08/26/2009 Kendall Knocks Liza Out

"Angie received the results from JR's tests. She was worried because he had a low blood cell count. She wished to run more extensive tests. He realized that his condition might be serious. He urged her to tell him more. She said that she wanted to consult with other doctors before she gave him answers. He wondered what type of doctors she had to consult. She replied that she would speak with a hematologist and an oncologist. He exclaimed, "Cancer!" She said that she needed to take more tests before she knew his exact ailment. He did not want to hear it and stormed out of the hospital.

David took Marissa home from the hospital. He made her a sandwich and an ice cream sundae. She was grateful for his attentive care. He apologized for practically forcing her to move in. She affirmed that she wanted to be there. She added that she would only be staying for a few days, until she felt better.

David told Marissa that he was on-call at the hospital, so he asked someone to keep her company. She retorted that she did not need a babysitter. He said it was not a babysitter, it was Scott. She looked annoyed and accused David of trying to set her up with Scott. David felt that Scott was a good fit for her. David then warned her that JR had a "self-destruct button." David did not want Marissa to get hurt by JR. She was fed up with her father's attempts to manipulate her against JR. She wanted to leave, but she was too sore. David urged her to stay, so he could take care of her. She agreed.

Scott arrived at David's home. Scott asked why David needed to see him. David claimed that he was concerned JR was drinking again. David suggested that Scott and Marissa work together to help JR. Marissa interrupted and told Scott the truth. She stated that David hoped they would fall in love with each other while helping JR. She said, "This is David's idea of matchmaking."

David received a call from the hospital and had to leave. Marissa apologized to Scott for David's actions. Scott understood that Marissa just wanted to be friends with him. He told her that she could count on him if she needed a friendly face.

As Scott left the house, he ran into JR at the front door. Scott asked JR if he had been drinking, but JR denied the accusation. Scott told JR to treat Marissa well since she was a good person.

JR visited Marissa. As he inquired about Marissa's health, he noticed liquor on a table close by. He looked longingly at the bottles. He then turned to Marissa and said that he was tired of playing games. He stated that they were attracted to each other and they should do something about it. JR quickly changed his mind and affirmed that David was correct; she should stay away from him. She seemed confused by his erratic behavior. He noted that he wanted to live a full life because it could all be taken away soon. She wondered if something happened to JR. He grabbed her and kissed her.

Kendall freaked out when she saw Liza kiss Zach, so she hit Liza over the head with her computer. Liza tumbled to the ground. Kendall looked worried and asked Zach if she killed Liza. Zach felt Liza's pulse and said she would be fine. He admonished Kendall for her rash behavior and told her to go to her room.

Liza awoke and Zach pretended that the front door fell and hit her on the head. She believed the story. He insisted that a doctor examine her, so he called the hospital.

As they waited for a doctor, Liza told Zach that they needed to talk about the kiss. She explained that she felt a connection with him ever since their one-night stand in the casino. She further noted that Zach did not tell anyone about her fake pregnancy, including Kendall. She was grateful that she could trust him. He said that they shared a connection because they shared a secret. She disagreed and affirmed that they shared chemistry. He declared that he loved Kendall. Liza reminded him that Kendall could be in prison for at least 15 years. He replied that his relationship with Kendall was "forever." Liza commented that Kendall was a lucky woman.

David arrived at Zach's house to examine Liza. Zach explained that the door came off its hinges and fell on Liza. David wanted Liza to get an MRI to make sure she did not have a brain bleed.

At the hospital, David read the results from Liza's imaging. He told her that something did not add up. He explained that she should have had more bruising and swelling, if a big door hit her. He commented that her injuries indicated she was hit by a person, not a door. She looked shocked.

Kendall was furious with Zach. She asked why he kept Liza's secret from her. He revealed that he used the secret to blackmail Liza for Kendall's sake. Kendall did not care. She believed that Zach cared for Liza. He denied Kendall's claims.

Zach fixed the door and put his sons to sleep. He then entered Kendall's room to say good night, but she was not there. He found Kendall in his bedroom. She said, "You say you love me, then prove it."

Randi danced around her apartment with Trevor in her arms. Frankie was glad to see Randi happy. She wanted to name the baby. They decided to name the baby Matthew since they found the baby at Saint Matthew's Church.

Jesse met Madison at the casino. She was irritated because she had not yet received the insurance money from Henry's death. She told Jesse to make sure she got the money. He explained that Angie called the Washington D.C. police to tell them that she made a mistake on the autopsy. Madison was not satisfied and demanded her money. Just then, Madison's father appeared.

Madison looked nervous to see her father. He explained that she needed to get a job because he was cutting her off. She retorted that her debutant training did not qualify her for many careers. Her father was uninterested in her excuses.

Jesse saw Natalia at the casino. Natalia said that she was meeting Frankie. Jesse was pleased that his children were hanging out. When Frankie arrived, Jesse gave each of his children money to gamble with.

Natalia informed Frankie that she did not find any missing child reports; however, she was determined to find the baby's parents. He urged her to give up the search. He said that the baby brought Randi back to life. Natalia was certain that they would eventually have to return the baby. Natalia feared that Randi could not handle losing another child.

Frankie saw Madison at the casino. She demanded that he give her cash or she would tell the police that Randi killed Henry.

Natalia went to see Randi. Randi was panicked because the baby would not eat or sleep. Randi thought that the baby had a fever. Natalia agreed that the baby felt warm. Randi did not know what to do."

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