07/21/2009 Hiding Emma & Trevor

"Erica arrived at Ryan's penthouse to check on Emma. Ryan explained that he was keeping Emma home from camp, so the girl did not have a chance to tell anyone her secret about Kendall. Emma overheard that and became upset because she wanted to go to camp. She promised to keep quiet about Kendall, if Ryan let her go. He told Emma that she needed to stay home.

Ryan asked Emma if she'd spoken with her mother recently. Emma admitted that Annie had visited her. Emma further noted that she told Annie she saw Kendall shoot Stuart. Emma wondered if she was in trouble. Ryan assured Emma that he was not mad at her, but he stated that, in the future, she had to tell him if Annie contacted her again.

Marian was disgusted with Liza for representing Kendall. Liza assured Marian that Kendall was innocent and that she could prove it in court. Liza added that, if she won the case, her career would be "golden." Marian was appalled because she felt that Liza cared more about her career than her family. Marian threatened to disown Liza if she continued to represent Kendall.

Scott overheard Marian and Liza's argument. Scott urged Marian to reconsider her position. He told her that she should enjoy the time she had with Liza, instead of making threats, especially since that would not bring back Stuart. He then reminded her that Stuart wanted some of his belongings donated to charity. Marian could not bring herself to pack up Stuart's things, but she welcomed Scott to tackle the task. She said that Stuart's stuff was in Adam's attic.

Kendall and Zach woke up on the couch together. Kendall gave Zach a sad look and noted that she would spend the next night in a cell. She explained that she spent the entire night thinking about how much time she'd wasted. She regretted feuding with Zach. She said that she pushed him away because their relationship was extremely intense, which made it hard to handle, at times. She vowed that when she finished her sentence, she would return to Zach and love him the best way she could. When she leaned in to kiss him, he tried to turn away, but she would not let him. She grabbed his face and gave him a soft, slow kiss.

Liza arrived at the Slaters' home and asked if they were ready for their meeting with Willis. Kendall was too distraught to say goodbye to her sons. Liza tried to convince Kendall not to cop a plea, but Kendall refused. Liza was certain that she could break Emma on the stand, so the girl would admit she saw Annie kill Stuart, not Kendall. Kendall was resolute on taking the plea because she did not want Emma to endure more pain.

JR arrived at the mansion to tell his father that Kendall was taking a plea bargain and admitting to murder. Adam was pleased, but JR felt that Annie should be confessing, not Kendall. Meanwhile, Annie overheard JR's news and looked shocked. JR warned his father that he would be Annie's next victim, and JR left.

Annie was irate over Kendall's plea bargain. Annie was worried because, if Kendall copped a plea for a lesser crime and a lesser sentence, Willis might not drop the charges against her. Adam stated that Willis would hold up his end of the bargain, since Annie gave him more evidence against Kendall. Adam planned to meet with Willis to ensure that the charges against Annie would be dropped.

Annie thanked Adam for being her support system. She noted that she had no faith before her relationship with Adam. She affirmed that Adam made her believe that she could be good. He smiled and stated, "You're radiant." She replied, "I'm in love!"

After Adam left the mansion, Annie looked at a calendar. She hoped to secure her freedom and a proposal from Adam in the near future. She also hoped to have a Thanksgiving wedding. She then imagined her wedding ceremony. She dreamed of Adam saying, "I pledge my love, power, and millions to you." She then imagined Kendall interrupting the wedding and declaring that Annie murdered Stuart. Annie picked up a fireplace poker as if to hit Kendall. Scott entered the room and asked why Annie had the poker in her hand. She looked shocked and claimed that she was spooked by a noise.

Scott informed Annie that he was packing up Stuart's belongings from the attic. She looked nervous and tried to talk Scott out of it. She told him that the task might be too hard for him, but he was determined to do it. She offered to help, so they headed to the attic together.

While Annie and Scott boxed Stuart's stuff, Annie flashed back to the night of the murder. She saw a handkerchief on the floor and remembered Adam crying into it. She recalled giving Adam more pills. Then, Emma entered the room and stated, "I saw." Annie told Emma that, if she loved her mother, she would forget what she saw.

Kendall, Zach, and Liza went to Willis' office. Liza said that Kendall was ready to take the plea bargain, but Willis was not interested. Willis said that, due to new information, he was confident that he could charge Kendall with murder in the first degree. Zach went crazy and grabbed Willis. Liza and Kendall stopped Zach from hurting Willis. Liza urged Willis not to rely on Emma's testimony, but he was certain that Emma was a reliable witness.

Kendall, Zach, and Liza stood outside of Willis' office. They were all stunned by the D.A.'s news. Erica arrived and told Kendall not to worry. Erica whispered in her daughter's ear, "Ryan and I are taking care of Emma." After Erica left, Marian appeared. Marian slapped Kendall across the face and cried, "Murderer!"

Adam met with Willis. Willis explained that he was taking Kendall to trial for murder in the first degree. Willis affirmed that, if he won the case, all charges against Annie would be dropped. However, Willis thought that Adam should be cautious with Annie, due to her violent past. Willis handed Adam a large file that contained Annie's psychiatric reports and the journal she composed during her tenure at Oak Haven. Willis urged Adam to read everything.

Adam returned home from Willis' office. Scott showed Stuart's fishing pole to Adam. Scott mentioned that Stuart had wanted to go fishing before he died. Adam offered to take Scott fishing and they hugged.

Adam told Annie that Willis was upholding his end of the bargain. Adam explained that Willis rejected Kendall's attempt at a plea bargain because he wanted to charge her with first degree murder. Annie was very happy.

Kendall feared that she would be found guilty and get the death penalty. Zach promised her that he would not let that happen. Kendall could not understand how Annie was able to use Emma for protection. Kendall thought it was wrong that Annie manipulated her daughter.

Ryan and Erica took Emma to a secret location, so Willis could not question the girl. Kendall arrived at the house where Ryan and Erica hid Emma. Kendall told Emma that she had to tell the truth and admit that Annie shot Stuart.

Adam looked through Annie's file. He read an excerpt in her journal that said she would do anything to keep Emma. Just then, Zach entered the mansion. Adam noted that Kendall would soon be strung up for Stuart's murder. Zach retorted that Annie would be the one strung up.

Marissa met JR at the Yacht Club. JR discussed his frustrations with Adam. JR feared that Adam would propose to Annie and she would run his life. Marissa quipped that Annie took over JR's job of controlling Adam. JR laughed. Marissa then noted that Adam and JR's relationship was much different from Stuart and Scott's relationship. JR admitted that he always envied the bond that Stuart and Scott shared. Marissa felt that JR and Adam also shared a special bond.

Tad entered his home and found Jake in his living room. Tad asked Jake where he'd disappeared to. Jake ambiguously stated that he had to take care of some things. Tad was not satisfied and wanted more details, especially because David was suspicious of Jake and Amanda. Jake stated that David stopped his search for the baby, but Tad was skeptical. Jake explained that Liza unknowingly had a stranger's baby, not Amanda's baby. Tad was upset because Jake's plan was getting more complicated.

Jake announced that he wanted to introduce Tad to someone. Amanda entered the room with baby Trevor in her arms. Tad looked shocked to see the baby in Pine Valley. Just then, Taylor arrived at the house because she and Tad had a brunch date. Jake was surprised that Tad and Taylor had a date. Taylor stated that she'd broken up with Brot, but added that she was not formally dating Tad.

Taylor asked who the baby was, so Jake explained everything to her. Jake proceeded to inform Tad and Taylor that he had a new plan for Trevor; Jake wanted to hide the baby in Pine Valley. Tad thought the plan was too risky, but Jake disagreed. Taylor offered to baby-sit Trevor at her place. Jake, Tad, and Amanda agreed that David would not look for the baby at Taylor's house.

Taylor stated that she needed to learn how to change a diaper. Amanda seemed nervous about Taylor watching Trevor because she was very inexperienced. Jake said that Taylor needed "baby boot camp." Tad gave Taylor a doll, so she could practice holding and feeding it. Then, they handed Trevor to Taylor and she was fine.

There was a knock at Tad's door. Jake, Amanda, and Taylor scrambled to hide Trevor and his toys. Tad answered the door and looked nervous to see Liza standing there. Liza needed to question Tad for Kendall's case. Meanwhile, Trevor started to cry and Liza asked if there was a baby in Tad's house."

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