07/28/2009 Annie Is Arrested

"Kendall told Erica that she wanted to turn herself in, but Erica would not let Kendall do that. Kendall was certain that she killed Stuart. Erica asked Kendall if she remembered pulling the trigger. Kendall did not remember shooting the gun, but she did remember seeing Emma. Kendall assumed that her mind blocked out the event because it was too traumatic for her to handle. Kendall reminded Erica that she, too, blocked out a traumatic event-her rape.

Erica felt that Kendall's mind was playing tricks on her. Erica wholeheartedly believed that Kendall was innocent, but Kendall disagreed. Erica recalled the night that Kendall helped her deal with her rape. Kendall told her mother that the rape was not her fault. Erica thought that the same applied to Kendall's situation. Erica stated that, no matter what happened on the night of Stuart's murder, Kendall was not to blame.

Liza went to the hospital because baby Stuart would not stop crying. The nurse offered to page a pediatrician, but Liza demanded to see Jake. Jake saw Liza and told her that she needed a pediatrician. Liza wanted Jake to take care of Stuart because the baby knew Jake. She begged Jake for help, because the baby's unending crying was preventing her from sleeping. He offered to help her after his shift was over.

Liza waited in the lobby for Jake. She shut her eyes and fell asleep while sitting up. David noticed Liza and commented that anyone could take her baby while she slept. She awoke and yelled at him to get away from Stuart. David told her to relax and assured her that he did not want to steal the baby. David then offered to help with Stuart. She was desperate, so she said yes. David gently cradled Stuart in his arms and the baby stopped fussing. Meanwhile, Jake walked by and looked stunned to see David holding the baby.

Willis asked Emma what scared her on the night that Stuart was killed. Emma took a piece of chalk and wrote, "Mommy." Willis asked Emma to elaborate. Emma requested that she see her mommy. Willis continued to question Emma about the murder. Emma curled into a ball, so Ryan told Willis to stop.

Willis wanted to take Annie to the hospital to see Emma. Ryan thought that was a terrible idea. Willis thought that Emma might open up for her mother. Ryan disagreed and noted that Annie manipulated Emma. Ryan stated that he would not let Annie see Emma. Willis retorted that he would arrest Ryan if he tried to obstruct justice.

Jake told Ryan to calm down. Jake reminded Ryan that he was no good to Emma if he was behind bars. Ryan refused to let Annie near Emma. Jake noted that, if Annie spoke to Emma, the conversation would be monitored. Jake thought that it might help Emma to see her mother, but Ryan refused to allow it.

Annie heard a noise on the terrace, so she went outside. She found a broken flowerpot on the ground. As Annie bent over to pick up the flowerpot, she heard a gunshot. She looked up and saw that someone shot a bullet through the door, just like on the night that Stuart was murdered. Meanwhile, Adam was inside the house and was startled by the gunshot. He noticed Annie on the terrace.

Zach was secretly on the mansion's property. Annie and Adam did not know that Zach shot the gun. After Zach fired a bullet, he dropped the gun in a bush.

A security guard at the mansion grabbed Annie from the terrace. The guard announced that he found the culprit responsible for the attempt on Adam's life. Another security guard found the gun that Zach had left.

Annie swore to Adam that she did not try to shoot him, but Adam was skeptical. Adam was upset because he let Annie into his home and his bed. He berated her for taking advantage of him on the night of the murder. He felt that she manipulated him into thinking that she was his savior.

JR and Scott arrived at the mansion. Adam announced that Annie tried to kill him. JR felt vindicated because it appeared that Annie was guilty, after all. However, Scott asked Annie to tell her side of the story. Annie proclaimed her innocence. JR was adamant that Annie was guilty, and Adam agreed with his son. Annie stated that she was set up. JR noted that Kendall said the same thing when she was accused of Stuart's murder.

Jesse entered the mansion. Adam explained that Annie had tried to shoot him. Jesse examined the bullet hole and commented that the attempt on Adam's life replicated Stuart's murder. Annie told Jesse that someone was framing her. Annie then pleaded with Adam to believe her, but he would not hear it. Jesse arrested Annie and led her out of the mansion in handcuffs.

Willis called Jesse. Willis asked Jesse to take Annie to the hospital. Jesse explained that Annie was arrested for shooting at Adam. Willis told Ryan that he did not have to worry about Annie since she was arrested. Ryan was surprised by the news.

Zach arrived home and declared, "It's over!" He stated that Kendall did not have to worry, because he took care of everything. Kendall demanded to know what Zach did, but he would not say. Erica urged Kendall to trust Zach.

As Kendall continued to question Zach, Jesse entered the Slater residence. Jesse explained to the Slaters that Annie was arrested. Jesse then spoke with Zach privately. Jesse asked Zach what really happened. Zach implied that he set Annie up, but he did not fully confess. Zach noted that he was very similar to Jesse in that he would do anything to protect his family.

Kendall asked Zach if he framed Annie. Zach said that it did not matter what he did, because everything worked out. Zach was pleased because Annie was finally in jail.

Erica arrived at the hospital to check on Emma. Ryan informed Erica that Annie had been arrested. Erica was elated because she assumed that would help Kendall's case. Ryan was furious with Annie because of what she put Emma through. He blamed Annie for all of Emma's problems. He assumed that Annie manipulated both Adam and Emma on the night Stuart was killed. Erica agreed and called Annie a murderer. Meanwhile, Emma eavesdropped on the conversation. The girl looked upset by the comments she heard and sneaked out of her hospital room.

An officer put Annie in an interrogation room at the station. Annie asked for a phone call. Annie tried to call her lawyer, Liza. Liza did not answer because she had dozed off and missed the call.

Scott pretended to be Annie's lawyer, so he could speak with her. Scott felt that Annie deserved to tell her side of the story. Annie explained that she heard a noise, which led her to the terrace. Then, she said that she heard the gunshot. She reminded him that she could not have bought a gun because she was unable to leave the mansion due to house arrest. He noted that he previously witnessed her remove her ankle bracelet and leave the property. She understood why he would doubt her story. He revealed that he actually believed her. She wished that he were a real lawyer, since Liza was not responding. He affirmed that he would help her as a friend.

Ryan visited Annie at the police station. Annie swore that she was not guilty for the crimes against Adam or Stuart. Ryan revealed that Emma desperately wanted to see her mother, which made Annie happy. Ryan further stated that Emma was having nightmares. He asked Annie how he should explain to Emma that she could not see her mother because her mother was behind bars. Annie stated that she was framed. He did not believe her. He blamed Annie for Emma's emotional problems. He swore to protect Emma from Annie.

At the mansion, Adam admitted to JR that he was wrong about Annie. Adam stated that he was taken in by her charms and good looks. Adam was upset because he chose Annie over his family. Adam wondered if JR could ever forgive him. JR said that there was nothing to forgive. JR understood that Adam was conned by Annie. JR did not fault his father. Then, Adam clenched his arm in pain. JR told the security guards to call an ambulance.

Adam went to the hospital and learned that he was fine. JR was relieved and offered to fill out Adam's paperwork. Adam sat down in the lobby to wait for JR. Emma approached Adam and tugged at his shirt. Emma told Adam that Annie did not hurt Stuart. Emma also told Adam that he should know that. Adam looked shocked. Just then, Erica found Emma."

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