07/29/2009 Liza Fires Marissa

"David gently cradled Stuart in his arms and the baby stopped fussing. Meanwhile, Jake walked by and looked stunned to see David holding the baby. Jake had David paged to get him away from Stuart.

After David was gone, Jake confronted Liza. Jake was upset that Liza let David near the baby. She explained that she needed help because Stuart would not stop crying. Jake stated that a colicky baby was not an excuse for Liza to let her guard down. He warned her to stay away from David and she agreed.

David ran into Marissa at the hospital. Marissa said that she was very busy working for Liza, but she was grateful to have the job because it was "a law student's dream." He was happy for Marissa. He then offered to help his daughter find Liza.

Natalia was at the mansion. She examined the bullet hole in the door. Jesse approached her and inquired about her findings. She informed him that the evidence seemed to show that Annie was not the shooter. Jesse tried to refute Natalia's theory, so she wondered why he was eager to pin the crime on Annie. He stated that Natalia needed to study for her police academy exam, rather than work on the case. He took her off the case and ordered her to leave. She was aggravated, but he advised her to respect her senior officers.

Ryan urged Annie to stop using Emma to protect herself. Annie denied using Emma. She also denied killing Stuart or trying to shoot Adam. She declared that she had been set up, so he called her paranoid. She asked him if he framed her and he said no. Then, her face lit up as she exclaimed, "Zach did it!" She knew that Zach would do anything to protect Kendall. Ryan was skeptical about her theory, so she begged him to ask Zach.

Marissa found Liza and told her about Annie's arrest. Liza said that she could not represent Annie on the arrest because it presented a conflict of interest with Kendall's case. Liza noted that she could still represent Annie on her previous crimes, but not on any case related to Stuart's murder. Liza then told Marissa to explain the situation to Annie. Liza also asked Marissa to find out what Annie told the police.

Marissa went to the police station and saw Scott. He informed her that he thought Annie was innocent. He asked to be kept apprised on Annie's case and Marissa agreed.

Marissa met with Annie and relayed Liza's message. Annie insisted that Zach had framed her. Annie wondered if Marissa believed her. Marissa replied that the judge's opinion mattered, not hers.

Marissa told Liza everything that Annie had said. Marissa admitted that she was having doubts about criminal law. Marissa said that she could not overcome her gut feeling that Annie was innocent. Liza advised Marissa that criminal law was not about right and wrong; instead, it was about getting the client off. Liza then quoted Al Davis and said, "Just win, baby."

Jesse interrogated Annie. She declared that Zach framed her to save Kendall. Jesse said that he did not trust Annie's conspiracy theory because of her criminal track record. She proceeded to accuse Jesse of working with Zach. She asked Jesse if Zach was paying him off or blackmailing him. He said nothing.

Adam went to the hospital and learned that he was fine. JR was relieved, and offered to fill out Adam's paperwork. Adam sat down in the lobby to wait for JR. Emma approached Adam and tugged at his shirt. Emma told Adam that Annie did not hurt Stuart. Emma also told Adam that he should know that. Adam looked shocked. Just then, Erica found Emma. Erica asked a nurse to escort Emma back to her room.

Adam apologized to Erica for not believing her when she warned him about Annie. Erica was relieved that Adam realized Annie was bad. Erica also mentioned that she was happy Adam was unharmed. Erica then noted that Adam used to be cleverer. She closed her eyes and stated that they needed to channel the old Adam. She said that she wanted to see the Adam that was smart and unable to be deceived. She also commented that the old Adam was conceited and arrogant. He laughed.

Adam admitted to Erica that he was uneasy about what Emma had said. Erica inquired about Emma's comments, so Adam revealed what the girl told him. Erica stated that Annie had warped Emma's mind. Erica assumed that the girl was trying to garner sympathy for Annie. After Adam walked away, Erica got a nervous look on her face. Erica recalled Kendall confessing to Stuart's murder.

Adam contemplated speaking with Emma again. He asked a nurse where Emma's room was. However, Adam did not go see Emma; instead, he left the hospital with JR. Adam and JR arrived at the mansion. JR was pleased that Annie no longer resided there. JR asked if he and Little Adam could move back in and Adam answered yes. Adam and JR both stated that they missed each other.

Scott entered the mansion. He informed Adam and JR that Annie denied all of the accusations against her. JR was not surprised and called Annie a pathological liar. Scott had a feeling that Annie was telling the truth. Scott asked Adam how he felt. Adam admitted that he missed Annie.

Ryan told Erica about his conversation with Annie. Erica thought that Annie's arrest was a win-win situation for everyone. He wondered if Erica really thought Annie was guilty. Erica claimed that she was certain Annie killed Stuart and shot at Adam.

Kendall asked Zach if he framed Annie. Zach said that it did not matter what he did because everything worked out. Zach was pleased because Annie was finally in jail. Kendall was unhappy, though, and affirmed that she was the killer, not Annie. Kendall felt bad that Annie was locked up for her crime.

Zach was very frustrated and wondered why Kendall was sticking up for Annie. He urged Kendall to focus on her sons because they needed her. Kendall continued to say that she was the killer and deserved to pay the price. He ordered her to stop saying that and refused to talk about the matter any further.

Ryan visited the Slaters. Ryan told them about Annie's conspiracy theory. Kendall urged Zach to tell the truth, but he said nothing. So, Kendall blurted out that she killed Stuart, and Zach framed Annie. Zach then demanded that Ryan keep his mouth shut.

Jake asked Amanda to meet him at ConFusion because he wanted to discuss a pressing issue. She rushed to the club and looked worried. He told her to stop spending a lot of time at Taylor's home. He felt that Amanda visited Trevor too often and he feared that David would get suspicious. She stated that the baby needed her. He revealed that he had a plan in the works "for their happy ending." He begged her not to tip off David in the meantime. Just then, David entered the club."

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