07/27/2009 Annie Proposes To Adam

"Amanda dreamed of a baby crying, which woke her up.

At Taylor's, Tad tried to rock Trevor to sleep, to no avail. Eventually, the infant's crying woke Taylor up. Tad confessed that he didn't have what Trevor needed: breasts. Taylor was taken aback by Tad's statement. Tad explained that he believed that Trevor needed the comfort of a woman's arms because he had been used to a woman caregiver.

Taylor took the fussy baby into her arms and within minutes he had calmed down. As Taylor rocked and fed the baby, she realized how badly she wanted a child of her own. Tad joked that her comment had sounded more like a proposition than a confession. Taylor was embarrassed. She confided that the desire had struck while she held the baby and the words had just slipped out.

A loud crash in Taylor's bedroom startled them. Taylor dashed off to investigate while Tad remained in the living room with the baby. Moments later, Taylor emerged from the bedroom with Amanda in tow. Amanda admitted that she had been desperate to see her baby. Amanda hadn't wanted to wake Taylor because of the late hour, so she had opted to climb through an open window. Amanda offered to buy Taylor a replacement flat screen television for the one that she had broken.

Taylor invited Amanda to stay for Trevor's next feeding. While Amanda settled on the sofa with Trevor, Tad followed Taylor into the kitchen. As Taylor warmed a bottle for Trevor, Tad asked Taylor not to tell anyone that he had hidden in the living room while she had confronted a potential burglar. Taylor laughed as she agreed to Tad's request.

When Tad and Taylor returned to the living room, Amanda was fast asleep with Trevor resting peacefully in her arms. Tad offered to call Jake to let him know where Amanda was. While he dialed the phone, he noticed tears in Taylor's eyes. Taylor tried to suggest that they were a result of allergies, but Tad didn't believe her. He told her that she shouldn't be ashamed because she was touched by the obvious contentment between Amanda and Trevor.

At the hospital, Randi cried out as agonizing cramps seized her. Angie and another doctor raced into the room. Angie pulled Frankie aside while Randi was examined. In the hallway, Frankie admitted that he feared the worst. He was also filled with regret. Angie reminded Frankie that the baby's fate was in God's hands, but Frankie was too angry to take comfort from his mother's words. When the doctor stepped out of Randi's room, she confirmed that Randi had miscarried.

Angie helped Ryan settle Emma into an examination room. Emma remained unresponsive, so Angie decided to consult with a psychiatrist. In the hallway, Erica updated Jake on Emma's condition. When Ryan joined them, he asked Jake to talk to Emma. Ryan hoped that Jake could get through to Emma because she trusted Jake.

Jake softly talked to Emma. He managed to elicit a reaction from her when he playfully threatened to hold his breath. As Emma turned to look at Jake, she spotted Ryan and Erica hovering near the doorway, smiling at her encouragingly. The moment she saw them, Emma shut down then turned her back on Jake.

While a psychiatrist examined Emma, Ryan and Erica talked in the hallway. Ryan blamed Annie for Emma's fragile state. He was worried that his daughter was beyond his reach because of Annie's manipulations. Erica assured Ryan that Emma was not Annie; Emma could be helped.

As Ryan and Erica spoke, Assistant District Attorney Willis approached them. Willis announced that he intended to question Emma. Ryan refused to allow Willis near his daughter. Willis held up a subpoena as he explained that Ryan didn't have a choice in the matter. Jake was forced to hold Ryan back while Erica tried to forbid Willis from talking to Ryan's daughter.

Jake told Ryan that Ryan wouldn't be in any position to help Emma if he was locked up in jail. Meanwhile, Jesse walked up while Willis and Erica argued about the subpoena. Before Willis walked away, he instructed Jesse to explain the law to Erica. Moments later, Ryan joined Erica and Jesse.

Ryan wanted to know why Jesse was at the hospital. Jesse revealed that Zach had called to advise him that Emma was ready to be questioned. Ryan's temper flared as he accused Zach of pushing Emma into a near catatonic state. When Jesse noticed Angie nearby, he wrapped things up with Ryan and Erica.

As soon as they were alone, Angie told Jesse about Randi's miscarriage. Jesse was devastated. In his grief, he mentioned that everything he had done had been for the baby. Angie demanded to know what Jesse had done. Jesse remained tight-lipped, which only served to alarm Angie further. Jesse begged Angie to trust him, and then reminded her that they needed to focus on Frankie.

Later, Jesse went to check on Randi. Randi blamed herself for the miscarriage. Randi believed that God had punished her for killing Henry North. Angie quietly watched from the doorway.

Outside of Emma's room, Dr. Meyer, Emma's psychiatrist, explained to Ryan that Emma's silence was a coping mechanism. Willis walked up and announced his intention to talk to Emma. Dr. Meyer advised against it, but Willis wouldn't be denied. When he showed her the court order, the doctor insisted on being present during the questioning.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie was shocked when Adam revealed that he had been secretly recording the activities in the living room. Annie managed to recover quickly when Adam asked how long she had been planning their wedding. Annie freely admitted that she had fantasized about it. According to Annie, she loved Adam and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Annie unexpectedly reached for the remote to turn off the cameras.

It was Adam's turn to be caught off-guard when Annie suddenly proposed marriage to him. Adam didn't take the proposal seriously, which infuriated Annie. She blamed the journals that A.D.A. Willis had given to Adam. Annie was certain that they had made Adam doubt her innocence.

Adam insisted that he loved her and suggested that they would eventually get married. Annie wondered if Adam intended for her to sign a prenuptial agreement. Adam explained that he had children and grandchildren to protect, so naturally he did want a prenuptial agreement. Annie claimed that if he trusted her, then there wouldn't be a need to protect anyone from her. The fact that he didn't trust her indicated that Adam's feelings for Annie weren't genuine.

Annie threatened to call the judge; she insisted that she'd rather be in jail than spend another moment in a home where she wasn't trusted. Adam argued that the gesture wasn't necessary. He apologized and invited Annie upstairs for a nightcap. He promised that he would remind her of all the ways that he loved her. Annie declined the invitation. Adam decided to wait upstairs for Annie until she had calmed down.

After Adam left, Annie smiled with satisfaction as she vowed that Adam would marry her.

Zach tracked Kendall down at the chapel on the Chandler estate. Zach was stunned when his tearful wife confessed to murdering Stuart. Zach didn't understand why Kendall would confess to a crime that she had not commit. Kendall explained that she'd had a vision of Stuart. Kendall suspected that the vision was a result of a guilty conscience and that she had suppressed the memory of killing an innocent man in cold blood. Zach was confident that the killer was Annie. He suspected that Annie had planted the seeds of doubt in Kendall's mind.

At home, Zach urged Kendall not to tell anyone that she had shot Stuart. He wanted Kendall to focus on her children. He reminded her that they were what were important. Kendall promised Zach that she wouldn't confess. After Kendall went upstairs to be with her sons, Zach walked over to the safe and pulled out a gun.

Erica arrived moments later. She demanded to know why Zach had sent Jesse to the hospital. Zach was unrepentant; he believed that Emma was the key to finding the real killer. When Erica told him about Emma's emotional state, Zach attributed the condition to Annie. According to Zach, Annie had planted lies in everyone's heads, including Emma and Kendall's. Erica had no idea what Zach was referring to. However, before she could question Zach, he walked out the front door.

Kendall was surprised when she found Erica sitting in the living room. Erica wanted to know what Zach had meant when he had claimed that Annie had gotten to Kendall. Kendall denied that Annie had done anything; Kendall took full responsibility for killing Stuart. Erica refused to believe her daughter had murdered anyone.

Kendall begged her mother to take care of Zach and the boys. Kendall then announced her decision to turn herself in to the authorities that very evening; she was determined to put an end to everything before Zach did something "stupid." Erica refused to let her daughter leave the house.

Annie was reviewing wedding plans when she heard a noise on the patio. She investigated, but didn't find anything. As Annie resumed scanning her wedding list, something crashed outside. Annie returned to the patio where she found a broken potted plant on the ground. When Annie bent down to pick it up, Zach stepped from behind a corner and fired a shot. At the same moment, Adam stepped into the living room; he was shocked when he saw a bullet hole in the patio door.

At the hospital, Willis questioned Emma while Dr. Meyer, Ryan, and Jake looked on. Emma didn't respond until Willis suggested that Emma draw the answers. Willis asked, "Emma can you show me who scared you that night?" Emma recalled being in the attic with Annie as Annie begged her daughter to forget everything that she had seen.

Emma jumped up, grabbed a piece of chalk, and wrote "MOMMY" in big bold letters on a chalkboard."

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