07/08/2009 Damage Control

"Madison happily told Zach that his pep talk worked; she showed Henry that she had power. Zach asked how she did that, but she would not say. Instead, she assured Zach that Henry would no longer bother Kendall. Zach pressed her for details, but she said nothing. Madison then played a hand of blackjack and won. She announced that her luck was changing already.

Madison recalled seeing Henry in his hotel room. Henry was on the floor in pain. She asked if one of his hookers had hurt him. He begged her for help. She stated, "You're making it hard for me to love you." Then, she hit Henry over the head with a bookend and killed him. After Madison replayed the gruesome scene in her head, she called the hotel and pretended to be inside the room.

Randi looked at Henry's lifeless body on the hotel floor and asked Jesse if the D.A. was dead. Jesse checked Henry's pulse and confirmed that he was dead. Randi began to freak out. Jesse assured her that everything would be fine as he grabbed his cell phone to call the police. She begged him not to call the police, but he stated it was necessary.

Randi feared that the police would not believe that Henry attacked her, since there was no sign of a struggle in the room. Jesse said that he believed her story, but he needed to call the authorities. Randi announced, "I'm pregnant!" Jesse wondered if his son knew. She said no, because she just found out.

Jesse rethought his original stance and decided not to call the police. Randi was frantic and worried that Frankie would find out and leave her. She cried as she stated that Frankie treated her like a normal person, even though she was a prostitute. She was grateful that Frankie took a chance on her. Jesse affirmed that Frankie was right to take a chance on her. He reminded her that she was about to give Frankie the greatest gift, a baby. Jesse noted that his son would be excited to learn the news. He further noted that Angie would be elated, just like he was.

Jesse asked if anyone knew Randi went to see Henry in his hotel room. Randi said that no one saw her enter the hotel. Then, she remembered a recent encounter she had with Zach. She explained to Jesse that Zach followed Henry to her apartment. Zach had questioned Randi about her relationship with Henry and she admitted that they shared a romantic history. She also divulged to Zach that Henry wanted to meet her in his hotel room.

Jesse was furious with Zach. Jesse assumed that Zach encouraged Randi to visit with Henry in order to help Kendall's cause. Randi said that Zach actually warned her to stay away from Henry. She explained that she met with Henry because she thought that she could talk him out of hurting Kendall and Jesse. Jesse wondered why she felt the need to protect him. She revealed that Henry threatened to make Jesse's life a "living hell" if she did not meet him. Then, Zach called Jesse, but he ignored the call. Zach proceeded to call Henry's phone, but there was no answer there, either.

Jesse was certain that they needed to cover up the crime, but he was not sure how. There was a knock at the door and room service announced that they had food for Henry. Jesse pretended to be Henry and told the waiter to leave the food outside the door. Jesse slipped a generous tip under the door and the waiter left. Jesse brought the large food cart into the room. He stated, "It's time for damage control."

Jesse cleaned up the hotel room, so there was no sign of foul play. Jesse placed Henry underneath the cart, so his body was covered completely by a tablecloth. Randi and Jesse then wheeled Henry out of the hotel.

Zach went to Henry's hotel room and knocked on the door. When Henry did not answer, Zach paid an employee to open the room. Zach wondered where Henry was.

Jesse placed Henry's body in the front seat of a car. Jesse ran the car off of the road, so it looked like an accident had killed Henry.

Kendall and Ryan were in the tunnels of the Chandler mansion eavesdropping on Adam, Annie, and JR. Adam claimed that he remembered the entire night of Stuart's murder. He further declared that he saw Annie shoot Stuart. JR was outraged and told Annie to confess. She refused to admit to the crime and affirmed her innocence.

Annie found it odd that Adam suddenly accused her of the crime, after defending her for weeks. She asked Adam if anyone coerced him to turn on her. Adam admitted that he did not see Annie kill his brother. He explained that he was testing Annie to be completely sure she was innocent. She felt betrayed and stormed out of the room.

JR did not understand why Adam was playing games. Adam assured JR that he believed Annie was not the killer. JR was frustrated and left.

Kendall and Ryan emerged from the tunnels and admonished Adam for being too easy on Annie. Ryan stated that, if Adam pressed Annie harder for information, she would have cracked and confessed. Adam was annoyed that Kendall convinced him to test Annie. Adam called his security guards and told them to arrest Kendall and Ryan for breaking and entering. Kendall immediately called Jack.

Before Kendall and Ryan could be carted off to jail, Jack met them at the mansion. Jack questioned everyone about the night. Jack said that Kendall and Ryan could not have trespassed, because Adam was in cahoots with them. Jack quipped that Adam should be arrested for wasting everyone's time. Kendall and Ryan were released.

Jack, Kendall, and Ryan went to Kendall's home. Jack scolded Kendall for taking matters into her own hands and concocting a scheme that involved Adam. Jack stated that he was disgusted with them, and left the house. Kendall and Ryan exchanged sheepish glances.

Annie cried alone in her bedroom as she removed her ankle bracelet. Adam entered the room and saw the bracelet on the floor and the window open. He assumed that Annie escaped. Then, Annie revealed herself. She explained that she wanted to leave, but she had nowhere to go.

Annie was sad because she thought that she could count on Adam. He swore that she could still trust him. He stated that he wanted to be the man that made her laugh and smile. He pleaded with her to give him a second chance and she agreed. He put the ankle bracelet back on her and they kissed.

Marissa entered JR's office. She blurted out that they need to talk about their kiss. Then, Scott turned his chair around, so Marissa could see that she was not talking to JR. She was mortified. He asked if she wanted to talk about it. She explained that she and JR kissed; however, JR admitted that he was thinking about Babe during the kiss. She further divulged that JR's admission hurt her feelings and she ran away from JR.

Scott tried to cheer her up and she thanked him. He noted that he was a "planner" and a nice guy, but women usually preferred dark and mysterious men. She stated that there was some mystery in his eyes. He grabbed her hand and told he was done planning for the night.

Scott took Marissa to the casino. They played the slot machines and lost all of their money. She suggested that they pool their remaining funds and try their luck at the blackjack tables. He was nervous to lose more money, but agreed.

Scott went on a winning streak at the table. He was very excited and wanted to play more, but Marissa urged him to stop while he was ahead. He said that, if he won big, he would take her out to a big, expensive meal. Then, he noticed JR enter the casino and decided to stop playing.

JR approached Marissa and Scott at the table. JR said that he had a rough day. Scott urged JR to tell Marissa about it, and left.

Marissa and JR discussed the kiss they shared. JR apologized for thinking about Babe while he kissed Marissa. He explained that he really did like Marissa, but he needed to take things slowly, especially for Little Adam's sake. Marissa understood and said they could be friends. He admitted that he wanted to be more than friends. He asked if she wanted to go on a casual, low-key date with him. She accepted, and requested that Little Adam accompany them. JR smiled and agreed."

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