07/13/2009 Zach Hires Liza

"The new D.A. went to Jesse's office to ask if Jesse knew where Henry had kept the case files for Kendall's murder trial. According to D.A. Willis, they could not proceed to trial without the files. Jesse suggested that Willis investigate Annie as a possible suspect. As if on cue, Natalia popped her head into Jesse's office to notify him that Annie's ankle monitor had gone on the move.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie comforted Adam after he learned that Kendall's trial had been delayed. Annie continued to work her wiles on Adam by opening her slinky robe to reveal a sexy bikini underneath. Annie innocently announced that she had decided to go for a swim and invited Adam to join her.

Adam was outraged when Jesse and Natalia showed up at the mansion to check Annie's ankle monitor. Annie explained that she had merely gone for a swim in the pool. When Jesse mentioned that he had a few questions for Annie, Adam's temper flared. Annie assured Adam that she welcomed the opportunity to clear her name. She urged Adam to visit Little A while she talked to Jesse.

Alone with Jesse, Annie blamed Erica for Jesse's visit. Jesse confessed that Erica had left five messages for him, but he had no idea why. Annie accused Erica of being desperate to clear Kendall's name and jealous because Adam had dumped Erica for her. Jesse reminded Annie that she wasn't exactly innocent; she had killed "one or two" people. Annie fired back that she had been insane at the time. Annie then bragged that she would soon be Mrs. Adam Chandler. Annie was confident that, once she and Adam were married, no one would be able to touch her.

In Madison's room, Zach became suspicious when Madison offered Zach the briefcase containing Henry's files on Kendall. Madison denied that she had slain her husband. She explained that she wanted Zach to have the files because, unlike Henry, he loved his wife. Madison also revealed that she knew who had killed Henry. Madison pointed the finger of guilt at Henry's "dirty little hooker," whom Madison claimed she had seen entering Henry's room. According to Madison, Pine Valley's police chief had helped to cover up the crime. When Zach asked to see the surveillance tape, Madison confessed that she had destroyed it.

At the Martin residence, Krystal asked Jake if Liza's baby was David's son. Liza, who stood in the doorway, demanded to know why Krystal had asked the question. Krystal revealed that David had put the idea in her head. Liza threatened to get a restraining order against David if he tried to pursue his theory. When Krystal wondered why Liza would go to such lengths, Liza replied that she would do whatever was necessary to protect her son from David. Jake surprised everyone by suggesting that Liza have a DNA test to confirm that David was Stuart's father.

Naturally, Liza refused to consider subjecting her child to a DNA test. Krystal appeared to have second thoughts about David's claims and decided to track David down to talk to him. After Krystal left, Liza demanded to know if Jake was insane. Jake defended his idea about the paternity test. He told Liza that if they took a DNA test, then Jake could arrange for the results to reveal that someone other than David had fathered Stuart. Liza refused to risk the possibility that David would discover that the results had been tampered with.

In Marissa's room, David reminded his daughter of the losses he had suffered as a parent. David wanted Marissa to understand how important it was for him to know whether or not Liza's son was his child. Marissa admitted that David's belief-that Jake had given David's son to Liza to raise-wasn't far-fetched. David was grateful for Marissa's trust and support. Marissa urged David to back off, otherwise Liza and Jake would remain hyper-vigilant. Marissa promised David that she would do some digging to help determine, once and for all, if Liza was raising David's son.

When Liza returned home with a fussy and hungry Stuart, Colby apologized because she had sent all of Stuart's bottles out to be cleaned and sterilized. Colby went to the door with the intention of tracking down the bottles. She didn't have to go far because Marissa stood on the doorstep with bottles in hand. Marissa explained that she had passed someone from room service in the hallway. As Stuart continued to fuss, Marissa asked if she could hold him because she had a way with children. As promised, Marissa quickly quieted Stuart down. When Zach arrived and asked to speak to Liza privately, Colby and Marissa took Stuart for a walk.

As soon as they were alone, Zach handed Henry's briefcase to Liza. Zach informed Liza that he wanted her to represent Kendall, but Liza wasn't keen on the idea. Zach made it clear that if Liza refused to cooperate, he would make sure everyone learned that Stuart was not her biological son.

While Colby and Marissa walked, Marissa managed to glean interesting information about Stuart's birth, including that Jake had sent Colby out of the basement because of delivery complications. Colby also noted how different Stuart had looked, moments after birth, than Jenny had.

When the girls returned to Liza's room, Colby was surprised when her mother announced that she had agreed to defend Kendall. Colby worried caring for an infant and defending a murder case might be too much for Liza to handle. When Marissa offered to work for Liza as a law clerk, Colby endorsed the idea. Liza agreed that she would think about it. After Marissa left, Liza asked if Colby thought Marissa could be trusted. Colby confessed that she didn't judge Marissa based on David's behavior, because Colby knew what it was like to have a "crazy" father.

Outside the Yacht Club, Krystal joined David at his table. Krystal was surprised when David admitted that he had been wrong to suggest that Liza's baby could be his son. David attributed the erroneous conclusion to his profound grief over losing another child. Krystal seemed relieved that David had returned to his senses.

However, the good will soured when David asked Krystal if she loved him. When she responded that she did, David assumed that they would reconcile. Krystal was forced to explain to David that she couldn't be with him because they brought out the worst in each other. David vowed not to give up on Krystal and begged her to tell him what she wanted. Krystal's answer was to walk way.

When David returned to Marissa's room, she told him about her visit with Liza and Colby. David became excited when he realized that Stuart had spit-up all over Marissa's dress. David realized that he had DNA evidence that he could use.

At home, Krystal told Jake that David had a change of heart about Liza's baby. Jake hoped that it meant that David would stay out of Liza's life. After Krystal left the room, Jake received a phone call. It appeared that someone gave Jake an update of some sort. Before he ended the call, Jake told the mystery person to give the "little guy" a kiss for him.

At Ryan's penthouse, Kendall revealed that Henry North had died and that she'd been granted a continuance in court. Kendall was taken aback when Erica walked into the room wearing Ryan's shirt and sporting wet hair. Given Ryan's state of undress, Kendall asked what was going on. However, she didn't stick around for any answers.

After Kendall left, Ryan told Erica that Kendall's trial had been postponed. Erica was delighted and decided to follow her daughter. To Ryan's amusement, Erica rushed out the door. Erica returned when she realized that she wasn't dressed for dashing across town. After Erica changed into her own clothes, Ryan told her that he had put her cell phone in a plastic bag with rice. Ryan promised that it would help dry out the phone. Erica didn't think the trick would work, but thanked Ryan for his consideration by kissing him gently on the cheek before she left.

A short time later, Aidan stopped by to talk to Ryan about Annie. Aidan was surprised when Ryan announced his decision to stay out of Kendall's legal troubles. Ryan was confident that Jesse would solve Stuart's murder. Aidan agreed that it was time that they stopped trying to save women who were never really theirs to begin with. After Aidan's departure, Ryan checked Erica's cell phone. He smiled when it turned on.

Kendall went to Fusion. When she saw a picture of her mother, perched on an easel, Kendall recalled seeing Erica in Ryan's shirt. Angry, Kendall stormed over to Erica's picture, pulled it off the easel, and threw it to the ground. When Erica walked in, she immediately spotted the poster on the floor. Erica ignored it to focus on Kendall.

Erica tried to assure Kendall that there was nothing going on between her and Ryan, but Kendall didn't seem to believe her. Erica wondered why it mattered to Kendall when Kendall had Zach to love her. Kendall insisted that Zach didn't want her. Erica pointed out that Zach wouldn't continue to help Kendall if he didn't love her. Erica then reminded Kendall of all of the people who were trying to help her, including Erica. Erica went on to tell Kendall about her encounter with Annie.

Kendall remained hostile until Erica showed her daughter the marks that Annie had left on her neck. Kendall was horrified when she realized that she could have lost her mother. Kendall's mood shifted and, by the time she left to meet Zach, Kendall jokingly warned Erica not to get caught in any sprinklers again.

Alone, Erica picked up a mirror to look at the bruises on her neck. Her troubled thoughts were quickly replaced by happy memories of her and Ryan running through the sprinklers. Adam's arrival brought Erica's musings to an abrupt end. Adam accused Erica of targeting Annie because of jealousy. Erica denied the accusation; she feared that Adam would meet the same fate as Stuart if he stayed with Annie.

Kendall was furious when Zach revealed that he had hired Liza to represent her. Kendall warned, "I'll plead guilty before I let that bitch defend me!""

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