08/27/2009 Amanda Finds Trevor

"At Wildwind, JR continued to reel from the news that he might have cancer. However, he kept the information to himself. He told Marissa that he didn't want to waste what time he had left, and then he kissed her. Marissa sensed that something was wrong. She accused JR of acting weird and talking as if everything could end in a moment. She wanted to know what was going on, but JR refused to tell her. Instead, JR admitted that he was tempted to drink.

Marissa implored JR not to succumb to the temptation. She reminded him that Little A needed his father. JR suggested that it was time for Little A to learn to stand on his own. He pointed to Marissa as an example of how a child could go on without their parents. Marissa clarified that not a day went by that she didn't think about the people who had raised her; she missed them dearly.

JR felt as if he had wasted years being angry when he could have done something more productive with his life. He also regretted holding back with Marissa just because she was Babe's sister. JR was tried of waiting for what he wanted. As JR tried to kiss her, Marissa stopped him. She pleaded with JR to trust her, but JR wasn't ready. Instead, he walked out of Wildwind.

Kendall wanted Zach to show prove his devotion by making love to her. Kendall was hurt when Zach refused to give in to her demands. Kendall resented Liza's constant presence in their home and she was upset that Liza had kissed Zach. Zach advised Kendall to get herself together; she could have killed Liza when she had clobbered her with the laptop

Kendall argued that she belonged in prison because of what had happened to Greenlee and Stuart. Zach disagreed; he insisted that Kendall belonged at home with her sons. Frustrated, Kendall wondered if Zach would ever be able to forgive her. Zach realized that Kendall referred to her affair. Rather than answer her, Zach left to check on the boys.

Kendall decided to work on her book. She made several attempts to write the scene where Zach and Liza had met at the casino. At first she tried to recreate the kiss that Zach and Liza had shared, but she wasn't satisfied with any of the versions that she had written. Ultimately, Kendall wished that Zach had rebuffed Liza by simply holding up his hand to show Liza his wedding ring.

As Kendall continued typing, she replayed various scenarios of the kiss between Zach and Liza that she had walked in on. Instead of bashing Liza over the head with the laptop, Kendall played with the idea of shooting Liza. In the end, Kendall admitted to herself that she wished that Zach had just pushed Liza away.

Later, Kendall typed a scene where Zach entered the secret room to update Kendall on Liza's injury. After Zach assured Kendall that Liza was fine, he apologized for hurting her, and admitted that he was flawed. The scene ended with Kendall and Zach happily reconciled. When Kendall looked up from her laptop, she stared at her empty bed with a sad expression.

At the hospital, David informed Liza that she had suffered a blunt force trauma to her head, which wasn't consistent with a door falling on her. David was certain that someone had struck Liza. Liza didn't know how that was possible when only she, Zach, and Ian had been in the house at the time of the accident. Liza was fairly certain that Ian hadn't happened upon her and Zach kissing and then decided to hit her on the back of the head.

David was surprised by Liza's revelation. Liza clarified that she and Zach were not having an affair. Liza claimed that she had kissed Zach on impulse, much like David had when he'd kissed her. David pointed out that Liza had responded to the kiss by slapping him. He was curious what Zach's reaction had been. Liza admitted that Zach hadn't responded to the kiss.

When David speculated that perhaps Zach had hit her, Liza denied the possibility. Later, when Zach arrived at the hospital, David confronted him. Zach suggested that David contact the police if he truly believed that Zach had assaulted Liza. When Zach entered Liza's room, he realized that she was slightly leery of him. Zach assured Liza that he had not struck her. Liza apologized for suspecting him; she blamed David for planting the seeds of doubt.

At the casino, Madison tried to blackmail Frankie for money. Madison was unapologetic as she explained that she merely wanted what she was owed. When Madison mentioned Randi, Frankie warned her not to drag his wife's name in it. Madison reminded Frankie that if Randi hadn't murdered Henry, then they wouldn't be having a discussion. Madison insisted that she needed some money to pay off some gambling debts.

Frankie didn't care about Madison's problems, which only fueled her desperation. Frankie pointed out that he was unemployed and didn't have access to a large sum of money. Madison didn't care; she suggested that he steal drugs. Frankie was offended, and his temper flared. Madison wasn't intimidated; she found his anger arousing. Frankie was disgusted by Madison's lewd proposition.

However, before Frankie could respond, his phone rang. It was Randi. She was upset because the baby was sick. As Madison stepped away, Frankie instructed Randi and Natalia to meet him at the hospital in an old wing. Frankie assured Randi that they would be able to examine and treat Matthew without drawing attention to themselves.

At the hospital, Natalia waited for her brother to arrive while Randi and Matthew hid out of sight. When a nurse stopped to ask Natalia if she was lost, Natalia managed to explain her presence in the nearly deserted wing of the hospital. Moments after the nurse walked away, Frankie approached. Natalia took him to see Randi and the baby, unaware that the nurse had remained behind to spy on Natalia.

After Frankie confirmed that Matthew had a virus, Natalia decided to go to the police station. She wanted to continue her search for the baby's parents. Natalia believed that Matthew's parents had a right to know what was going on with their child. Frankie wasn't happy about Natalia's quest, but he understood his sister's need to follow her conscience. Natalia warned Frankie that the longer Randi bonded with the baby, the harder it would be for Randi to give him up.

Jake was watching over Amanda when Tad entered her hospital room. Jake pulled Tad aside, so that they wouldn't disturb Amanda. He explained to Tad that Amanda had been heavily sedated after she had suffered some sort of meltdown in front of David. Jake admitted that Amanda might have revealed too much about Trevor in front of David. Tad was worried that David might suspect the truth.

Jake tried to attribute Amanda's outburst to some type of postpartum depression, but he wasn't certain if David had believed him. Jake wondered if it was time for them to ask the police to help search for Trevor. Tad reminded Jake that they could face possible criminal charges. Jake understood the consequences, but he didn't know what else to do.

A short time later, Liza approached the Martin brothers. She demanded to know who Stuart's real parents were. Jake ushered Liza into a nearby room and then told her that the baby's mother had requested a closed adoption. Jake assured Liza that the adoption had been legal. Liza was relieved. She then switched gears to inquire about Trevor. Jake turned to his brother when he realized that Tad must have told Liza.

Tad assured Jake that Liza could be trusted. Meanwhile, Liza was confident that Jake would find Trevor. Jake decided to check on Amanda. However, when Jake entered her room, Amanda was gone.

Amanda stumbled around the hospital corridor in a drugged state as she tried to follow the sound of a crying baby. Eventually Amanda found her way to an old wing in the hospital. When she glanced in one of the rooms, she spotted a baby in a crib. Amanda immediately recognized her son. Amanda banged on the window and tried to open the locked door in a frantic bid to get to her son. When her efforts failed, Amanda ran down the hall yelling that she had found her baby.

Moments later, Randi opened the door. When Frankie returned to the room, she told him about Amanda's reaction to the baby. Frankie attributed Amanda's strange behavior to some sort of breakdown. He suspected it was somehow tied to her baby's stillbirth. Randi felt terrible for Amanda, but she insisted that they had to leave before they were discovered with Matthew.

When Amanda found Jake, she told him that she had found Trevor. Jake and Tad were reluctant to believe Amanda, but she was adamant that her son was in the hospital. Jake decided to follow Amanda back to the room where she claimed Trevor was. When Amanda and Jake arrived at the room, Trevor was gone. Amanda broke down in tears while Jake held her. Jake worried that Amanda had been seeing things."

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