07/10/2009 David Tells Krystal & Marissa His Suspicions

"At the hospital, David questioned Jake's interest in Liza's son. Jake reminded David that he and Liza were friends; naturally, Jake was concerned about her sick child.

Nearby, Amanda asked if Liza was trying to keep her away from Stuart. Liza admitted that she feared it would be difficult for Amanda to see a baby so soon after losing her son. Amanda didn't deny it; however, she asked Liza if she could hold Stuart. Liza gently passed the baby to Amanda. Amanda was only able to hold Stuart for a few moments before she was overcome with emotion. Amanda returned Stuart to Liza then quickly walked away. Amanda was in tears by the time she caught up with Jake and told him how much she missed her baby.

At the Martin residence, Tad was collecting items for a yard sale when Krystal walked into the living room looking for one of Jenny's things. Krystal offered to move out of the overcrowded house. Tad appreciated Krystal's concern, but he made it clear that he wanted her to stay. As Krystal walked out of the room, she mumbled that David had become fixated on Liza's baby. Tad found the comment curious and asked her what had happened. Krystal told Tad about the incident at the restaurant and David's decision to follow Liza to the hospital. Tad muttered an excuse, then rushed out the door.

Tad found Liza at the Yacht Club enjoying the fresh air with her son. He warned Liza about David's suspicions. Liza was confident that her secret was safe, but Tad disagreed. Tad was certain that eventually the truth would come out.

David showed up at the Martin residence moments after Tad had left. David told Krystal that he suspected that Jake and Amanda had lied about his son's death. David went on to reveal that he believed Liza was passing his son off as her own. Krystal thought that David was wrong. She didn't have any doubt that Amanda's grief was genuine.

When Jake returned home, Krystal told him about David's suspicions. Jake thought that the accusations were insane, but Krystal noticed that Jake had not denied the allegations. As Jake made his way to the front door, Krystal reminded Jake that she knew how easy it was to tamper with blood tests. When Jake opened the door, Krystal asked Jake if Liza's baby belonged to David. Liza stood in the doorway with a surprised expression on her face.

Marissa, JR, and Little A were enjoying a carpet picnic, complete with s'mores, when they heard a knock at the door. Little A went to answer it and was delighted when he saw David. Little A eagerly told his grandfather about his afternoon. JR quickly gathered up his son and they left.

Alone with David, Marissa warned her father that she was too old to be told whom she could date. David revealed that the purpose of his visit was to inform her that her little brother might be alive. Marissa was stunned by the news. David explained that he needed her help to prove his theory, because she was the only person he could trust.

The Hubbards were gathered at Angie and Jesse's apartment when they learned from a television news report of Henry North's death. Jesse insisted that he needed to get to the police station and left. Randi also came up with an excuse and followed Jesse out of the apartment. Angie confided to Frankie that she was worried. Angie told Frankie about Jesse's trip to Washington, DC, as well as cryptic comments Jesse had made about Henry. Frankie realized that Angie suspected that Jesse might have had a hand in Henry's death. Frankie assured his mother that Jesse wasn't involved.

In the hallway, Jesse urged Randi to relax. He reminded her that Henry's head injury would be consistent with a car accident. Jesse advised Randi to focus on shoring up her alibi by making sure that Kendall was apprised of the business trip that Randi had supposedly scheduled.

At the Slater home, Zach told Kendall that Henry North had been killed in a car crash. Kendall found the timing of the accident questionable; she asked Zach what had really happened. Zach denied having anything to do with Henry's death. However, Zach was curious what Kendall knew about Randi's business trip. Kendall had no idea what Zach was talking about.

Later, Jackson and Kendall went to court to ask the judge for a continuance because of Henry's death. The judge granted the request. After court was adjourned, Kendall wondered why Jack seemed down. Jack admitted that the timing of the D.A.'s demise was questionable. Kendall took offense and asked if Jack suspected her of driving Henry off the road simply because she had been driving on the night that Greenlee had died.

Jack was stunned by the revelation. Kendall began apologizing when she realized what she had said, but it was too late. Jack felt betrayed because he had unknowingly shared the pain of losing his daughter with the person who had been responsible for her death. Jack washed his hands of Kendall. Before he stormed out of the courtroom, he advised her to hire a new attorney.

Randi met up with Kendall moments later. Randi made a point of mentioning the business trip and the missed flight. Kendall was distracted and didn't ask too many questions. Randi confided to Kendall that she had hated the way that Henry had treated Kendall.

At the casino, Natalia, accompanied by another police officer, notified Madison of Henry's death. Madison appeared distraught by the news. Later, Madison was taken to Henry's hotel room. She asked why she had been shown her husband's room when he had died in a car accident. Madison was surprised when she was told that they had found something in Henry's room.

Later, Jesse, followed by Zach, walked into Henry's hotel room. Zach was there to make certain that everyone knew that Kendall had an alibi for the time of Henry's accident. Jesse, who had managed to persuade the police to allow Jesse to lead the investigation, was informed that an earring had been found in Henry's room. When Zach quietly asked if it had belonged to Randi, Jesse subtly reminded Zach that Randi also had an alibi. Zach backed off. Meanwhile, Madison requested that her husband's liaison not be made public. Madison insisted that it wasn't necessary, since her husband had died in an accident. After Zach and Madison left, Jesse learned that the hotel's security tapes were missing.

Randi was waiting for Jesse when he returned home. Randi became anxious when Jesse revealed that her earring had been found in Henry's room. Jesse didn't think the earring would be an issue because the surveillance tapes were missing.

At the Yacht Club, Ryan and Erica strolled along the boardwalk. Erica confided that she greatly admired Ryan. Erica seemed embarrassed after she made the confession. Ryan decided to surprise Erica. He took her hand and pulled her along with him. When they reached a grassy area, Ryan asked Erica to hand over all of her forms of communication. Reluctantly, Erica complied. A short time later, Ryan and Erica were sailing.

It was evident to Ryan that Erica was enjoying herself. He told her that she needed to have more fun in her life. He asked Erica if she was happy. Erica admitted that she would enjoy her life more if she had someone special to share it with. According to Erica, she hadn't met that person yet. After they returned to shore, Erica thanked Ryan for an enjoyable afternoon. Before they were able to retrieve Erica's cell phone, the club's sprinklers popped up. Erica and Ryan were drenched by the time they had rescued Erica's things, so Ryan invited Erica back to his place.

Ryan had a towel wrapped around his hips when Kendall rang the doorbell. Kendall told Ryan about Henry's death, but stopped short when Erica entered the room. Erica wore one of Ryan's shirts and was in the process of drying her hair.

Madison watched a video of Randi entering Henry's room on July 06, 2009. When she heard a knock at her door, Madison stopped the tape and then opened the door to Zach. Zach had stopped by at Madison's request. Madison explained that she had something for Zach. Moments later, she held up Henry's briefcase as she told Zach that it contained all of Henry's files on Kendall's case. Madison wanted Zach to have it. The offer made Zach realize that Madison had murdered her husband."

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