08/25/2009 Annie's Competency Hearing

"Spike called for Kendall; meanwhile, Liza and Zach heard the little boy over the baby monitor. Liza quipped, "Why didn't you tell me you had Kendall stashed upstairs?" Zach looked nervous and pretended that Spike was having a hard time without his mother. Zach explained that Spike spoke as if Kendall were in the house. Liza understood and hoped the child would feel better. Zach excused himself to check on Spike.

Zach entered Spike's room and saw Kendall. Zach reminded Kendall that she should not leave her room. Kendall was annoyed that Liza was in the house and urged him to get rid of Liza.

Zach returned to the living room to see Liza. Liza gathered her belongings to leave, but noted that she could stay if Zach needed her. He told her to go. He then thanked her for her help with the loan.

Kendall was upset with Zach for taking a loan from Adam. Zach explained that he took the loan to get closer to Adam, so he could prove Annie's guilt. Kendall reminded Zach that she felt guilty for Stuart's murder. He urged her to relax and focus on her innocence.

Kendall wondered why Zach did not tell Ryan the truth about the loan. Zach stated that he did not owe Ryan anything. Zach wished to work alone. She retorted that he was not working alone; Liza was helping him. He said that Liza was an employee. Kendall was certain that Liza had romantic feelings for Zach. He affirmed that he did not want Liza.

Kendall assumed that Zach did not love her anymore. He replied, "I will love you until the day I die." She could not understand why he refused to forgive her. She begged him to forgive her, so they could move on and be together. He said nothing. She asked him what he wanted, but he did not have an answer.

Liza visited Tad. She admitted that she was hung up on Zach. Tad did not understand why Liza was attracted to Zach. She explained that Zach's eyes drew her in. She also confessed that they had a steamy one-night stand. Tad was disgusted and did not want to hear the details. Tad encouraged Liza to forget about Zach. Tad stated, "Zach and Kendall are untouchable." Tad further noted that Zach and Kendall were inseparable, so Liza had no chance with Zach. Tad suggested that Liza leave town and start anew. She agreed that she needed a fresh start.

Liza went back to Zach's house. He asked her if she forgot anything. She said yes, and planted a big kiss on him. Suddenly, Kendall hit Liza over the head with her computer. Liza tumbled to the ground.

JR went to the hospital and asked to see Joe. A nurse told him that Joe was unavailable. As JR walked away, he became dizzy and fell to the ground. Angie saw JR and took him into a room. He swore that he was not drunk. She asked him if he had experienced any other dizzy spells. He admitted that he had not been feeling well. After she examined him, she ordered some tests.

Marissa arrived at the hospital and was surprised to see JR. JR claimed that he was at the hospital for an AA meeting. She revealed that she was moving in with David. JR thought that was a mistake. She disagreed and felt that she could change David's mind about their relationship, if she spent enough time with him. JR warned her not to trust David. She was annoyed that JR did not have faith in her. She sarcastically commented, "Thanks for the support," and walked away.

Tad and Jake discussed their theories on who took Trevor. They agreed that David did not take Trevor because it appeared that David was obsessed with baby Stuart. Amanda overheard their conversation and stated, "Strangers have my baby." Jake tried to console her, but she walked outside. Jake informed Tad that Amanda was a mess. Just then, Jake heard Amanda drive off. He was worried about where she was headed.

Amanda entered the hospital and saw David. She berated him for making her lose her baby. She yelled, "Why couldn't you just let me have him. It's your fault that I lost my baby!" Then, Jake found Amanda and she fell into his arms crying. David looked stunned.

David asked Jake if Amanda was feeling okay. Jake explained that he gave her a sedative to calm her. David noted that Amanda spoke of their baby as if he were alive. Jake claimed that Amanda's postpartum depression was very bad. Jake proceeded to blame Amanda's dire situation on David.

Marissa overheard Jake and David's conversation. Marissa hugged David and told him that he deserved to mourn the baby just as much as Jake and Amanda. David was touched by Marissa's compassion. He apologized for "tricking" her into moving in with him. He gave her a chance to reconsider, but she was excited to live with him. She wanted him to be a part of her life.

Amanda woke up in a hospital bed and asked where she was. Jake told her that she was in the hospital and that he had given her a sedative. She told Jake that she had a great dream. She dreamed that they were with Trevor on a row boat. She said that the three of them were very happy. She then cried as she stated that she did not deserve Trevor. She blamed herself for the baby's disappearance. Jake affirmed that she was a wonderful mother. He promised to find Trevor, so they could all go on a row boat together. She smiled.

JR asked Angie to keep his visit to the hospital a secret. He feared that people would assume he fell off the wagon. She promised to be discreet. She then revealed that JR's tests indicated his blood cell count was irregular. She wanted to admit JR, so they could run more tests. He looked scared.

Annie and Adam entered the judge's chambers and were shocked to see Ryan. Adam wanted Ryan removed from Annie's competency hearing, but the judge allowed Ryan to stay.

The judge reviewed Annie's case. He commented that Annie had "quite the journey." He asked Annie how she felt about her past. She calmly stated that she was not of sound mind when she killed Richie and stabbed Erica. She claimed that she regretted her actions. Ryan stood up and declared that Annie was a dangerous woman.

Adam was aggravated by Ryan's outburst, but the judge allowed Ryan to speak. Ryan told the judge that Emma was greatly affected by Annie's wrongdoings. He revealed that Annie kidnapped Emma and put the girl in harm's way. He further noted that Emma shut down emotionally because Annie made her keep secrets. Annie interjected that she regretted hurting Emma. Annie called Ryan a good father and claimed that she did not want to take Emma away from him. Annie said that she was determined to be a better person, so she could eventually share custody of Emma.

The judge decided that Annie was competent to stand trial. Nevertheless, he stipulated that Annie would remain under house arrest and could not see Emma.

After the hearing, Adam called the judge. Adam asked why the judge allowed Ryan to stay. The judge thought it would look suspicious if he did not grant access to Ryan. The judge suggested that Adam hire a good defense lawyer. The judge also warned Adam that Ryan could ruin Annie's chances of an acquittal.

Annie called Ryan. She swore to him that she would get acquitted and then regain full custody of Emma."

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