08/24/2009 JR Collapses

"Jake and Amanda rushed to a nearby hospital after they discovered that an abandoned child had been taken there. Amanda was desperate to see the baby, but the nurse refused to allow Amanda near the nursery. Jake managed to persuade the nurse to fetch the baby, so that they could determine if the child was their son. While they waited for the nurse to return, Jake suggested that they have a plausible cover story ready in the event that the baby was Trevor.

Amanda was hopeful that the baby would turn out to be her son. Jake was cautiously optimistic as he tried to keep Amanda calm and focused on the positive. Jake informed her that the hospital had an excellent reputation, so the baby was in good hands. More importantly, David was not on staff at the hospital, which meant that, if the baby was Trevor, he was not under David's thumb. A short time later, the nurse returned with the baby. Amanda was crushed when she realized that it wasn't her son.

Marissa was frustrated when David refused to authorize her release from the hospital. David insisted that Marissa needed more time to recuperate. Marissa argued that she was well enough to go home. She was certain that if she were anyone else, her father would have signed off on her release. David ignored his daughter's complaints. As he walked out, he promised to return after his rounds.

Marissa decided to call in a favor. She picked up her cell phone, and a short time later, JR entered her room. He had some clothes for Marissa. After Marissa changed clothes, JR sneaked Marissa out of the hospital. They went to the Yacht Club.

At the Yacht Club, Marissa and JR sat down to enjoy cheeseburgers and fries. Marissa was delighted to be out from under David's watchful eye. She wanted to focus on her and JR for the day, nothing else. While they ate, Marissa and JR goofed around and ended up tossing fries at each other. Their laughter came to an abrupt halt when David suddenly loomed behind them. David wanted to know, "Didn't anyone ever tell you not to play with your food?"

Things quickly turned ugly. David warned Marissa that JR would hurt her when he went off on one of his famous benders. Marissa made it clear that it was her idea to leave the hospital, not JR's. David blamed JR's influence for Marissa's reckless choice. JR volunteered to wait at the bar while Marissa spoke privately to David.

After JR walked away, David was adamant that he would not lose another daughter to JR. He insisted that Marissa move in to Wildwind. Marissa was reluctant to agree, so David compromised. He asked that Marissa live at Wildwind until she had fully recovered. Marissa agreed, but with the stipulation that David back off. Marissa wanted David to trust her to make the right choices for herself.

At the bar, JR complained of a headache and asked for some aspirin. Scott heard his cousin's request as he approached the bar. Scott suggested that JR could avoid headaches if he stopped drinking vodka. To make his point, Scott looked at the glass in front of JR. JR ignored Scott's advice; instead, JR decided to go home to rest. Before JR left, he asked that Scott have dessert with Marissa. JR mentioned that Marissa had been looking forward to having a sundae.

Marissa was surprised when Scott joined her and David. When Scott handed Marissa her ice cream treat, she looked around for JR. Scott explained that JR had been called away. Marissa decided to find JR, but David objected because of Marissa's stitches. Scott offered to track down his cousin for Marissa.

JR went to the Pine Valley Hospital to see his grandfather. When he was told that Joe wasn't on duty, he decided to return the following day. JR made it as far as the elevators before he suddenly collapsed.

When Liza showed up at the Chandler mansion to collect Zach's check, Adam invited her in. Annie was waiting for Adam as he entered the parlor with Liza. Annie didn't hesitate to voice her displeasure about the loan to Zach. Adam insisted that it had been a wise investment. Eager to be on her way, Liza asked for the check. Adam explained that she would have to wait, because Scott had been sent to collect it.

When Scott arrived, Adam decided that he wanted to personally deliver the check to Zach. Adam wanted to go to Zach's house alone, but Liza insisted on accompanying him. After Adam and Liza left, Annie turned to Scott for help. Annie claimed that she couldn't trust Adam because of the loan to Zach.

Scott had difficulty understanding Annie's logic. He pointed out that she didn't appear to have had any issues trusting Adam when she had learned that Adam had bribed a judge. Annie admitted that she was selfish, in large part because of her insecurities. However, Annie was desperate to change her ways; she was hopeful that Scott would help her.

Later, Annie admitted that she had been impressed with Scott's new mission statement for the company. She was confident that it would change the direction of the Chandler Enterprises. Annie wanted Scott to help her with her own mission statement. She was eager to be a better person. Scott was reluctant to get mixed up with Annie, but she was relentless. The moment he began to capitulate, Annie enthusiastically threw her arms around Scott to hug him.

Scott pulled away from Annie. He suggested that the first step to being a better person was to stop playing games. Annie closed the distance between her and Scott as she seductively asked Scott to clarify himself. They were interrupted when Adam returned from Zach's house. Annie quickly stepped away from Scott.

She claimed that she and Scott had been brainstorming new ways to improve the company. Adam appeared satisfied with Annie's explanation. When the topic of Zach's loan was mentioned, Adam revealed that Zach and Ryan were at each other's throats. Adam was confident that the animosity between Zach and Ryan would work to Adam's advantage and put him in a position of power.

Annie confessed that she thought that the company's new philosophy was about giving back to the community, not about power and greed. Adam chuckled as he admitted that she sounded like Scott. Annie looked at Scott while she told Adam that she considered Adam's words a compliment. Adam suggested that perhaps Annie and Scott should work together more often. Annie watched Scott closely as she revealed that the idea of working with Scott appealed to her.

Later, Adam and Barry were in the foyer waiting for Annie. Adam reminded Barry that the judge would handle everything during Annie's competency hearing. Adam made it clear that he expected Barry to sit and be quiet. Barry confessed that he wished that all of his cases were that easy. Annie was a nervous wreck when she joined Adam and Barry. She worried that something would go wrong.

Zach and Kendall were asleep in the secret room while Jesse quietly searched the house. Ryan arrived moments later to drop off Spike. When Ryan saw the front door off of its hinges, he grew concerned. As Ryan entered the house to investigate, Jesse stepped forward. Jesse took responsibility for the damaged door.

Jesse explained that someone had placed a 9-1-1 call from the Slater residence the previous evening. When authorities had responded, they were told that one of the children had accidentally called the emergency number. However, Jesse decided to follow up, but he had been unable to reach Zach. Ryan was worried about where Zach and Ian were. Jesse assured Ryan that everything was fine, but then Ian cried out. Ryan went to check on Ian

In the secret room, Zach woke up when he heard his son's cries over the baby monitor. While Zach and Kendall argued about who would go to Ian, they heard Ryan and Jesse enter Ian's bedroom. Startled, Kendall snatched up her robe and then jumped out of bed. In her rush, Kendall accidentally knocked over a lamp. Ryan heard the crash from Ian's room.

Kendall decided that they needed to tell Ryan the truth, but Zach objected. Zach believed that Jesse would be able to explain the noise away without revealing that Kendall was hiding in the house. Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Ryan and Jesse were distracted when they heard another noise near the front of the house.

When Ryan and Jesse investigated the second sound, they found Liza and Adam standing in the foyer. Seconds later, Zach walked through the living room. When Zach saw everyone gathered in the foyer, he demanded to know what was going on and what had happened to his front door. Jesse immediately took responsibility for the damaged door, while Adam explained that he was there to drop off Zach's check.

Ryan was furious when he realized that Adam was giving Zach money. Ryan accused Adam of trying to bribe everyone in town. Ryan's anger mounted when Adam announced that Annie's competency hearing was scheduled for later that day. Adam warned Ryan that he intended to help Annie reclaim her life, including her daughter. Jesse stepped in before things turned physical. After Jesse escorted Adam out of the house, Ryan turned his wrath on Zach.

Ryan accused Zach of trying to punish him for having slept with Kendall. Ryan was certain that Zach was in cahoots with Adam. Ryan couldn't believe that Zach would use Emma to lash out at Ryan. Zach didn't help matters when he calmly announced that he believed that children belonged with their mothers. Ryan viciously punched Zach in the face and then stormed out. Liza dashed to the kitchen to grab an ice pack.

When Liza returned to the living room, Kendall was lurking in the hallway, eavesdropping on Zach and Liza's conversation. As Kendall crept closer to the living room, one of the boys called out to her. In the living room, Liza was stunned when she heard one of the boys on the baby monitor talk about his mommy.

Annie's fears were realized when she entered the courtroom and found Ryan waiting. Annie was certain that Ryan was there to sabotage her."

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