddenly pointed to the mirror as she claimed that she saw the murderous culprit. Madison turned to look at the mirror while Natalia slowly reached forward and then smashed the mirror in the center where Madison's face had appeared.

Madison quickly composed herself. She admitted that Natalia had rattled her, but Madison refused to be baited. Madison was confident that she was in a perfect position to call the shots. She ordered Natalia to give Frankie a message; Madison demanded that Frankie give her what she wanted.

Natalia returned to her family, who were gathered on the dance floor. Brot was with them. As Natalia told them about her face-off with Madison, Angie noticed that Natalia's hand was bleeding. Natalia seemed a bit woozy as she examined the cut on her hand. Jesse was furious that Madison had pushed his daughter to the point of violence. Natalia demanded to know what Madison was after. She was stunned to learn that Madison wanted Frankie to divorce Randi.

A few minutes later, a police officer pulled Jesse aside to let him know that there was a situation in the bathroom. Natalia was tempted to go with her father, but Jesse insisted on handling the situation alone. In the bathroom, Jesse found Madison huddled in a corner. When she turned around, she had small cut on her cheekbone. Madison claimed that Natalia had attacked her, but Jesse didn't believe her.

When Jesse refused to arrest Natalia for assault, Madison threatened to get another police officer. Jesse physically restrained Madison to keep her from leaving. Frankie walked in and immediately assessed the situation. He asked his father to let go of Madison, so that he could examine the injury. After Jesse stormed out, Frankie checked the cut. He told Madison that it was superficial and that it wouldn't need stitches.

Madison appreciated Frankie's gentle touch. Her good humor fled when Frankie made it clear that he would not divorce Randi.

Frankie returned to his family's side. He wondered if anyone had seen Randi. No one knew where Randi was, but before Frankie could look for his wife, Madison approached them. When she found the Hubbards together, Madison asked if they always traveled in flocks. Undaunted by their lack of response, Madison announced that she had decided not to press charges against Natalia. Madison credited Frankie's effective negotiating skills for her change of heart.

Later, Randi appeared in the doorway, while Madison stood on the rooftop alone. Madison could see the rage in Randi's eyes. As Randi joined her the rooftop, Madison walked over to the door and then picked up a brick that had kept the door propped open. Madison offered the heavy object to Randi as she dared her to take her best shot."

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