07/09/2009 Henry Is Found

"Amanda was nervous about seeing a therapist. She worried that the therapist would figure out she was lying about the baby's death. Jake said that it might help Amanda to talk to a therapist about her feelings. He said the baby might have died, but Amanda was still going through a painful experience. The therapist called Amanda into her office.

Joe asked Jake how he was handling his new life. Jake said he was worried that something would come between him and Amanda. Jake wondered if he was giving Amanda enough love and support. Joe suggested that Jake keep a tight hold on Amanda, but give her enough space to breathe, too.

Erica met Jackson for lunch. Jackson said Kendall's behavior was not helping her criminal case. Jackson told Erica about Kendall breaking into Adam's house and trying to get Annie to admit she killed Stuart. Erica said Kendall was only fighting for her freedom. Liza walked by, with the baby in a stroller, and said Adam and Annie were tired of Kendall harassing them. Erica reminded Liza that Annie attacked Erica at Adam's home.

Not far away, Krystal met David at the restaurant. David thanked Krystal for meeting him. He asked her if they could try to fix the problems in their marriage. Krystal said they ended up wallowing in each other's sadness as a couple. David asked Krystal if she still loved him.

David heard Liza's baby crying and went to see if anything was wrong. Jackson noticed that the baby's face was red. David touched the baby's forehead. Liza slapped his hand away and told him to leave her baby alone. David said the baby was running a fever. Liza walked off with the crying baby.

David apologized to Jackson and Erica for interrupting their lunch. He assumed that Erica and Jackson were discussing Kendall's case. David said he hoped that they were not plotting to make him look like Stuart's killer. Erica said that since David was testifying for the prosecution, he was fair game. David told Erica that he had nothing against Kendall.

David went back to Krystal. He said it was strange that Liza did not want him touching the sick baby. David decided to go see if Liza took the baby to the hospital, leaving Krystal alone at the table.

Zach went home and told Ryan said that Kendall was safe. Zach demanded to know where Kendall had been hiding. Kendall emerged, said it did not matter where she was, and wanted to know where Zach had been. Zach said he went to Washington, DC, to follow Henry. Kendall said she went to Adam to discuss a plan that would get Annie to admit she killed Stuart. Adam pretended to get his memory back and remembered Annie killing Stuart. Kendall said Annie did not fall for Adam's act. Zach said Henry never returned to his hotel room.

Kendall went to take care of one of her crying babies. Zach was not happy that Ryan lied to him about Kendall's whereabouts. Ryan said Zach had gone to Washington before Kendall even asked him for help. Ryan said Kendall would have gone through with her plan with or without Ryan's help. Zach said that he and Ryan were not a team, even if it meant clearing Kendall's name faster.

Zach got a call from an employee at the hotel where Henry was staying before his death. The employee said that Henry's rental car was missing, but he had not returned to the hotel. The employee said he would call the police in 24 hours if Henry did not show up.

Kendall returned to talk with Ryan. She was surprised that Zach had left. Ryan said that Kendall could have gotten herself in trouble by tricking Annie. He suggested that Kendall keep a low profile until the trial. Kendall said she would not lose her children and Zach. Ryan looked surprised that Kendall mentioned Zach. Kendall said she meant Zach as just a member of her family. Ryan said he understood, but needed to find a way to protect his children without interfering in Kendall's marriage.

Zach spotted Madison at the casino. Zach offered to buy her a cup of coffee. He asked her if she had spoken to Henry. Madison said there was no point in speaking to Henry, because their marriage was over. Zach said he went to Henry's room, but no one was there. Madison remembered Henry waking up after being hit by Randi and begging her to help him. Instead, Madison took a statue and hit Henry, sending him to his death. Madison said Zach might have had the wrong room or maybe Henry had run off with some other woman.

Jesse remembered helping Randi cover up Henry's murder. Angie noticed that Jesse seemed to be distracted. She went to check on him. Angie figured that Jesse was upset about Henry. Jesse said he never found Henry, but thought Kendall would get a fair trial. Also, Jesse said he had no plans to step down as police chief. Angie said Frankie was released from the hospital and sent home. Angie brought up the trial, but Jesse did not want to discuss it.

Randi had a nightmare about her fight with Henry. Frankie woke Randi up and she was glad to see Frankie home from the hospital. Frankie asked Randi why she was not on her business trip. Randi said the flight was canceled and the business not important enough to reschedule. Frankie touched Randi's face, but she pulled away.

Randi said she did not go on the business trip because she was pregnant. Frankie was thrilled with the news. Randi wanted to keep the pregnancy quiet for a while, but agreed to let Jesse and Angie in on the big announcement.

Zach stopped at Frankie and Randi's apartment. While Randi was in the shower, Frankie answered the door. Frankie asked Zach why he stopped by. As Randi showered, she remembered Henry kissing her. After Randi got dressed, she left the bathroom and heard Zach tell Frankie that he was there to pick up a folder for Kendall. Randi asked Frankie to get her the folder. While Frankie was gone, Zach asked Randi if she was with Henry in Washington. Randi said she did not see Henry.

Frankie did not find the folder. Randi claimed she must have left the folder at work. Frankie still seemed confused about Zach's reasons for visiting Randi. Before Frankie could ask Zach anything, Randi spat out that she was pregnant. Zach congratulated the couple, and left. Frankie asked Randi why she blurted out the pregnancy if it was supposed to be a secret. Randi said she just got excited and wanted to tell somebody.

Amanda left the therapy session smiling. She said it helped to speak to the therapist.

Liza took the baby to the hospital to see Jake. They took the baby to an examining room.

David found Amanda at the hospital. Amanda said Jake was with Liza and the baby. David suggested that Jake was trying to replace the loss of Amanda's baby with Liza's baby. He thought it was just strange that Liza and Jake spent so much time together. Amanda said David's theory made no sense, and walked off.

Liza and Jake went to the waiting room with the baby. They told David that the baby would be fine. David asked Liza if the baby was examined at the hospital after birth. Jake said the baby was examined properly. Liza told Jake to stop interfering in her life and walked off.

Amanda, who had been hiding, followed Liza inside the elevator. Amanda bent down to touch the baby and Liza pushed her hand away. Amanda asked Liza if she was trying to keep Amanda from the baby. David questioned Jake about his relationship with Liza. Jake said Liza felt close to him because he delivered her baby.

Erica and Ryan met at a pier for a walk. Ryan said it was obvious that Kendall still loved Zach. Ryan thought it was best for him to stay away from Kendall. Erica thought Ryan was making the right decision by leaving Kendall alone. Erica said she was proud of Ryan.

Frankie and Randi went to Jesse and Angie's home. They announced the pregnancy. Angie and Jesse were happy to hear the news. Jesse hugged Randi and told her that everything would be fine. Jesse, Angie, Frankie, and Randi toasted to the couple on their pregnancy. Jesse got a phone call from his coworkers telling him to turn on the news. The family listened to a reporter announce that Henry's rental car, and possible body, were found.

Zach went back to Henry's hotel room, where he found authorities. The hotel employee said a car with a badly burned body inside was found at the bottom of a cliff. The employee said authorities believed Henry was the victim.

Natalia and another police officer went to the casino to speak with Madison.

Zach went home and told Kendall that Henry was dead."

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