06/18/2009 David Apologizes To Krystal

"Tad caught Krystal as she fainted. Angie immediately came to Krystal's aide.

Jesse told a police officer to lock David in a cell until he sobered up. Jesse asked David if he needed a lawyer because Liza was in the room. David said he did not seem to get along with Liza lately. Also, he joked that he was known for stealing babies. Angie called Jesse to let him know that she would be home late. Jesse told David that Krystal collapsed at the hospital. David tried to leave, but an officer held him back. Liza told Jesse that David had already been charged with drunk driving so he had no reason to hold David at the police station. Jesse released David to Liza's custody.

Angie told Tad that Krystal was getting a cat scan, but Angie was not sure why Krystal collapsed. Angie told Tad that Frankie was back from Germany, but had been very withdrawn from everyone.

Brot went to see Frankie. Frankie said he wanted to be left alone. Brot told him that was not going to happen. Brot said Jesse was worried about Frankie. Frankie claimed he did not care about anyone or anything. Brot told Frankie that he probably felt like a lost soul. Brot said he had those same feelings, but pushed them aside after Frankie and Taylor forced him to open up. Frankie said his future was bleak without the full use of his hands.

Randi met Taylor at ConFusion. Randi said she was frustrated because Frankie was not communicating with her. Taylor encouraged Randi not to give up on Frankie. Randi said Frankie thought he'd failed her, but Randi felt like she failed him. Randi said Frankie saw the person he used to be every time he looked at her. Randi thought she could not help him. Taylor said that she would lose too much if she walked away from Frankie.

After visiting Frankie, Brot joined Taylor for a drink at ConFusion. Taylor asked Brot if anything was wrong. Brot started talking about Frankie, but Taylor interrupted him. She wanted to know why Brot went to Germany for two weeks and never contacted her. Taylor said she felt like their relationship had changed. Brot agreed that they were different people.

Randi went to see Frankie. Jesse gave them some time alone in the apartment. Randi went on the balcony to say hello to Frankie. He did not respond. Randi said she was going to make dinner and Frankie was welcome to join her. At first, Frankie let Randi eat alone, but eventually, he decided to join her. Frankie told Randi that he could not hold the fork. Randi fed Frankie dinner.

Marissa told JR that it was strange she never got to meet Babe, her twin sister. JR said twins were supposed to have psychic connections, but Marissa said she never felt that way about Babe. Tad called Marissa to let her know that Krystal was in the hospital. After JR and Marissa got to the hospital, Tad explained Krystal's accident to them. Tad apologized for leading Marissa to believe that Krystal was dead.

Marissa, Tad, and Angie checked on Krystal. Krystal asked if David was hurt in the accident. Angie said David was fine, but Krystal had sustained a concussion. Tad saw David and Liza looking for Krystal's room. Tad told David that he could have killed Krystal. David went in to see Krystal, who was still with Marissa. David apologized to Krystal, but Marissa was not as forgiving as Krystal. Marissa scolded David and Krystal for their irresponsible actions. Marissa rushed out of the room.

Krystal wanted David to go after Marissa, but David was more concerned about Krystal. Krystal offered her sympathy to David for losing his fourth child. She felt guilty for giving Marissa up. David told Krystal that she made the right decision. Krystal said that David made it hard for her to hate him. David asked Krystal for another chance, but she turned him down. Krystal asked David to leave her alone.

Liza was curious why Tad was not his usual happy and chipper self. Tad said it was hard to be happy when Krystal was in the hospital. Liza asked Tad if he wanted to get back together with Krystal. Tad said he didn't seem to stack up to David in Krystal's eyes.

Marissa told JR that she felt guilty about Krystal's accident. Marissa said her parents were driving home from a dinner the night they died. Her parents had invited her to the dinner, but Marissa refused. Marissa's father fell asleep and ran off the road. Marissa said she could have offered to drive her parents home if she had gone with them. JR said Marissa reminded him of Babe, who often felt guilty about decisions other people made. JR said Marissa was not to blame for her parents' deaths. Marissa thanked JR for the support and gave him a hug.

Jesse stopped by the hospital to check on Krystal. Angie told him Krystal had a mild concussion, but would be fine. Jesse delivered dinner to Angie, but Angie was too worried about Frankie to eat.

Kendall and Zach took Ian home. Kendall called out for Rachel to greet them. Instead, Ryan and Emma walked through the hallway to meet Ian. Ryan told Kendall that Emma wanted to see Ian. Kendall decided to put Ian down for a nap. Emma followed her.

Ryan apologized to Zach for overstepping any bounds with him. Ryan said he and Kendall were no longer together. Zach said he did not care about Kendall and Ryan's relationship, but did not want Ryan popping in any time he wanted. Ryan said he had a right to be in Zach's home because Spike lived there. Kendall returned and scolded Ryan and Zach for raising their voices while Ian slept.

Kendall remarked that she wished Greenlee were around to set Zach and Ryan straight. Ryan did not want to talk about Greenlee. Kendall thought it was healthy to talk about Greenlee, because she was such a big part of their lives. Ryan decided to take Emma home. Zach told Kendall that Henry North was the only person standing between Kendall and her freedom. Zach said he would find a way "to get to" Henry. Zach promised not to do anything crazy or illegal to Henry.

Liza stopped by Ryan's home. She wanted to know more about Ryan's relationship with Annie. Ryan refused to help Liza, because he did not want Annie released from jail. Liza said Annie claimed everything she did was for Emma. Ryan said Annie killing people never helped Emma. Ryan told Liza to drop Annie as a client, but she refused. Ryan said he did not know why Annie went crazy. Liza reminded Ryan that he married Annie, but was in love with Greenlee. Ryan said he would not say anything more to Liza if it meant disrespecting Greenlee.

Tad joined Taylor for a drink at ConFusion. Taylor said she'd had a fight with Brot. Tad said that he realized Tad the Cad was gone. Taylor said something was missing with her and Brot's relationship, but she was not sure how to fix it. Brot walked in with a dozen roses for Taylor. He walked away when he saw Taylor and Tad throwing back drinks."

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