07/20/2009 Annie & Kendall Make Deals

"In Emma's bedroom, Emma revealed that she had witnessed Stuart's murder. Annie appeared nervous as she carefully cautioned Emma not to tell anyone. Emma admitted that she had told Ryan. Annie's horrified expression turned to relief when Emma confessed that she had seen Kendall shoot Stuart.

Emma and Annie jumped when Ryan knocked on the door. Annie pulled out a cell phone and explained that it was to be used in case of an emergency. After Annie hid the phone in Emma's toy box, she asked Emma to keep their visit a secret. As Ryan called out to Emma, Annie disappeared through the window.

Emma opened the door to Ryan and Erica. Ryan wanted to know why Emma had locked the door. Emma claimed she had a frightening dream. As Ryan tucked Emma into bed, he instructed her not to lock the door again. After Ryan checked the window, he led Erica out of the room. As soon as she was alone, Emma pulled a picture from under her pillow. It was of Annie, Ryan, and Emma during happier times. While she stared at the picture, Emma recalled her mother promising that everything would work out.

In the living room, Ryan confided that he was worried about Emma. He realized that recent events were affecting his daughter. Erica urged Ryan to spirit Emma out of town before things got worse.

At the Slater residence, Kendall told Zach that she had decided to accept the plea deal that Henry North had offered her. A knock at the door heralded Liza's arrival. Liza wanted the Slaters to know that she had been at the Chandler mansion. Liza revealed that she had the distinct impression that Annie had not been in residence. According to Liza, Adam's behavior suggested that he had been covering for Annie. Kendall had greater concerns than Annie's disappearance.

Liza was stunned when Kendall announced her decision to plead guilty to Stuart's murder. Liza tried to dissuade Kendall from confessing. Liza was confident that Emma had lied to protect her mother. Kendall refused to put Emma through the ordeal of being a key witness in a murder trial. Kendall viewed the plea deal as the only way that she could have a future with her children.

D.A. Willis arrived a short time later. He wasn't thrilled with the idea of extending a plea deal to Kendall, but Liza managed to sway him. After Willis left, Kendall asked Liza what would happen next. Liza explained that they would go to Willis' office in the morning to sign the papers. Kendall realized that it was her last night at home, and took a moment to absorb the gravity of her situation. Shortly after Liza left, Erica and Ryan walked in.

Erica was upset when Kendall told them about her decision to confess to Stuart's murder. Erica insisted that it was a mistake. Kendall refused to discuss it, and left the room to spend time with her sons. Erica trailed after her daughter while Ryan stayed behind to reason with Zach. Zach explained that he had opposed Kendall's decision. Ryan didn't think Zach had done enough to change Kendall's mind.

In the boys' bedroom, Kendall admitted to her mother that she couldn't risk the possibility of the death penalty. At least with the plea deal, Kendall would have an opportunity to be a part of her children's lives. After Erica and Ryan left, Kendall returned to the living room to spend time with Zach. She broke down in tears as Zach held her.

At Ryan's apartment, Erica wondered what Ryan intended to do about Emma's situation. Erica was certain that Annie had manipulated Emma. Ryan admitted that he was worried about his daughter. Ryan suggested that Annie was doing the same thing to Emma that Richie had done to Annie. Ryan refused to stand by while his daughter followed in her mother's footsteps. Erica was confident in Ryan's ability to protect Emma. She reminded Ryan that, unlike Annie, Emma had a father who loved her deeply.

Marissa and David enjoyed a celebratory dinner at ConFusion. After they toasted to Marissa's new job with Liza, David promised to put all of his energy into making things work for his family. Marissa handed him a cell phone as she urged David to call Krystal. David was confused because Marissa had seemed opposed to the idea of reconciliation between David and Krystal. Marissa admitted that, like most children, she wanted her parents to work things out. She also believed that Krystal was in love with David.

David appreciated Marissa's support; however, he respected Krystal's decision to move forward with her life and he wished her well. Marissa was disappointed, because she wanted her father to have someone special in his life. She begged David not to give up on love. David happened to spot Liza across the room and replied that he had learned never to say, "never."

When Liza joined them at their table, David excused himself. David claimed that he was needed at the hospital. As Liza sat down, she told Marissa about Kendall's decision to accept a plea bargain. Marissa was shocked that Kendall had given up. Liza admitted that she was frustrated, but it had not been Liza's call to make. Liza explained that a good attorney respected their client's decisions.

Shortly after Marissa left, David returned to ConFusion. When he saw Liza seated alone at the table, he walked up to ask if he could join her. Liza reluctantly agreed. While they sipped wine, Liza and David talked about their chosen career paths. When David confessed that he had become a doctor in the hopes of one day being able to help himself, Liza took the opportunity to thank David for saving her life during Colby's delivery.

David appeared uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation. He suddenly checked his phone and claimed to have been paged by the hospital. David left, but didn't go far. He ducked behind a corner and watched as Liza continued to sip her wine.

At the Chandler mansion, JR questioned Adam and Annie's newfound love. Adam didn't expect JR to understand his relationship with Annie. JR admitted that he was concerned about his father's involvement with a woman capable of murder. Adam and JR continued to bicker back and forth until Adam turned on some music and began dancing around the living room. JR was speechless as he stared at his father.

Outside, Annie peeked through the patio doors. When she saw JR, Annie swore. She realized that she couldn't walk in without her ankle monitor. Luckily for Annie, Scott happened along. Annie threw herself into Scott's arms and begged him to help her. She confessed that she had disabled and removed her ankle monitor, but she promised that she had never had any intention of leaving the property. She pointed to her continued presence on the estate as proof.

After Adam managed to chase JR out the door, he returned to the living room. When Adam found Scott huddled over Annie's ankle, he demanded to know what was going on. Scott told Adam that Annie had twisted her ankle, so he had helped her into the living room. As soon as Scott departed, Adam asked Annie for the truth. Annie confessed that she had tested Scott and that Scott had passed with flying colors. According to Annie, Scott could be trusted.

Annie then changed the subject to inform Adam that Emma had witnessed Kendall shoot Stuart. Annie panicked when Adam reached for the phone to call the police. However, she changed her mind when she realized that she could use the new information to her advantage. Rather than call the police, Annie decided to get D.A. Willis' attention by cutting off the ankle monitor.

When D.A. Willis arrived at the Chandler mansion, Annie made a daring proposal. In exchange for Willis dropping the charges against Annie, Annie would deliver Kendall to him on a silver platter. Willis told Annie that murder charges were not easy to drop. Annie insisted that she had killed Richie in self-defense. Willis suggested that a good attorney could successfully argue her case. Annie insisted that she could never get a fair trial because of the extensive, and unflattering, news coverage the case had received.

Willis demanded to know what kind of evidence Annie had. Annie revealed that Emma had witnessed the crime and had named Kendall as the shooter. Willis agreed to Annie's terms, but with one stipulation: Annie would continue to wear an ankle monitor and face charges until Kendall was convicted of Stuart's murder.

Scott found JR working at Chandler Enterprises. JR explained that he was determined to take steps to protect the family's interests from Adam's new paramour. Scott couldn't understand why JR had such a harsh view of Annie. JR was equally baffled why Scott couldn't see through Annie's act; he accused Scott of wearing rose-colored glasses. Scott defended Annie, claiming that she'd had a difficult childhood. JR wasn't impressed with Scott's defense of Annie. JR likened Annie to a siren on the rocks and Adam to a drunken sailor.

Marissa tracked the cousins down a short time later. She told them about Kendall's decision to plead guilty to Stuart's murder. Scott was delighted by the news. JR, on the other hand, was livid. He couldn't believe that Kendall would admit to a crime that she had not committed. Scott was furious because JR continued to insist that Annie had killed Stuart. Marissa was forced to step between the cousins before their argument turned violent. Disgusted with JR, Scott stormed off."

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