07/30/2009 Jack Takes Annie's Case

"Erica visited Kendall to encourage her to return to Fusion. Kendall said she was not up to working. Kendall said she felt bad about Annie being in jail for a crime Kendall committed. Erica told Kendall that she needed to be at home with her family, working on her marriage and keeping Fusion afloat. Erica said Annie was finally getting punished for her crimes. Kendall said she should be punished for killing Stuart. Erica told Kendall to put Annie out of her mind and start living again.

Kendall went to work, but had a hard time diving into everything like Erica did. Kendall again said that Annie should not pay for a crime Kendall committed. Erica tried to tell Kendall that Annie would be serving time in prison for the crimes she committed. Kendall wanted to go the police station, but Erica urged Kendall to keep quiet. Erica said she could not live if Kendall were in prison. They had worked too hard to establish a healthy relationship, and Erica s aid she did not want them ripped apart again.

Liza told the judge that the charges against Kendall needed to be dropped. Jesse said Annie had been charged with the attempted murder of Adam. Andrew said that Annie was charged for the attempted murder of Stuart. Liza said that Andrew's case was based on the fact that Stuart was mistaken for Adam, and it was clear that Annie had committed both crimes. Andrew said there was no evidence to prove that Annie tried to kill Stuart and Adam. Liza said that Kendall was innocent and ready to return to her normal life.

The judge said he would postpone Kendall's trial to give Jesse more time to find evidence against Annie, if there was any.

Annie was surprised to see Adam visiting her at the police station. Annie told Adam that she was not upset that he had her arrested, but wanted him to tell the police she was innocent. When Adam was silent, Annie knew that he still thought she tried to kill him. Annie claimed that the relationship she shared with Adam was real. Adam said Annie only pretended to love him. Annie said she did not want to live without his love. Annie kissed Adam before he left.

Jackson caught Adam as he left Annie's holding room. Jackson asked Adam if Annie was a guilty woman or just caught in a lover's spat. Jackson went inside the room to speak with Annie. Annie told him that Zach set her up, but did not expect Jackson to believe her. Annie said that she would never hurt Adam because she loved him. Annie said that Kendall and Zach were never punished for their crimes. She asked Jackson to take her case, and he accepted her offer.

Annie asked Jackson who he thought killed Stuart. Jackson did not say anyone specifically, but Annie knew he suspected Kendall was the killer. Jackson did not want to discuss Kendall. He said they needed to focus on Annie's case. Annie told Jackson she needed to know he believed she did not kill Stuart or try to kill Adam. Annie asked Jackson to meet with Kendall before they discussed the case further.

At the hospital, Ryan apologized to Emma for not believing that she saw Kendall shoot Stuart. Emma hugged Ryan, but immediately sunk back in her bed when Zach showed up. Ryan left Emma alone so he could speak with Zach. Zach told Ryan that Annie was in jail, but that did not mean Emma needed to speak with anyone. Ryan said Emma was traumatized, but knew Zach set up Annie to clear Kendall's name. Zach said he did what was necessary to keep Kendall with her family, and Annie away from Emma. Ryan said he did not want Zach near Emma again.

Ryan was astonished that Zach still believed Kendall was innocent after she admitted to killing Stuart. Zach said Kendall was confused. Ryan said he believed Emma was telling the truth, but did not understand why Zach would not accept it. Ryan said Zach's nature to control everything would only end up hurting people, including Emma. Zach said Ryan never really knew Kendall if he believed she was capable of murder.

Tad took Taylor his special breakfast of cereal with chocolate bars as special thanks for letting him and Trevor stay at her home. When someone knocked on the door, Tad and Trevor hid. Brot stopped by to talk about a baby. Taylor said she did not know what baby Brot meant. Brot said Randi had a miscarriage and it left Frankie devastated. Brot asked Taylor if she wanted to go with him to visit Frankie and Randi. Taylor said she wanted to go with Brot, but he had caught her at a bad time. Brot thought Taylor was just brushing him aside until Tad went out, in a robe, and announced he was done with the shower. Brot shook his head and left.

Tad apologized to Taylor if his appearance gave Brot the wrong idea. Tad said he could not afford to have just anyone walking into Taylor's home with Trevor around. Tad said he had to get rid of Brot before Trevor woke up. Taylor said that she and Tad had just hurt Brot. Tad said he knew how much Brot meant to Taylor, which was why he was sorry for hurting Brot. Taylor was moved as she listened to Tad tell Trevor a story. Tad stood up to make sure nothing was wrong with Taylor. Taylor said she saw Tad in another light and they kissed.

Zach met up with Jesse and Liza at the courthouse. Jesse said he would try to find evidence showing Annie killed Stuart, but worried Kendall might still have to face trial. Zach said he would make sure that never happened. Liza said that Kendall seemed mortified that Annie had been arrested. Liza accused Zach of framing Annie for the crime.

Erica tearfully asked Kendall to promise not to go to the police. Jackson interrupted their conversation before Kendall could answer her mother. Jackson said he was representing Annie and needed to speak with Kendall about the case. Erica thought Jackson was getting revenge on Kendall for running Greenlee off the road. Kendall decided to leave. Jackson said that Annie wanted him to look into Kendall's eyes and see her guilt. But instead, Jackson said he could look into Erica's eyes and see everything.

Aidan went to see Annie at her request. Annie told Aidan that she was again being accused of something she did not do. Aidan said he could not help Annie. Annie asked Aidan to help her for Emma's sake. Aidan said that Annie only used him to get what she wanted until Adam happened along. Annie told Aidan that she wanted him to investigate and prove that Zach framed her Adam's attempted murder.

Jackson told Zach and Liza that he was representing Annie. Jackson wanted to ask Zach a few questions, but Liza said Zach had no comment. Jackson said he would prove Zach framed Annie. Aidan went up and said that Zach was with him the night of Adam's attempted murder.

Adam wanted to see Emma, but Ryan refused to let him in her hospital room. Adam said he thought that the whole town was against Annie. Adam said he thought Annie was innocent. Erica was surprised to hear Adam stand up for Annie to Ryan. Adam quickly left when Erica butted into the conversation. Ryan told Erica that they had no right to play God with Annie's life. He was not sure if locking Annie up for Kendall's crime was right.

Kendall went to the police station to speak with Jesse, but he was not around. She asked an officer to call Jesse and ask him to go to the station immediately. In the meantime, Kendall sneaked into the holding room to see Annie. Annie told Kendall that they both knew Zach framed her for the attempted murder of Adam. Annie said Jackson would make sure that Kendall paid for her crime. Jesse went in and asked Kendall what she needed to tell him."

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