06/26/2009 Amanda Calls The Memorial A Sham

"Erica called Colby and asked her to meet her at ConFusion. Colby did not know that Erica also called Adam to meet her at the same time. Colby was annoyed to see her father. Erica stated that Colby and Adam were not allowed to leave until they talked to each other.

Colby immediately scolded her father for hiding letters that her mother sent her. Adam apologized and claimed that he hid the letters because he loved his daughter. Colby was also upset because Adam chose to live with Annie over his family. Colby could not understand why Adam was obsessed with Annie.

Adam reminded Colby that Annie saved his life and that he owed her. Colby did not buy it. Colby thought it was weird that Adam went to extremes in the past to keep his family together, but suddenly ditched his family for Annie. Erica agreed with Colby, which bothered Adam. He assumed that Erica was using Colby as a way to hurt Annie. Adam assured Colby that he loved her. He then told her to contact him when she was ready to forgive him.

After Adam left, Erica apologized for Adam's behavior. Erica stated that she wanted to help. Colby replied, "I don't need your help! You're not my mother!" Colby stormed out of ConFusion and Erica called Ryan. Erica warned Ryan that Adam was on his way home. Erica revealed that the real reason she called the meeting was to get Adam out of his house, so Ryan could spy on Annie.

Ryan spied on Annie through a window as she talked to her therapist. The therapist wanted to discuss Greenlee. Annie explained that she was jealous of Greenlee because she feared Greenlee would steal Ryan and Emma away from her. Annie even admitted to almost killing Greenlee. The therapist wondered why Annie killed Richie, but not Greenlee. Annie stated that killing Richie was an act of self-defense.

After the therapist left, Aidan entered the room. Aidan said that he wished to help Annie, but she was skeptical. He handed her a jamming device, so she could remove her ankle bracelet. He told her that she could remove the bracelet and go see Emma. Annie thought that Aidan was testing her. He swore that he wanted to see her happy. He handed her the device and left.

Aidan met Ryan and they both watched to see what Annie would do with the device. Aidan revealed that there was a bug in the device. He planned to listen to Annie's conversations from a truck. Ryan decided to stay, so he could keep an eye on Annie.

Erica met Ryan and he explained the trap that Aidan set for Annie. Erica hoped that Annie would take the bait.

Annie intently stared at the device. She then stood up and opened a desk drawer that contained a gun. She picked up the gun as she recalled Stuart getting shot and falling to the floor. Just then, Adam entered the room and startled Annie. She pointed the gun right at him.

Taylor admitted to Tad that she was no longer in love with Brot, even though she said yes to his proposal. Taylor asked for advice, but Tad was at a loss for words. Then, Brot arrived at ConFusion to meet Taylor. Tad congratulated Brot and left.

Brot and Taylor agreed that they needed to talk. At the same time they both asked, "Are you happy?" They each confessed that things did not feel the same since they returned from Iraq. They wondered why they were out of sync since they came home. Then, he inquired why she said yes to his proposal. He wondered if she said yes because she was madly in love with him or because she thought it would help fix their relationship.

She said nothing, but looked sad. He asked if she loved him. She stated that she loved him, but she was not in love with him. He felt the same way about her. Then, a slow song came on. They got up and danced. Taylor glanced at her engagement ring and began to cry.

David stood in front of the chapel and apologized profusely to Amanda. He stated that he was partly to blame for the death of their child. He wished that he would have let Amanda and Jake raise the baby in peace. Amanda stood up and yelled, "Stop! This is a sham!" David looked surprised and asked what Amanda meant by the statement. Jake claimed that she meant David's apologies were a sham. David asked Amanda if that was true. Just as Amanda was about to speak, Liza announced that she was in labor.

Liza moaned and groaned as though she were in pain. David tried to examine her, but she screamed for him to get away. Amanda and Krystal wanted to call an ambulance, but Jake told them not to. Then, Tad arrived at the chapel. Jake stated that he and Tad would take Liza to the hospital.

Amanda, Krystal, and David stayed at the memorial service. Amanda took her turn to speak. She said that she was glad her baby did not know the pain of being David's son. She stated that if death did not take her baby, David would have. David looked devastated.

David asked Amanda and Krystal if he could bury his son's ashes next to Babe, and they agreed. Krystal felt that might give everyone closure. At the gravesite, Amanda broke down and Krystal hugged her. Amanda apologized for being overly emotional and left.

Krystal asked David if the death of two babies would change him. He was not sure if he would become a better man due to the tragedies. She wondered if he really would have bought Amanda's baby. He claimed that he never would have been able to buy the baby. He did feel that he was being punished for his misdeeds, though. She noted that God did not punish fathers by taking the lives of babies. David replied, "Then, why am I forever burying my children?" Krystal embraced David to console him.

Liza, Tad, and Jake were in the car. Jake had a plan. Jake told Tad to drive Liza to his house. Then, Jake told Tad to pick up the baby from a secret address and take the baby to Liza. Tad did not want to get involved, but Jake insisted. Liza was excited because she was going to get her baby.

Liza and Jake entered Tad's house and no one was home. Jake scolded her for going into labor at the chapel, because it was not part of their plan. She felt it was the only way to prevent Amanda from telling David the truth.

Colby and Pete entered Tad's house, so Liza pretended to be in labor. Jake moved Liza into the basement to try to get her away from the teenagers. Colby was very concerned for Liza, and refused to leave her mother's side. Liza was pleased with Colby's affectionate behavior. She told Colby to stay close, which annoyed Jake. Colby wondered why the paramedics were not there. Jake claimed that he called them already.

Jake needed Colby to leave, so she would not figure out that her mother was not pregnant. Jake pretended that there were complications with Liza's labor and told Colby she needed to leave immediately. Colby went upstairs and called 9-1-1 to ask why the paramedics were taking so long.

Amanda entered Tad's home and Colby informed her that Liza was in the basement. Colby said there were complications with the labor. Amanda went to the basement. Jake and Liza looked nervous when they saw Amanda.

Tad picked up the baby and started to drive home. During the ride, he told the baby that his mother loved him very much. He also swore to watch over the baby. Then, Tad saw flashing lights and realized that a cop was pulling him over."

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