07/17/2009 Amanda Visits Trevor

"Amanda was shocked to see her son in a house in the country just as Jake promised. She said that she needed to go inside and tell her son how much she loved him. After initially trying to stop her, Jake opened the door and told her to go in. They slowly entered the darkened nursery and Amanda cried as she picked up the baby she'd given birth to. She told her son all the things she'd been holding in her heart and was pleased when her son gurgled as if he understood.

Then, the lights came on, and the woman who had placed Amanda's son in his crib appeared on the stairs. Amanda backed up, fearful of what would happen next, but Jake told her not to be afraid. He informed her that there had never been another set of parents, and that he'd hired the woman, Margaret, to take care of Amanda's son. He asked Margaret to give them a moment, and then explained to Amanda that although they'd had a plan, things got complicated when Liza started to blackmail him. Amanda wanted to know why Jake lied to her. He told her that he thought he was protecting her and asked her to understand.

Jake knew that if he'd told Amanda his plans from the beginning, she would have come to see her son every chance she got, and that David would have followed her. Amanda told her husband that there was nothing to forgive, as he'd given her everything she ever wanted. She then asked what the future held, and if they were going to live their lives out on a deserted island. Jake told her that they would return to Pine Valley, but Amanda thought that taking the baby back there would ruin everything. Jake told her that the baby would stay with Margaret, but Amanda refused to give up her baby again.

Jake told her that she didn't have any other choice, but said that they would see him again. Amanda was hopeful that Jake meant they could visit Trevor – whom she named after her father – regularly, but Jake told her that he had plans to utilize a webcam. Amanda demanded to know Jake's timeline, and how long it would be until she could hold her son again. He couldn't provide a concrete answer so Amanda bid a teary farewell to her son. Jake led her out of the house, but as her tears flowed faster, Amanda told Jake that she couldn't leave her son.

Erica ran into JR at Confusion and they reconnected over their shared sobriety. She then asked JR what was on his mind and JR told her that if Annie had her way, she and Adam would be married soon. JR thought that the idea of the marriage would bother Erica more, but Erica asserted that the man she knew and cared about was very different than the person who was involved with Annie. She briefly rehashed all the things that she'd done for Adam and expressed dismay over the fact that Adam had lost his ability to be a shrewd judge of character. JR thought that Erica would be the perfect person to help him change Adam's mind but when he broached the subject, Erica refused.

Annie got a phone call from Emma but was unable to find out what she needed before Ryan came into the room. The line went dead just as Adam returned to the living room to find out why Annie hadn't come upstairs. He found Annie in a state of panic and determined to see Emma. Adam warned her that the police would come after her but Annie didn't care. Adam tried to convince Annie that Emma was fine but Annie was afraid that Emma hadn't stayed in the nursery and actually saw something the night of the murder. She demanded that Adam help her get the ankle bracelet off so that she could track down her daughter.

Adam told Annie that he wanted to keep her safe with him instead of risking a run in with the authorities. Annie told him that not going was not an option, and reminded Adam of the jamming device Aidan had given her. Adam asked what would happen if things didn't work out the way she hoped. Annie thought for a moment, and then told him that it would have been worth it because she would have seen her daughter.

Emma ran downstairs and demanded to see her mother. Ryan sat her down and explained that they hadn't gotten the okay from the judge to do that. Emma said that she needed to tell Annie that Kendall shot Stuart, but Ryan tried to convince her that her eyes had played tricks on her. Emma insisted that she knew what she'd seen, and when the doorbell rang, she thought her mother had come to see her. She ran to the door but was saddened when she found Liza on the other side.

Ryan sent his daughter upstairs so that he could talk to Liza alone. Ryan quickly revealed that he'd heard Liza had possession of North's trial notes. Liza asked if Emma was the kid that North had mentioned, and whether or not Emma could implicate Kendall in any way. Ryan told Liza that Emma believed she saw Kendall kill Stuart. Liza told Ryan about the trip that North made to see a child psychologist that specialized in suppressed memories. She said that if the new prosecutor found out that Emma might have seen something, the little girl could be the prosecution's star witness. Just then, Emma came back downstairs and told the adults that a man had been waiting for her after school one day and had already asked her questions.

Ryan and Liza asked Emma a few questions and found out that it was Henry that had approached the little girl. Emma told them that she hadn't given Henry any information and that she'd run away from him as soon as she saw her school bus. She asked Ryan if she'd done anything wrong, and Ryan assured the little girl that she'd done exactly what she was supposed to do. They asked if she'd ever seen Henry again, and she told them she hadn't. Ryan then took his daughter back up to bed.

When Ryan came back down, Liza asked when Emma had last spoken to her mother. Ryan related the tale of how he'd caught Emma on the phone with her mother earlier that night but had stopped Emma before she said anything. Liza found the account interesting and posited that Emma has seen her mother shoot Stuart, but substituted Kendall for her mother after her talk with North. Liza told Ryan that she had an idea, but Ryan insisted that his daughter needed to be kept out of the legal fray. Liza said that her idea didn't involve the little girl but said that if her hunch was right, Annie was the key.

Kendall told Zach that Emma most likely said that Kendall killed Stuart to keep her mother out of trouble, and said that Annie probably put the thoughts in Emma's head the night of the murder. Zach noted that both Emma and Ryan believed what Emma said she'd seen. Kendall looked at her husband and accused him of believing Emma as well. She started ranting about taking a child's word over her own, and Zach told her that Emma was making more sense than Kendall. Furious, Kendall slapped him.

Zach tried to shake it off and told Kendall that she needed to formulate a game plan. Kendall told him that she needed to be certain of Zach's take on the situation, because if he didn't believe in her innocence, she had no shot of winning over the jury. She said that if Zach felt she was guilty, she would ask the police to lock her up right away.

Zach asked how Kendall could ever believe that he doubted her innocence, and when she realized that he was being truthful, she calmed down. She told him that she thought she saw doubt in his eyes, but he told her that it was actually fear. He admitted to being afraid that he wasn't doing enough to keep the mother of his children out of jail. Just as Erica walked in the door, Zach told Kendall that they needed to neutralize the threat.

Erica thought that Liza was the threat that they had referred to but was shocked when Zach revealed Emma's claim. Erica was certain that either the little girl was mistaken, or that Annie had fed the information to her daughter. Zach believed both options to be valid and told Erica that he wanted Ryan to take Emma out of town. Erica agreed, but was dismayed to learn that Ryan had refused. She offered to talk some sense into Ryan and Zach encouraged Erica to give it her best shot.

Annie managed to get her anklet off, and after a few words of caution from Adam, she took off into the night to find her daughter. Moments later, the doorbell rang, and after he hid the anklet, Adam opened the door to find Liza. She barged in and demanded to speak to Annie. Adam fended off the lawyer like an old pro, and Liza was slightly shocked when Adam threw her out almost as quickly as she walked in.

Erica arrived at Ryan's penthouse, determined to convince him to take Emma out of town. Erica was aghast when Ryan refused, and said that if Emma was forced to take the stand and told a lie, Kendall's fate would be sealed. Ryan noted that Emma had only spoken of what she believed to be true, and Erica wondered if Ryan now believed his daughter's tale. Ryan denied that, but said that he would do anything to keep his daughter safe.

Kendall sat with her sons and recalled times when they laughed a lot together. She told them to remember those times when they got sad, and reminded them how much she loved them. A short time later, she went back downstairs and told Zach that she would turn herself in. She thought it was the best scenario for everyone but Zach said that he and the boys wouldn't benefit and refused to accept her plan.

JR stormed into the Chandler house and demanded that Adam rid himself of Annie. Adam insisted that he and Annie were in love, but JR proved not to be a believer. Adam noted that Annie had sacrificed a life of freedom with her daughter to save Adam, which was a truer example of love than he'd seen in a long time.

Erica tried to convince Ryan that he needed to change his mind, as the thought of her daughter being sent to jail was unbearable. Ryan told Erica that in this case, his daughter had to come before Erica's. The phone rang, and when Ryan answered, he found out from Liza that she didn't think Annie was still at the Chandler mansion. She indicated that if Annie had indeed left the estate, she was headed toward one of two people: Kendall or Emma. At that moment, Annie made her way into Emma's room and had a joyful reunion with her daughter.

Annie locked the bedroom door and then asked Emma what she had wanted to say earlier, and Emma said that she saw who shot Stuart. Unnerved, Annie tried to make her daughter promise not to tell anyone, but was shocked when Emma said she'd already told Ryan. Relief flooded in quickly when the little girl said she'd blamed the murder on Kendall. Just then, Ryan arrived at Emma's door and demanded to be let in.

Zach told Kendall that she needed to convince Ryan to take Emma and leave for a while, but she refused. She asked Zach to continue to question Annie until he got a confession out of her but Zach refused to entertain any of Kendall's requests, and told her not to confess. There was a knock at the door, and Kendall stated that she'd already put her plan into action. She opened the door and revealed Liza on the other side."

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