07/16/2009 "The Kid"

"Annie ordered soft shell crabs as she prepared her romantic evening with Adam. Scott found Annie fixing a dinner table in front of the fireplace. He asked Annie if she was celebrating a special occasion. Annie said preparing a dinner was the least she could do to thank Adam for his hospitality.

Scott said he thought Adam was supposed to be grateful to Annie for saving his life. Annie said she wished she could have saved Stuart, too. Also, Annie told Scott that people in town had gotten the wrong impression of her. They all thought she was out to steal Adam's money. Annie said she just wanted her freedom and enjoyed Adam's company.

JR went into the Chandler home and immediately told Scott not to believe anything Annie said. JR said Annie was just trying to make as many friends as possible before conning Adam into marrying her. JR pulled out all of Adam's wedding albums, but could not find the album with Dixie and Adam. JR joked that Adam probably got rid of the albums after he murdered the wives. Annie was shocked at JR's accusation. JR said Alexander Cambias admitted that he did not poison Dixie. JR said Tad was convinced Adam killed Dixie before getting shot.

Liza asked Jake how he convinced David that her baby did not belong him. Amanda walked up behind Jake and overheard him tell Liza that it did not matter what he said to David. All that mattered was that Jake had made "the switch," Jake said. Liza told Jake he was a miracle worker, and hung up.

Amanda accused Jake of lying to her about Liza's baby being her child. She started hitting Jake on the chest and crying. Amanda wanted to go to the baby, but Jake held her back. He told Amanda it was time he explained everything to her.

Jake said he hired Liza to find a family for Amanda's baby, and Liza showed up in Pine Valley faking a pregnancy and claiming she was going to keep Amanda's baby. Jake said he knew Liza's plan would not work because she would stay in Pine Valley with the baby. Jake said that Liza threatened to tell David the truth about the baby if she was not able to keep him. Jake reminded Amanda that she did not want to know anything about the adoptive family. Amanda asked Jake if Liza had her son. Jake said Liza did not have Amanda's baby.

Jake said he needed Liza to believe she had Amanda's baby. Jake said he found another mother willing to give up her baby boy without any questions. Jake said Liza thought he switched the DNA samples to mislead David, but Jake never had to do that because Liza did not have Amanda's baby. Amanda demanded to know where her baby was being kept. Jake said her child was with a safe family in the country. Amanda did not believe Jake and wanted her own DNA test. Jake said he would take Amanda to her baby.

Jake and Amanda went to the country house Jake described. Amanda saw a woman put a baby in a crib through the window. "That's my baby," Amanda said.

Marissa visited Liza. Marissa wondered why Liza wanted to hire her to help with the case, especially since Marissa thought Liza did not trust her. Liza said a conversation with David changed her mind quickly. Liza realized that Marissa was a positive influence on David. Liza showed Marissa a list of suspects in Stuart's death. She told Marissa to add Little Adam and Emma to the list as possible witnesses.

The new district attorney, Andrew Willis, introduced himself to Erica at ConFusion. Andrew said he was speaking with all of the parties involved in the case again. Erica told Andrew he needed to start his research by speaking with Annie. Andrew planned to speak with Annie, but first, he said he wanted to clear Kendall's name. Erica eagerly offered to help Andrew if it meant keeping Kendall out of prison. To prove Annie's insanity, Erica explained the many crimes Annie had committed in the past. Andrew said that despite Annie's past, he was not sure she had motivation for killing Stuart. Erica was not sure either, but said that insane people never had rational reasons for doing anything.

Erica saw Adam enter ConFusion. She called out his name loudly, adding that he was harboring the woman who killed his brother. Erica and Andrew went over to Adam at the bar. Adam said Andrew should not listen to Erica's lies. Adam told Erica that Jackson was no longer Kendall's lawyer. Instead, Liza would be representing Kendall at the trial. Andrew said he needed to speak with Adam further. Adam said they could talk at his house.

Zach told Kendall that he thought Emma saw the person who killed Stuart. After all, Annie was alone when she found Adam, leaving Zach to believe Emma was hiding in the mansion. Zach said Emma told police she did not see anything, but Henry, the former district attorney, wanted a professional therapist to evaluate Emma. Kendall said Emma would never tell the police her own mother shot Stuart, even if it was true.

Emma told Ryan she remembered seeing Kendall shoot Stuart. Emma remembered going downstairs, seeing Zach holding something in his hand, possibly a gun, and Kendall shooting a gun. Emma asked Ryan if he believed her story. Ryan said that the mind could play tricks on people sometimes. Ryan asked Emma if she was lying about Kendall to protect Annie. Emma said Ryan loved Kendall instead of Annie. Ryan said he and Kendall were just friends.

Andrew and Adam arrived at the Chandler home. JR and Scott left to allow Andrew to interview Adam and Annie. Andrew asked Annie to recall what happened the night of Stuart's murder. Annie said she went to get Emma in the nursery and saw Adam enter the room. Adam ran off and Annie said she went after him, but bumped into a drunken JR in the hall.

Annie said she found an ill Adam, heard a gunshot, and took Adam and Emma to the attic. Andrew asked Annie why she did not leave with Emma if her intent was to kidnap the child. Annie said she could not leave Adam in his time of need. Adam and Annie said they loved each other. Andrew left so Adam and Annie could have their romantic dinner.

Annie asked Adam if he really loved her. Adam said he meant every word, and kissed her. Adam suggested they hold off on dinner, but perhaps enjoy some champagne in his bedroom.

Erica went to see Kendall at her home. She was not pleased that Liza was Kendall's new attorney. Kendall said Liza wanted to win the case to further her career and make a fresh start in Pine Valley. Erica said Liza was going to put Kendall in jail so she could try to shack up with Zach. Kendall was not Liza's fan, but thought she was a good lawyer.

Liza got a call from the therapist who was supposed to examine Emma. The therapist said Henry had asked him to examine a possible suspect in a murder case. The therapist said he specialized in treating people who repressed memories from traumatic experiences. Liza asked the therapist if Henry had any other requests. The therapist said Henry wanted to know if a child could inherit his or her parent's insanity. Liza wanted to know the therapist's answer. He said that it was possible for children to inherit their parents' mental illnesses depending on the reasons that led to the parents' insanity.

Zach told Ryan he got Henry's notes outlining how he would prosecute Kendall at the trial, which was mostly on circumstantial evidence. Zach said he gave the information, along with a scrap of paper that said "the kid," to Liza. Zach said he and Liza thought "the kid" was referring to Emma. Zach asked Ryan if Emma remembered anything more from the night of Stuart's murder. Ryan said Emma claimed she saw Kendall shoot Stuart. Zach thought Emma was covering up for Annie, but Ryan was confident that Emma really believed she saw Kendall shoot Stuart. Zach told Ryan to get Emma out of town.

Emma slept upstairs. She dreamt of hearing a gunshot and woke up. Emma placed a call to Annie. She started to say that Ryan did not believe her story about Kendall shooting Stuart. But before Emma could say anything, Ryan walked in. Ryan asked Emma if she was talking to her mother.

Marissa saw JR and Scott at ConFusion. She told them that Liza had hired her to help with Kendall's case. Marissa asked JR and Scott for more details about Stuart's murder. JR said he and Annie struggled for her gun, but she got away. Marissa thought it was odd that Annie did not leave with Emma when she had the chance. JR said he would be glad to help Liza with Kendall's case, and left.

Marissa asked Scott for his thoughts on the case. Scott seemed upset that Stuart was being forgotten in the whole incident. Scott felt that people were more concerned about the killer.

Liza held her baby and promised to be a good mother. Erica stopped in to have a chat with Liza. Erica said Liza was trying to sabotage Kendall's case to get in the sheets with Zach.

Zach went back home to Kendall. He told her that Emma claimed she saw Kendall kill Stuart. Kendall asked Zach if he believed Emma. Zach said Ryan believed Emma. Kendall thought Zach did not believe she was innocent."

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