07/23/2009 Liza & Zach Question Emma

"Randi asked Frankie if he was enjoying his book about fatherhood. Frankie said he had not gotten to the book yet. Randi told Frankie he would be an amazing father, regardless of whether or not he read the book. Randi opened a package she received, but did not know who sent it to her. Randi found the statue she used at the hotel to hit Henry over the head. Startled, Randi dropped the statue on the floor. She told Frankie the statue slipped out of her hand.

Frankie asked Randi if something was on her mind. He said she seemed distracted, moody, and unhappy. Randi said her mood swings were just a result of the pregnancy. Brot stopped by with a bouquet of flowers to congratulate Randi and Frankie on the baby. Randi told Frankie she was going to the grocery store. Once she got outside, she called Jesse and asked him to meet her.

Frankie asked Brot how he was handling the breakup with Taylor. Brot said he missed Taylor, but knew their relationship was over. Brot asked Frankie how he felt about becoming a father. Frankie said he was excited, but Brot could tell something was wrong. Frankie showed Brot a text message on his phone, which questioned if Frankie was the baby's father. Brot said Randi would never cheat on Frank. Brot said some jerk was just trying to play a mean joke on Frankie.

Liza told Kendall and Zach that Ryan needed to try to find out what Emma saw the night of Stuart's murder. After Liza left, Zach said they needed to get the truth out of Annie instead of prying into Emma's brain.

Erica told Ryan that he needed to protect Emma. Ryan said he was not sure how Emma was emotionally handling all of the drama between him and Annie. Ryan went to check on Emma and found Erica's cell phone under a pillow. Ryan saw that Annie's number was the last one dialed on the phone. Erica said she did not call Annie. Ryan asked Emma if she called her mother. Emma was silent.

Jesse told Annie that he appreciated her efforts to obey the law, and said he was on her side. Annie's phone rang, but she ignored it. Adam entered the room and asked Annie who was calling her. Annie picked up the phone and was surprised to see Erica's name on the caller ID. Annie answered the phone and heard Emma's voice on the other end. Annie was silent until Emma asked if she could hear her.

Annie hastily said that she could not talk, but would call "Erica" back. Jesse told Annie he would try to get Erica, Zach, Kendall, and Ryan to stop harassing her, because she was not the person on trial for Stuart's murder. After Jesse left, Adam and Annie wondered if he was up to something that would help Kendall's case.

Erica called Annie and quickly told her not to hang up the phone. Annie told Erica to stay away from Emma. Erica asked Annie what she did to brainwash Emma into believing that Kendall had shot Stuart. Ryan got on the phone and told Annie he was concerned about how Emma would handle being questioned on the stand. Annie said Ryan only cared about clearing Kendall's name. Annie asked Ryan if she could speak to him, but he refused.

Ryan asked Erica if she had dropped her phone or left it in Emma's room. Erica told him the phone was in her purse. Ryan said Emma must have stolen the phone, which showed how desperate she was to speak with Annie. Ryan told Erica he still found it hard to believe that Annie would put Emma through so much pain just to save herself. Erica said Annie was playing mind games with Emma. Ryan believed that Annie planted the idea in Emma's head that Emma saw Kendall kill Stuart.

After Annie's conversation with Ryan, Adam found her crying. Annie told Adam about her conversation with Erica. Adam said that if Kendall was acquitted, he could use Emma as an eyewitness in Stuart's murder. But Annie said she was worried about the court proceedings taking an emotional toll on Emma. Annie wondered if she was being a bad mother. Adam said Annie was a great mother who just wanted justice in Stuart's murder.

Adam asked Annie if she planted any ideas in Emma's head, but Annie denied it. Adam said he was remembering a few things from the night of the murder, such as Annie whispering something in Emma's ear while they were stuck in the attic. Annie said that she did not even know Stuart was dead or Kendall was in the house at the time.

At the police station, Jesse told Randi that Madison was playing games with her. Jesse said he would handle Madison. Randi was worried that Madison would not stop harassing her until she was behind bars for Henry's murder. Randi thought about confessing everything to Frankie, but Jesse advised Randi to keep quiet. Randi started having stomach pains and was rushed to the hospital.

Frankie went to the hospital to check on Randi. Jesse said that Randi started having pains at the police station. Frankie said that he thought Randi was going to the grocery store. Jesse told Frankie that Randi was upset and went to see him at the station first. Frankie found Randi resting in a room. Frankie blamed himself for putting so much stress on Randi, but Randi said that he did nothing wrong.

Liza went to see Ryan, but Erica said he was not there. Erica said Ryan went to the Chandler estate to try to talk some sense into Annie. Liza said that Ryan would never get Annie to confess to Stuart's murder. She said the only hope to save Kendall was to get the real truth from Emma. Liza wanted to talk to Emma, but Erica said it would be against the law for Liza to speak with Emma, a child, without parental consent. Liza reminded Erica that she was trying to save Kendall's life.

Ryan went to the Chandler home. Adam wanted him gone, but Annie said she was willing to listen to Ryan. Ryan said he wanted them to work together to keep Emma from being questioned by the district attorney. Annie asked Ryan what she could to do to help Emma. Ryan said that Annie could admit she brainwashed Emma into believing Kendall killed Stuart. Annie said Emma was telling the truth, and told Ryan to leave.

Erica let Liza speak to Emma. She tried to call Ryan to tell him, but he would not answer. Erica called Zach next, told him Liza was with Emma, and asked him to get there quickly. Zach told Erica he was on his way and left Kendall. Emma stuck to her same story with Liza. Erica could see Emma was getting upset at Liza's constant questioning. Liza kept pushing Emma until Zach showed up. Zach took Liza out of the room and scolded Liza for not letting Ryan question Emma. Liza said she could get Emma to admit the truth.

Ryan was not pleased to see Liza when he got home. Erica immediately told Ryan that Liza gave Emma the third degree. Liza asked Ryan to let Zach question Emma. Instead, Ryan busted in on Zach and Emma's conversation and demanded Zach get away from Emma. Zach was not able to get Emma to speak with him.

Kendall was restless at home alone. She felt a strong breeze blow through a door. She shut the door and then tripped over a lamp. The power went out and suddenly Stuart, with a gunshot wound in his chest, entered through the front door. Stuart told Kendall he wanted to help her.

Adam went to check on Annie, who was visibly upset after the encounter with Ryan. Annie said she would not let Ryan make her cry. Adam remembered hearing Annie tell Emma not to the cry in the attic. He also remembered Annie telling Emma to not tell anyone what she saw. Annie asked Adam if something was bothering him. Adam said he remembered Annie telling Emma to forget what she saw. He told Annie it was evident she killed Stuart. Adam pulled a gun out of a drawer and turned towards Annie."

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