06/29/2009 Krystal & David Comfort Each Other

"At Babe's graveside, David mourned the loss of his son. David believed that God had punished him for the way he had treated others in the past. David blamed himself for his son's death. Krystal assured David that God did not use children to punish their fathers. David wondered why, if that were true, he seemed to always be burying his children. Krystal reached out to David and the two kissed. Marissa, with flowers in hand, stopped short when she saw her parents in a passionate embrace.

David and Krystal jumped apart when Marissa angrily asked what they were doing. Sheepishly, Krystal explained that she had been comforting David after he had buried his son's ashes in Babe's grave. The tension mounted when JR approached. David immediately sensed that there was an attraction simmering between Marissa and JR. His suspicions were confirmed when Marissa admitted that she and JR had kissed. Krystal quickly intervened when it appeared that things were about to turn ugly.

After David left to take Krystal home, Marissa told JR that they had to talk. Marissa admitted that she had enjoyed the time they had spent together on the boardwalk. JR confessed that he had been thinking of Babe when he had kissed Marissa. Marissa tried to hide her hurt as JR profusely apologized for kissing her under false pretenses. He explained that he had seen something in Marissa's eyes that had reminded him of Babe. JR had wondered what it would be like to kiss Babe one last time, so on impulse, he had kissed Marissa. Marissa understood why JR might have seen something of Babe in her; after all, she and Babe were twins. However, she was disappointed that JR hadn't been attracted to her.

Marissa walked away, and JR began talking to Babe's spirit. He felt horrible because he had hurt Marissa. As he wondered how Babe would look at him at that moment, a vision of Babe appeared before his eyes. She smiled with love at JR. While JR talked about his regrets with Amanda and Marissa, Babe's expression changed to one of compassion and understanding. JR wept with sorrow as he admitted to Babe that he didn't believe he'd ever love anyone the way he had loved her. When JR asked Babe if she would let him try, Babe answered by gently stroking JR's face and then slowly fading away.

Tad was pulled over by the police as he raced home with the baby. Tad's behavior led the officer to suspect that Tad had been drinking. He asked Tad to step out of the car, so that he could administer a sobriety test, which Tad later passed. While they waited for information on any outstanding warrants Tad's cell phone rang. The police officer invited Tad to answer it, but Tad declined. Tad joked that it was probably from "the old ball and chain."

The police officer was taken aback by the crude comment and suggested that Tad not refer to the mother of his newborn with such disrespect. Rather than apologize, Tad played the insensitive jerk to the hilt. When the officer received confirmation that the police didn't want Tad, he allowed Tad to go on his way. Tad checked his voicemail after he returned to his vehicle. The call had been from Jake. Jake was concerned because he hadn't heard from Tad.

At the Martin residence, Liza pretended to be in labor while Jake scrambled to make it appear as if Liza had given birth in the basement. Meanwhile, Colby, Pete, Amanda, and the paramedics frantically pounded on the locked basement door. Moments before the door was kicked in, Tad appeared at the basement window. He slipped the baby to Jake then left before anyone had spotted him. Liza was overcome with tears as Jake handed the baby to her.

Upstairs, Colby, Pete, Amanda, and the paramedics heard the baby cry out. When Jake joined them, he assured everyone that Liza and the baby were fine. Jake tried to persuade the paramedics to leave, but they insisted on transporting Liza and the baby to the hospital. Once again, Tad saved the day. Seconds after he walked through the front door, Tad complained of a tightening in his chest and shortness of breath. Jake quickly confirmed that Tad appeared to be suffering "some kind of attack." Jake urged the paramedics to rush his brother to the hospital, so Pete decided to accompany Tad.

After Tad was whisked away to the hospital, Jake returned to Liza's side. They were worried about Amanda's reaction to the baby. Liza ordered Jake to make certain that Amanda didn't see the baby. When Colby went downstairs to check on her mother and new brother, Jake went upstairs. Colby was awed by the baby and asked to hold him. As Liza handed the baby to Colby, she revealed that she intended to name her son Stuart. Colby was touched by the gesture.

Upstairs, Amanda asked Jake if they should call for another ambulance. Jake convinced Amanda that it wasn't necessary. Amanda decided to that she wanted to see the baby, but Jake managed to discourage her. However, Jake noticed Amanda's reaction to the baby's cries. Amanda admitted that the sound was unsettling; she worried that the feeling would haunt her every time she heard a child cry. Jake tried to reassure his wife that things would improve with time, but Amanda remained uneasy.

After Jake returned to check on Liza, Krystal and David walked into the living room. When Krystal and David heard the baby's cries, Amanda explained that Liza had given birth in the basement. David observed that the sound of the infant's cries must have been difficult on Amanda. Amanda confessed that it had killed her to hear the baby. Krystal rushed to Amanda's side and swept her up into a comforting hug. When Jake joined them, he mentioned that Tad had suffered an attack and had been rushed to the hospital. Krystal sprang up, determined to go to the hospital, so David offered to drive her.

After Krystal and David left, Amanda decided to see the baby. Amanda marched downstairs before Jake could stop her. Jake and Liza held their breath while Amanda looked at the baby. Jake visibly relaxed when Amanda didn't appear to recognize her son.

At the hospital, Angie insisted on giving Tad a thorough check-up, despite Tad's insistence that he was fine. While Angie took Tad to an examination room, Taylor approached Pete. Pete explained that his brother had suffered a heart attack. Taylor appeared stunned by the news and followed Pete into the lounge to await news on Tad. Later, after Angie gave Tad a clean bill of health, Pete ran off to spread the good news.

Tad wondered why Taylor was at the hospital. Taylor explained she had accompanied Brot on an errand and had bumped into Pete as Tad had been carted off. Taylor then volunteered that she had returned her engagement ring to Brot. Tad's reaction to the news was to ask Taylor out for dinner. He realized that the timing might be inappropriate, but he was eager to spend time with her.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie found a gun in Adam's desk. Annie appeared almost mesmerized by the gun as she slowly picked it up. Annie seemed to have flashbacks, of the moment that Stuart had died, while she held the gun. In a trancelike state, Annie turned and pointed the gun at the exact spot where Stuart's body had been found. Moments later, Adam entered the room from the foyer. As Annie turned toward Adam, the gun unerringly pointed at his heart. At the same moment, Ryan and Erica burst through the patio doors.

Annie was momentarily startled. Erica accused Annie of trying to kill Adam while Ryan urged Annie to lower the gun. Annie quickly recovered and rushed to explain that it had been a misunderstanding. She insisted that she had found the gun and picked it up without thought. Ryan seemed to believe Annie, much to Erica's dismay. After Ryan hustled Erica out of the door, Annie cried out, "Oh God, it almost happened again."

Annie reiterated that she hadn't meant Adam any harm. She explained that she had been lost in the moment. Adam admitted that he had seen Annie pointing the gun at the exact spot that Stuart had been murdered. Annie appeared surprised by the information, but didn't deny it. Annie insisted that she had no idea what she had been doing. Adam appeared to have doubts, but Annie answered all of the questions to his satisfaction.

Elsewhere, Aidan listened in on the conversation between Annie and Adam.

Ryan and Erica went to Ryan's penthouse. Erica was upset because Ryan had believed Annie's claims of innocence when they had questioned her about the gun. Ryan confided that he had watched Annie closely and he believed that she had been lying. Ryan suspected that Annie might have murdered Stuart.

Later, Erica returned to the Chandler estate to talk to Adam about Annie. Adam accused Erica of being jealous. Erica asked Adam to park his ego for a moment. She stressed that she was genuinely concerned for his welfare. Erica feared that Annie would kill Adam, but he scoffed at her dire warnings. Frustrated, Erica left.

Minutes later, Annie went downstairs to check on Adam. Annie started to turn when she heard a noise on the patio. Adam assured her that it had been nothing, but he had lied. Adam had spotted Erica lurking outside. Adam waited until he was certain that Erica was watching him before he leaned down to kiss Annie.

Aidan showed up at Ryan's apartment to share the details of Annie's conversation with Adam. Aidan questioned why Ryan had not called the police when Annie had been found with the gun. Ryan explained that it wouldn't have been enough to prove Annie's guilt. Aidan admitted that he had suspected Annie of murder from the moment he had learned of Stuart's death."

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