07/22/2009 Jesse Tells Annie He Believes Her

"There was a knock at Tad's door. Jake, Amanda, and Taylor scrambled to hide Trevor and his toys. Tad answered the door and looked nervous to see Liza standing there. Liza needed to question Tad for Kendall's case. Meanwhile, Trevor started to cry and Liza asked if there was a baby in Tad's house. Tad reminded Liza that he had a young daughter. Liza knew that Jenny was not home, because she ran into Opal and Jenny before she went to Tad's house. Tad looked nervous, so he tried to change the topic.

Tad grabbed his head and proclaimed that he remembered more from the night that Stuart was murdered. Tad concocted a conspiracy theory to keep Liza busy, while Jake searched for Trevor's pacifier. Once Jake found the pacifier and the baby was quiet, Jake, Amanda, and Taylor tried to sneak out of the house. Tad distracted Liza from seeing them by planting a big kiss on her lips. Liza was shocked and asked Tad if he was feeling okay.

Jake, Amanda, and Taylor took Trevor to Taylor's home. Amanda was worried because the house was not baby-proofed. Jake assured his wife that he would make all of the proper adjustments. Then, Tad delivered a lot of baby supplies, including a ton of Jenny's hand-me-downs. Taylor could not believe that a small baby required a lot of stuff. Tad noted that babies were high maintenance, but Amanda corrected him and stated that babies had a lot of needs.

Jake, Amanda, and Tad went through all of the baby stuff and explained to Taylor what she needed to do. Jake found one of Jenny's pink sweaters and laughed. Jake urged Taylor not to put pink on Trevor. Amanda said that she did not care what Trevor wore, as long as he was safe. Taylor said that her neighbors were quiet and kept to themselves. Amanda asked Taylor what she would say if anyone inquired about Trevor. Taylor suggested that she call Trevor her nephew, but then she suggested that she call Trevor her niece. Tad thought that was a good plan, since David was on the lookout for a baby boy. They all agreed that, in public, they would refer to Trevor as Tracy and pretend he was a girl.

Amanda asked Taylor if she would take good care of her baby. Taylor swore to protect Trevor with her life. Amanda was grateful, and handed Trevor to Taylor. Tad suggested that he spend the night with Taylor to get her acquainted with the baby.

Tad played with Trevor as he fed the baby a bottle. Taylor commented that Tad looked confident and happy with the baby. He quipped that he and Trevor shared the same level of maturity, so they got along well. He then began to sing to the baby. She did not want to sing, but he insisted it was required when watching a baby. Taylor shrieked a tune and Tad laughed.

Amanda and Jake cuddled in bed together. Amanda could not stop thinking about Trevor. She wondered how much she would miss Trevor when he left for college. Jake told her they had a long way to go before college. She appreciated that he made sure Trevor remained in her life. She thanked him for making the right decisions for her and her baby. They kissed.

Willis went to Ryan's penthouse, but Ryan was not there. Willis contacted Jesse, and Jesse rushed to the penthouse. Willis explained that he had a subpoena to question Emma. Willis further noted that Emma implicated Kendall in the murder. Jesse asked how Willis discovered that Emma was a witness. Willis noted that Annie revealed the information. Jesse warned Willis not to trust Annie. Willis agreed that Annie was untrustworthy, but he still needed to question Emma.

Adam ordered Zach to get out of his house, but Zach demanded to see Annie. Annie emerged and told Zach that she was not scared of him. Annie informed Zach that she called the police to remove him. Zach asked Annie if she cared about being a good mother. Annie claimed that she cared about Emma more than anything else. Zach asked why Annie made Emma her puppet. Annie affirmed that Emma saw Kendall commit murder. Zach swore that he would not let Kendall take the fall for Annie's crime. Annie replied that, thanks to Emma's testimony, Kendall would get what she deserved.

Jesse arrived at the mansion and Adam told him to arrest Zach for trespassing and harassment. Jesse reminded Zach that he was not allowed at the mansion. Jesse ordered the officer with him to cuff Zach.

Jesse took Zach to the police station, but did not process him. Jesse said that he did not want to arrest Zach; instead, Jesse wanted to help Zach vindicate Kendall. Jesse thought that Annie was guilty. Still, Jesse said that it was in Zach's best interest to divulge Emma's whereabouts. Zach said that he did not know where Emma was.

Willis wanted to question Zach, but Jesse urged the prosecutor to let him do it. Jesse assured Willis that Zach had no part in Emma's disappearance. Liza arrived at the police station and Willis informed her that Emma had disappeared. Liza seemed surprised. He told her that hiding Emma made Kendall look guilty.

Jesse went to the mansion to see Annie. Annie assumed that Jesse set Zach free. She ranted about how Zach, Ryan, Erica, Aidan, and Kendall were never held accountable for their actions. Jesse claimed to agree with Annie and she looked stunned. He explained that he was tired of the rich and powerful getting away with crimes. He commented that it made his life difficult as the police chief. He further noted that he believed Emma was telling the truth about seeing Kendall shoot Stuart.

After Jesse left, Adam told Annie that he wanted to learn more about her. He asked, "What makes you tick?" Annie wondered why Adam was questioning her. He revealed that he had her file from Oak Haven. She saw her journal and asked if Adam read it. He said yes and she looked concerned.

Kendall burst into the house where Ryan and Erica hid Emma. Kendall told Emma that she had to tell the truth. Kendall insisted that Emma admit Annie killed Stuart, not her. Emma looked scared and stated that she saw Kendall kill Stuart. Ryan told Kendall to stop because she was upsetting Emma.

Erica consoled Emma and took her into a bedroom, so they could speak privately. Erica told Emma that she did nothing wrong. Emma said that she missed her mother. Erica understood, but reminded the girl that she could always rely on her father. Erica affirmed that Emma was lucky to have a caring, devoted father. Erica encouraged Emma to listen to Ryan.

Erica asked Emma if she wanted to read a story. Emma said yes, so Erica walked across the room to get a book. When Erica turned her back, Emma stole Erica's cell phone from her purse.

Ryan told Kendall that she was too hard on Emma. Kendall asked Ryan what he was doing to make Emma change her story. Ryan said that he needed to take things slowly with Emma, since she was traumatized enough. Kendall reminded Ryan that they shared a son, Spike. Kendall wondered if Ryan wanted Spike to lose his mother. Ryan swore that he would not let Kendall go to jail. Nevertheless, he refused to press Emma because he feared the girl would snap and become crazy like Annie.

Erica told Kendall to leave. Erica promised Kendall that they would do everything possible to help Emma remember who really shot Stuart. Erica noted that she trusted Ryan to do the right thing by Emma and Kendall.

Emma asked Ryan if he was mad at her and he said no. He told her that he loved her very much. She asked him if Kendall was going to shoot her. Ryan assured Emma that she was safe. He wondered if Emma was confused about the night of Stuart's murder, but the girl insisted that Kendall was guilty.

Kendall arrived home and Zach inquired where she'd been. She admitted that she visited Emma and tried to get the truth out of the girl. Zach assumed that Kendall made things worse with Emma. He urged Kendall to be patient and leave Emma alone. Kendall was frustrated because she felt everyone was being too easy on Emma. Kendall reminded him that, due to Emma's lies, she might be sent to death row.

Liza arrived at the Slater residence. Liza agreed with Kendall that they needed to get the truth out of Emma quickly. Liza was certain that Annie manipulated Emma into thinking she saw Kendall kill Stuart. Liza suggested that they also try to manipulate Emma and make her implicate Annie, instead of Kendall. Zach was leery of the idea, because he did not want to harm Emma, but Kendall thought it was a good idea."

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