07/14/2009 David Gets The DNA Results

"Brot was working at the hospital when Taylor returned the pager that he had left in her purse. He thanked her and commented that she looked very nice. She stated that she had a lunch meeting at the Yacht Club with Tad. Brot assumed that she was going on a date, but she refused to call it that. He told her to have fun. She said, "I'm sorry." He replied, "There's nothing to be sorry about."

Tad found Jake to tell him that David ordered a secret DNA test on Liza's baby. Tad was nervous that David would discover that the baby was truly his son. Tad warned Jake that Amanda would leave him, if she found out that he gave Liza her baby. Jake promised Tad that he had everything under control.

Marissa and David discussed baby Stuart. Marissa hoped that the baby was not David's, because that would mean that Jake, Liza, and Amanda faked a baby's death.

David noticed Amanda at the hospital. He commended her for seeing a therapist. He wished that he had the strength to deal with his problems like Amanda. She admitted that she was having a hard time getting over the loss of their child. He proceeded to tell her that he felt a strong connection to Liza's baby. She confessed that she felt the same connection. David wondered if Stuart was their child. David then accused Liza and Jake of stealing their baby. Amanda said that David was crazy and ran away crying.

Brot mopped the hospital floor as David bumped into him. Water spilled and David ordered Brot to clean the mess. Brot said it was David's fault, so he should clean it. David told Brot to do his job. Brot handed David the mop and exclaimed, "I quit!"

Jake witnessed the interaction between David and Brot and sneered at David. David told Jake that Amanda left the hospital in tears. Jake assumed that David informed Amanda of his theories on Liza's baby. David claimed that he no longer thought the baby was his. David knew that Amanda would never willingly let Liza have her baby. David further noted that Jake would not give the baby to Liza because that would break his wife's heart. David stormed off and Jake was left with a sheepish look on his face.

Colby asked Liza if she could take Stuart outside. Liza said yes, but she warned Colby to keep the baby away from David. Colby inquired why and Liza revealed that David claimed the baby was his. Colby called David evil and noted that he was crazy to think that Liza would steal a baby.

After Liza left, Colby tried to take care of Stuart, but the baby cried uncontrollably. Marissa showed up and offered to help Colby. Colby curtly declined the offer, so Marissa wondered if something was wrong. Colby stated that she wanted to keep Stuart away from David. Marissa affirmed that she was not like her father, so Colby agreed to let Marissa help. Marissa held Stuart and he stopped crying.

Amanda went to see Stuart. Amanda asked to hold the baby and Colby reluctantly said yes. Marissa keenly watched Amanda's interaction with the baby. Amanda rocked the baby in her arms and did not want to let him go.

Marissa went to see David at the hospital. She reported that she watched Amanda "zero in on Stuart." David held up an envelope and announced that the DNA results were in. David opened the envelope and eagerly read the results.

Amanda confronted Jake about Stuart. She demanded to know if the baby was hers. He told her that Stuart was Liza's baby, but Amanda was skeptical. Amanda asked him to swear on his love for her that he did not give her baby to Liza.

Taylor showed up at Tad's house to inform him that he missed their lunch date. He apologized profusely for standing her up. He explained that he was very busy and their date slipped his mind. She turned to leave, but he begged her to stay. He changed into a suit and asked her to accompany him to the club. She was uninterested and confessed that she was not into yacht clubs. Tad stated that he was not into swanky places, either. He asked her to hang out at his home and she agreed.

Tad and Taylor swapped stories about their stressful situations. Taylor explained that she did not know what to do with her life since she was out of the military and no longer with Brot. Tad stated that he was tired of dealing with "garbage," especially since his near-death experience made him appreciate life more. He then suggested that they go on a mission to "blow out the garbage" in their lives. She laughed and agreed.

Angie visited Frankie and Randi at their apartment. Angie said that she wanted to watch the press conference with them. Randi asked what the conference was about. Frankie explained that his father had to announce the results of Henry's autopsy to the press. Randi looked nervous and fainted.

Randi regained consciousness and assured Frankie and Angie that she was fine. They all watched the press conference. Jesse announced on television that the cause of Henry's death was a car accident. Jesse reported that the coroner suspected Henry fell asleep at the wheel and crashed.

Randi recalled the night that she and Jesse staged Henry's car accident. She said that she did not feel well and ran to the bathroom. Angie then mentioned to Frankie that Jesse seemed extremely tense during the conference. She wondered if Jesse was hiding something about the case. Frankie assured her that Jesse had nothing to do with Henry's death.

After Angie left, Frankie had a heart-to-heart talk with Randi. Frankie assumed that Randi's sick spells were due to more than morning sickness. He thought that Randi felt anxious about the pregnancy, especially because her mother was not around. He reminded Randi that her mother would be proud of the adversity she overcame. He further noted that Randi's mother would be pleased with the life Randi built for herself. He affirmed that Randi would be a great mother and she smiled. He told her that he wanted to take her somewhere special, so they left the apartment.

Zach met with Jesse at the police station. Zach inquired if the investigation of Henry's accident was finished. Jesse assured Zach that it was a closed case. Then, Madison arrived. She revealed that she had the security footage from Henry's hotel. She knew that Jesse and Randi covered up Henry's murder. Madison wondered why Jesse helped a hooker like Randi.

Zach left the station, so Jesse and Madison could speak privately. Jesse explained that Randi and Henry shared a romantic history. He stated that Henry wanted to rekindle the flame, but Randi refused. He further noted that Henry tried to rape Randi, but she fought him off. Jesse urged Madison not to implicate Randi. Madison agreed to keep quiet about Randi, if Jesse helped her file an insurance claim. Madison explained that Henry spent a lot of her money and she wanted to recover it through his life insurance plan, which was worth ten million dollars. She told Jesse to make sure that she got her money.

Frankie took Randi to the Yacht Club. She felt better after sitting outside in the sun. They happily talked about the pregnancy. Meanwhile, Brot was at the club and overheard the news. Brot congratulated the couple. Brot stated that he was happy they worked out their issues, even though he regretted not being abIe to do so with Taylor.

Frankie and Brot left the table and Randi sat peacefully on her own. Madison, wearing all black, approached Randi and introduced herself as Henry's widow. Randi looked uneasy.

Angie asked Jake for help. Angie wanted to see Henry's autopsy, so Jake got it for her. Angie immediately met with Jesse after reading the coroner's notes. She found it odd that Henry's neck was not broken, since he supposedly hit his head very hard against the car's windshield. Also, she wondered why the coroner did not conduct a more thorough examination. Jesse urged her to "let it go." She asked him if he was involved in Henry's death. He affirmed that he was not a killer. She apologized for accusing him of misdeeds. She was certain that Jesse would never lie to her. As she hugged him, he displayed a guilty look on his face.

Zach and Kendall were at their home. Kendall did not want Liza to represent her. He stated that Kendall did not have a choice, and left.

Liza arrived at Kendall's home to discuss the case. The nanny claimed that Kendall was not home, but Liza knew otherwise. Kendall revealed herself and told Liza to leave. Liza reminded Kendall that she needed a brilliant lawyer. Kendall noted that she hated Liza and did not want to work with her. Liza said that the feeling was mutual, but they had to cooperate. Kendall wondered why Liza wanted the case. Liza admitted that, if she won the case, it would be great publicity for her.

Kendall agreed to give Liza a chance. Liza planned to put Kendall on the stand, so Liza prepped Kendall for court. Liza asked Kendall questions about the night of Stuart's murder. Kendall became more and more emotional as Liza interrogated her. Then, Zach arrived at home and saw Kendall crying. Kendall ran out of the room.

Liza explained to Zach that Kendall needed to get emotional on the stand, so when Kendall cried, the jury would cry with her. Liza assured him that she would win the case, especially since he was blackmailing her.

After Liza left, Kendall admitted to Zach that Liza was a suitable lawyer. Nevertheless, Kendall asked Zach why he hired Liza. He replied that Liza was good and available. Kendall felt that he was hiding something. Zach was annoyed that Kendall did not trust him.

Kendall wished that they would stop hurting each other. Zach reminded her that he slept with Liza once, while he was single. Zach further reminded Kendall that she had a love affair with Ryan, while she was married to him. Zach affirmed that Kendall betrayed him.

Kendall stated that her affair with Ryan was over because she wanted to be with Zach. She told Zach that she was trying to make amends, but he was not receptive to her attempts. She admitted that she still loved him. He grabbed her and they kissed."

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