08/28/2009 Randi Threatens To Confess

"Scott and Adam reviewed the financial information they obtained from Zach's casinos, and determined that Zach was actually in need of the loan he procured from Adam. Scott left the room, and Adam mulled over the thought that although JR continued to say he wanted to be a part of rebuilding the family company, he was never around.

Annie, who had been silent thus far, noted that JR stayed away because of her. Adam pointed out that if JR planned to wait until Adam made a choice between the two of them, JR would be disappointed. Annie then said that they should take advantage of the loan to Zach and hold their wedding reception at the casino, since they might soon own it.

Jesse tracked Zach down at the casino to follow up on the injury report from the hospital. Zach came clean and told Jesse that Kendall had hit Liza over the head with a laptop computer. Jesse was worried that they wouldn't be able to keep Kendall out of jail, but Zach assured him that Liza saw nothing. Jesse spotted Liza over Zach's shoulder and, in more hushed tones, urged Zach to keep Liza in the dark.

Jesse left, and Liza took the opportunity to tell Zach about her plans to remove herself from Kendall's defense. She informed Zach that she'd spoken to Livia Frye about taking over, since Livia had previously defended Kendall. Zach refused the offer and said he wouldn't let Liza go. Liza tried to convince Zach that her decision was more about spending time with her son, but Zach knew it was about the kiss. Zach wanted to let it go, but Liza couldn't. Zach went on to tell her that she was the best lawyer to handle the case, and asked her to reconsider.

Gayle called David, which alarmed the doctor. Gayle assured him that their patient was fine, but that a different matter had arisen. Gayle revealed that Jake and Amanda had gone to see her and had been inquiring about a baby. Gayle confirmed that Amanda had been upset over the belief that Gayle had helped David hide the baby Amanda and David created. Gayle asked if there was anything further that she could do, and David told her to continue doing the job she had been paid to do.

Frankie told a relieved Randi that baby Matthew's fever had broken, but that things needed to change. Because the baby would have to be seen by doctors as he grew, Frankie believed that they needed to pursue a legal adoption. Randi felt that by doing so, they would risk having the baby taken away from them. Natalia's knock on the door interrupted their conversation . When Frankie opened the door, his sister asked if he and Randi were ready to leave.

Natalia started to explain the process of becoming legal parents. Randi was upset that there was a possibility the birth parents could return and reclaim their child. Frankie told her that it was unlikely, given how Matthew had been abandoned. Randi tried to regain her composure, and said that she wanted to feed the baby before they left.

Natalia and Frankie went to load the car with Matthew's belongings. In the hall, Natalia blasted Frankie for giving his wife false hope. Frankie insisted that he hadn't done anything of the sort, but Natalia reminded him that because Randi had hidden the baby away for days, there was no way the authorities would allow her to adopt Matthew. After they returned from the car, Frankie begged his sister not to take the dream of being Matthew's parents away from him or Randi. They went back into the apartment to get Randi, but quickly realized that Randi had escaped.

At the hospital, Angie told JR that she had consulted with the best doctors in the state, and they diagnosed JR with a rare form of lymphoma. She'd admitted that she hadn't treated that kind of cancer before, but said that his motivation -- a desire to see his son grow up -- was a great first step. She referred him to a doctor at Mercy Cancer Center so that JR wouldn't have to be treated in a hospital run by David. JR indicated that he needed more time to think about everything. Angie encouraged him not to take too long, and said that he should call her if he needed anything.

Annie tracked down Scott and asked if there was information about Zach's casinos that he hadn't told Adam. Scott denied the claim and said that if there was any deception on Zach's part, he hadn't seen it. Annie offered to look over the books to see if there were any discrepancies, but Scott pointed out that Annie should be consumed with wedding plans. Annie claimed to be a multitasker and said that she wanted to help out, since JR hadn't been pulling his weight.

JR arrived at the Chandler mansion and his father greeted him in the entryway . Adam launched into a critical assessment of his son's absence when it came to family business, but soon saw that there were greater things afoot. Adam and JR joined Annie and Scott in the living room. Soon, Adam fell on old habits and lashed out at his son.

Adam assumed that JR's poor shape was due to a relapse in drinking. JR told his father that he was sober, but Adam didn't believe his son. Adam said that JR was headed toward an early grave, and that Little Adam deserved better. Commentary about his son broke JR and, before he walked out of the house, JR told his father that he needed support, not criticism. Scott pointed out that something had been different about JR but he didn't know what.

Adam refused to believe that the catalyst behind JR's demeanor was something other than an alcoholic relapse. Adam insisted that as soon as the restrictions were lifted, Little Adam would be moved back into the mansion. Annie said that removing Little Adam from JR's care wouldn't be an encouragement to stop drinking. Adam was not swayed, and said that he would do whatever necessary to keep David away from Little Adam.

Angie went home and was surprised when she found Jesse there with a picnic lunch. He told her that after the hard morning she'd had at the hospital, he thought that they needed to leave their troubles behind for a while. Their thankful kisses hinted at a lunch delayed, but their intentions were thwarted when a visitor knocked on the door. Angie suggested that they ignore the insistent raps, but Jesse reluctantly released his wife and opened the door. They were both shocked to see Randi at the threshold, with a baby in her arms.

Randi told Angie and Jesse the story of how she found Matthew and the decisions she made about keeping the baby hidden. Randi explained how she'd overheard Natalia's assertion that Randi would never be allowed to adopt Matthew. Angie told Randi that she understood how it felt to believe that a baby was meant to be with a certain family, as she'd gone through the same experience with Cassandra.

Frankie and Natalia ran into the apartment, frantic over Randi. When Frankie saw his wife, his demands that she never scare him like that again were minor in comparison to his relief that Randi and the baby had been found. Jesse started to make some calls to track down any information about baby Matthew. He asked if there were any birthmarks that could be used to identify Matthew. Meanwhile, Randi apologized to Frankie for her actions. He told her that he understood, but that they needed to start making decisions together.

The Hubbard family prepared to take the baby to the station, but Randi started to have second thoughts. Angie tried to soothe her daughter-in-law and said that the process was tough. Angie encouraged Randi had to remain strong, but the closer they got to the door, the more panicked Randi became. She blurted out that if Jesse and Angie took the baby from her, she would tell everyone that she killed Henry North and that Jesse helped her cover it up. Natalia, the only person who didn't know, was shocked at the revelation.

Zach went home and relieved Rachel of her emergency babysitting stint. As soon as Rachel left, Kendall flew into the living room to talk to Zach. She asked how long they would be able to keep up their challenging living situation. Zach said that he wanted to get Kendall cleared of the murder charge s. Kendall announced her guilt again and pointed out that Liza wasn't a miracle worker who could change that. Zach then revealed that Liza wanted to be taken off the case, and Kendall was clearly relieved. She was not pleased, however, when Zach said that he couldn't let Liza go.

Kendall took his words to mean that Zach did indeed have stronger feelings for Liza than he previously admitted. Zach silenced her and said that if they got a new lawyer, the lawyer would need to interview Kendall in jail -- which was impossible. He assured Kendall that her supposed self-imposed isolation in jail would allow Zach time to reveal Annie as Stuart's murderer. Kendall was unsure of how Liza would be able to convince a jury of Annie's guilt, and Zach noted that Kendall needed to be convinced first.

Liza met up with Marissa at the hospital soon after Marissa's post-surgery checkup. Marissa said that she was cleared to go back to work, as long as she took it easy. Liza informed Marissa that there wasn't a job to return to, as she'd told Zach that she didn't want to defend Kendall any longer. Liza filled Marissa in on what had happened when she shared her feelings with Zach, and how David had tried to twist the incident with the door. Marissa suggested that continuing to defend Kendall might be best, as the temptation would be removed once Kendall was released from custody.

Liza considered Marissa's reasoning and found it to be valid enough to take her advice. She instructed Marissa to start pulling precedents that they could use in Kendall's case. They parted ways but when Liza stopped near a set of double doors to search through her purse, someone grabbed her from behind and pulled her through the doorway.

David took Liza back to Wildwind at gunpoint and demanded that she tell him everything that she knew about his son. Liza feigned innocence, but David pointed to her faked pregnancy and her previously skittish demeanor as evidence to the contrary. David pointed out that Liza had believed her son to be Amanda and David's until recently when, as David suspected, Jake told her the truth.

Liza called David crazy, and said that her increased comfort with David was because he'd claimed to be a better man and she had tried to see him differently. David didn't believe her, and demanded that she tell him the truth or face leaving baby Stuart without a mother. David forced Liza to tell him just how deeply she'd been involved, and her motivation, and was shocked to find out that Liza had been lied to until a few days before David found out.

Kendall read a book to her boys about working together toward a common goal. She told them that they all needed to remember that assertion, as it would help them accomplish anything they put their mind to. Across town, Zach paid a visit to the Chandler mansion to talk to Annie about the reception at the casino. When Adam went to fetch his bride, Scott asked Zach about a $100,000 payment Zach had made the previous month. Ever quick on his feet, Zach created an aging widow that had won big at his casino to explain the funds transfer.

Annie went down to the living room and, when she found Zach alone, she noted that the mogul wasn't there to talk about wedding details. Zach admitted that he wanted to apologize for his part in setting Annie up for Stuart's murder. He told Annie that after he accepted what Kendall had done, and saw how Annie had changed her life, he found renewed hope that things could be good for him and Kendall again someday. Then, feeling a bit too vulnerable, he told a slightly bewildered Annie that Francesca would take care of all the details for her wedding reception, and abruptly left.

Kendall napped fitfully in her sons' room and dreamed about the night of Stuart's murder. As she did, an unknown person sneaked into the room. When Kendall awoke, she was surprised at who she saw.

JR took Little Adam to the cemetery, and after they placed flowers on Babe's grave, JR took a moment to apologize for not always being the best father he could. Marissa made her presence known when she refuted JR's claim. The three agreed that it would be wonderful if Babe could return to them. Marissa then told Little Adam that he was still lucky, because JR was a great father who would be with Little Adam forever."

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