06/25/2009 A Memorial For The Baby

"At the hospital, a nurse delivered flowers from Henry to Randi. Randi put the flowers in a trash can. Frankie approached and showed Randi that he was able to move some of his fingers. Randi was excited and hugged Frankie.

Taylor ran into Brot at the hospital as she looked for Frankie. Taylor asked Brot why he did not return home. Brot said he had picked up a few extra shifts at the hospital. Taylor and Brot apologized to each other for fighting. Taylor was surprised when Brot pulled out an engagement ring. In front of the hospital employees, Brot got on one knee and asked Taylor to marry him. Taylor said yes. Brot slipped the ring on her finger as Frankie and Randi walked up. The four friends celebrated the engagement with some champagne. Brot agreed to catch up with Taylor at ConFusion. Randi and Frankie also left. Taylor looked at the ring on her finger again.

Colby left Marissa, JR, and Little Adam at the restaurant. Scott delivered some papers by for JR to sign. Scott said Adam was too busy with Annie's problems to do the work himself. Marissa and Little Adam went to play songs on the jukebox while Adam and JR discussed business. Scott said JR seemed happier when he was with Marissa. JR said Marissa made him laugh. JR said that he needed to move out of Adam's house, even if Annie was not living there. He said it has been great having Marissa so close to him and Little Adam, and while he was not looking to replace Babe, he definitely wanted to explore his relationship with Marissa further.

Scott did not seem thrilled about JR's interest in Marissa. JR asked Scott if he wanted to date Marissa. Scott said he and Marissa became fast friends simply because they had both lost parents. Scott did admit that Marissa was doing well in town, partly because of JR's friendship. Scott talked about a new mission he created for the company that would honor Stuart. JR, Marissa, and Little Adam went to the beach. While Little Adam played, Marissa and JR shared a kiss. JR pulled away, apologized, and went to get Little Adam.

Krystal saw Tad looking at the ashes of Amanda's supposedly dead baby sitting on an entertainment center in his living room. Krystal said her heart broke for Amanda. Tad said he was not upset. He wanted to take Kathy to the beach for a picnic lunch. Krystal was appalled at Tad's odd behavior. Tad said he felt like the baby was not even gone.

Amanda dreamed of the moment she held her baby. She woke up and called out to Jake. Instead, David was looming over her. Amanda asked David to leave, but David wanted to stay. Amanda said Jake was helping her get through the pain. David said it was easy for Jake to help Amanda because the baby did not belong to him.

David said that no one else would know the pain he and Amanda were going through. David apologized to Amanda for treating her so badly during the pregnancy. Amanda told David that she did not want his apology after he had done so many horrible things to her. David said he might have let Amanda and Jake raise the child if he had lived. Amanda called David a liar. She said he was only being nice because the baby was gone.

Krystal took the baby's ashes to Amanda's apartment. She did not expect to see David, too. Amanda told Krystal that she did not want the ashes. David took the ashes while Krystal comforted Amanda. Amanda rushed to her bedroom sobbing. David said he wanted to do something special so everyone could say goodbye to the baby.

Jake met Liza to discuss Amanda's baby. Liza was upset that Amanda got to hold her baby. She was worried that Amanda would recognize the baby, and even worse, David would find out the baby was not dead. Jake said Amanda would eventually forget about her baby. Liza told Jake it was not that easy for him to forget about Colby. Jake said Liza would have to find another baby to use in her plan.

Liza told Jake the plan was always for her to take Amanda's baby. Jake said the plan was to give Amanda's baby to adoptive parents, not to Liza. Jake told Liza to settle down somewhere outside of Pine Valley and she would get the baby in a month. Liza said her life was in Pine Valley. She refused to ask Colby to leave town again. Also, Liza said her business was picking up. Jake said Liza had one month to get out of town and get the baby.

Colby met Liza at the pier after Jake was gone. Liza told Colby she wanted to move before the baby was born, and hoped Colby would go with her. Colby said she was not ready to move away from her friends, family, and school. Liza said they could move to another town close to Pine Valley. Colby said it did not make sense that her mother wanted to move so close to giving birth. Colby said it was obvious she was not as important to her mother as she thought.

Jake went to see Tad. Tad said he was not happy about Liza getting Amanda's baby without Amanda's consent. Tad said Amanda would recognize the baby once Liza paraded it around town. Jake said everything would work out. He went home to see Amanda. She greeted him by throwing the fake ashes on his shirt. Jake said he just wanted the baby's death to seem as real as possible.

Amanda said she almost blew it in front of David and Krystal because she did not know about the ashes. Amanda said David had planned a memorial for the baby. Amanda said it was a mistake to give the baby up for adoption. After David's apologies, Amanda thought he would not be a threat to her. Jake said David would try to take the baby from Amanda.

Krystal and Tad got ready for the memorial. Tad continued to make jokes as Krystal tried to talk about the baby's death.

Jake and Amanda went to the memorial. Others, including Liza, poured into the chapel. Liza whispered to Jake that the plan for her to move was not going to work out. Jake took his place beside Amanda and David as the service started. David was the first one to speak at the memorial. He apologized to Amanda publicly for the pain he caused her. Amanda stood up and told David the memorial was a sham.

Taylor saw Tad at ConFusion. They were both in a sour mood. Taylor showed Tad the ring and said she did not know if she still loved Brot romantically. Taylor said they were two different people trying to create a love that was no longer there. Tad said he wanted to give Taylor advice, but was not sure what to say.

Colby went by Chandler Enterprises to sign papers about the family trust for Scott. Colby said Liza wanted them to leave town. Scott suggested that Colby not push her mother out of her life.

Henry showed up at the hospital looking for Randi. Randi told Henry she threw away his flowers. Henry wanted Randi to go with him out of town, but Randi refused. Randi explained that she was married, but Henry replied that he would change her mind. Frankie walked up and asked Henry if they knew each other. Henry said he worked for the district attorney's office and knew Jesse."

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