06/17/2009 Marissa Takes David's Keys

"Erica went to see Ryan at his penthouse. He assumed that she was there because Kendall told her about the breakup. Erica admitted that Kendall told her that she and Ryan had split. Erica wanted to make sure Ryan was holding up.

He claimed that he was already in love with another woman. She asked who and he replied, "You." Then, he grabbed her and kissed her. She laughed because she assumed he was joking. He urged Erica to focus on Kendall's murder trial. She was certain that Kendall would be found innocent.

Adam asked Liza to represent Annie. Liza refused because she felt Annie was an insane criminal that repeatedly ran from the law. Adam explained that Annie had a tough life and deserved a second chance. Liza felt that Annie needed to repay her debt to society and go to jail. Adam told Liza that Annie's child was taken away from her. Adam felt that Liza could empathize with Annie's plight. Liza agreed to represent Annie, if Adam helped her get back into Colby's good graces. Adam agreed to the terms.

JR went home and overheard Adam and Liza discussing Annie's case. JR was shocked that his father had hired Liza. JR asked Liza why she wanted to represent Annie. Liza claimed that she was interested in the emotionality of the case. Liza told Adam that she needed an office and two assistants. She also stated that she was not cheap, and she left.

JR inquired why Adam was obsessed with Annie. Adam explained that he made a promise to Stuart after he died. Adam promised to be more generous and kind, like Stuart. Adam hoped that Annie was the first of many people he helped.

Liza went to the hospital to visit Annie. Annie detailed her troubled life, including her crazy dealings with Richie and Dr. Sinclair. Nevertheless, Annie swore she was sane and that she would do anything to be reunited with Emma. Liza felt that she could help Annie and Annie was grateful. Liza said that Annie should thank Adam, because he hired her. Liza stated that she would make sure Annie was not returned to prison and remained in the hospital.

Ryan noticed Liza leave Annie's room. Liza revealed that she was Annie's lawyer, which annoyed Ryan. He said that Annie needed psychological treatment. Liza responded that Annie had a good chance of being set free.

Ryan saw Adam at the hospital and told him to stop helping Annie, but Adam refused. Ryan swore to fight Adam every step of the way.

Adam got a call from Liza about Erica. So, Adam found Erica and told her that he knew what she was up to. He knew that Erica was working behind the scenes to get Annie put back in prison. Erica reminded Adam that Annie stabbed her. Erica swore that she would do everything in her power to make sure Annie spent the rest of her life in prison. Meanwhile, Annie eavesdropped on the conversation.

Amanda and Jake arrived home. He told her that she needed to make everyone believe her baby died. She did not think that would be hard because she did lose her baby.

Krystal hugged Amanda. Krystal said that she knew words could not console Amanda. Krystal stated that losing a child was the worst pain. Amanda realized that Krystal could empathize with her because Krystal miscarried David's child.

Tad informed Jake that he knew about the secret plan. Tad explained that he accidentally hit Liza in the stomach with a dart, so she had to divulge that she was not pregnant. Tad thought that Jake's plan was foolish.

Jake held Amanda in his arms as she cried. She told him that, when she looked into her son's eyes, their souls connected. She swore that if she ever saw her son again, she would recognize him. She further stated that no other child would ever replace her first-born son. She then fell asleep. He whispered that he loved her and that he would take care of her baby.

David was drinking heavily at ConFusion when Marisa arrived. She inquired if he went to Barbados to find Jake and Amanda. David said that he went there, but it was too late, his baby had died. Marissa was horrified by the news. He stated that Jake killed the baby because he allowed Amanda to get on a plane and deliver her baby in a subpar clinic. Marissa reminded David that they were running from him because he continually threatened to steal the baby.

David took shot after shot, so Marissa suggested that he drink a cup of coffee. Her presence annoyed him. He asked if her concern was a pathetic attempt to bond with him. She looked sheepish and admitted that he was right. He said that her presence would not make up for the loss of all his other children. He turned to leave, but she grabbed his car keys. He tried to grab them back, just as Krystal and Tad entered the bar. Krystal yelled at David to get his hands off her daughter.

Krystal tried to calm David down. She understood his need to numb the pain with alcohol, but she warned him not to take his pain out on Marissa. She urged him to yell and scream at her, but not Marissa. David noted that Krystal was the only person he could be himself around. He said that he wanted to go home, so Krystal offered him a ride.

Marissa saw JR at ConFusion. She told him the news about Amanda's baby. He felt very bad for Amanda. Marissa was surprised that he cared about Amanda, since she manipulated him. He stated that no parent deserved to lose his or her child. He further noted that Amanda was a victim of David. JR felt that David deserved to feel pain and loss. Marissa warned JR to watch out, because David would probably try to get custody of Little Adam again. JR looked worried.

A police officer approached Tad and told him that there was an accident and Krystal was in the hospital.

Tad rushed to the hospital. Krystal assured him that she was fine. She explained that David snatched the keys from her and insisted on driving. She got in the car with David because she did not want him to be alone. She said that he drove like a maniac and hit a guardrail. Tad wished she had not gotten in the car with David. Then, Krystal fainted.

Liza went to the police station to speak with Jesse. She announced that she was Annie's attorney. Jesse quipped that Liza had many "A-list clients." Liza replied, "A girl's got to eat." She then told him that she got a judge to rule that Annie should remain in the hospital.

David was brought into the police station. An officer told Jesse that he caught David drunk driving and that the woman in his car was hospitalized. Jesse was shocked to learn that Krystal was in the car. David stated that Krystal would be fine. He noted that he was the person that lost everything because his baby died. Liza seemed pleased by David's comment.

Jesse asked David if Liza was still his attorney and David said no. David told Liza that she should not be around him because he was known for stealing babies. David was then locked in a cell."

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