06/16/2009 David Demands To See The Baby

"Adam visited Annie at the hospital. She was upset because she was being discharged from the hospital, which meant she was going back to prison. Joe then came to check on Annie. Adam asked Joe to keep Annie in the hospital, but Joe refused.

Ryan went to the hospital and demanded to know why Adam was helping Annie. Adam explained that he knew what it felt like to have everyone hate him. Adam empathized with Annie and wanted to help her. Ryan told Adam that Annie needed psychiatric treatment, but Adam did not want to hear it.

Adam promised Annie that he would get her out of prison and reunite her with Emma. Annie was delighted and kissed Adam on the lips.

The doctor informed Kendall and Zach that Ian was doing very well and could go home the next day. Kendall and Zach were relieved, and embraced. Kendall announced that she wanted to go home with Zach, Spike, and Ian. Zach looked surprised, and she explained that she wanted to move back in because it was best for her sons. Zach then got an urgent call from the casino and had to leave. Before he left, Kendall told him that she could not wait to go home. He smiled and said the feeling was mutual.

Ryan arrived home and found a present waiting for him. Jack found the gift in Greenlee's penthouse. It was meant to be a Christmas gift for Ryan. Ryan opened the box and found two champagne flutes. One said, "Marry Me?" The other said, "I will." There was a card from Greenlee as well. In the card, she apologized for not saying yes to Ryan's proposal immediately.

Kendall went to Ryan's penthouse. She relayed the good news about Ian, and Ryan was happy. She revealed that she was moving back in with Zach, so she could be with her sons. Ryan said he understood. She apologized to Ryan for complicating his life. She regretted "jumping into bed" with him right after Greenlee's death. He tried to comfort her, but she told him not to because she did not deserve it.

Ryan got a phone call, but the person on the other end said nothing. Meanwhile, Gail took a cell phone away from an unidentified patient and scolded them for calling Ryan.

Tad said that he could not keep Liza's secret. Liza pleaded with Tad to pretend Amanda's baby was hers. He felt that she would never be able to fool David. She protested that her plan was the perfect solution for both her and Amanda. He stated that her plan was anything but perfect. He urged her to find another way to have a child.

Liza admitted that she had trouble conceiving when she tried insemination and that adoption was too long of a process. She wanted to start a family immediately, especially for Colby's sake. Liza then adamantly stated that she already considered Amanda's baby to be her own. Tad was doubtful that Liza's plan would work.

Liza heard Colby drive up to Tad's house. Liza begged Tad not to say anything to Colby. Tad said, "I'll keep your secret, for now."

Colby and Pete entered Tad's home and could tell that tensions were high. Tad said that he made too many jokes about Liza's weight. Colby ran to her mother and asked to feel her stomach. Liza looked nervous and yelled at Colby not to touch her. Liza then stormed out of the house.

Colby called her mother a psycho. Colby did not understand why Liza pulled away from her, because she claimed that she wanted them to grow closer. Tad told Colby that she should not feel responsible for Liza's moodiness because he was the one that upset her, not Colby. Pete wondered why Liza was upset at all, since babies made everyone happy. Pete then went on and on about how he wanted a big family. Colby snapped at him and stated that she would never have kids with him.

After Colby left, Tad urged Pete to give up on Colby. Pete was determined to make Colby love him. Tad noted that Pete could not force someone to love him.

David asked a nurse to see his child. The nurse explained that only family could see the baby. He revealed that he was the child's father. Jake overheard David's request and told the nurse that he would handle David.

David accused Jake of killing his son. David said that Amanda should not have traveled while she was in the last stage of her pregnancy. Jake replied that David caused Amanda to lose the baby because he stressed her out. David cried as he mourned the loss of his son. David could not believe that another one of his children had passed away. David stated that he just wanted to hear his son call him dad. Meanwhile, Amanda listened to David's sad statements and cried, as well.

As David searched the hospital for his child, Amanda told Jake that she wanted to speak with David. Amanda found David right before he was about to enter the morgue. She announced that the baby was not in the morgue. David wondered if Amanda lied about the child dying. So, he asked a doctor what happened to the Martin baby. The doctor replied, "I'm sorry, we did all we could."

Jake called Liza to warn her about David. Jake divulged that David was at the hospital and demanded to see the baby. Jake was worried that David would discover that the baby was alive. Liza was distraught.

Amanda claimed that she did not want David to see the baby because it would be too difficult to deal with. She then fabricated a story about the baby's supposed death. She explained that, after she gave birth, she waited for her baby to cry, but she heard nothing. She said that she was overwrought with pain after she learned the child died.

Amanda stated that she held the baby in her arms, but the baby was still. She wanted to say goodbye to the child, but she never had a chance because the baby was already in heaven. She urged David not to hold his dead child because the memory would haunt him. Instead, she encouraged him to think about his son laughing and gurgling in heaven with Leora and Babe.

David told Amanda and Jake that Tad called Jake's phone earlier that day. David explained that he answered the phone and pretended to be Jake. David noted that Tad made it seem that Amanda and Jake's honeymoon was a way to get the baby away from him. David swore to find out what Amanda and Jake were up to.

Jake told Amanda that she handled David amazingly well. Amanda inquired about the baby. He told her that the baby was safe and with his adoptive parents.

A nurse handed Amanda's baby to Jake. Jake rocked the baby in his arms as he told the infant that he would see him soon.

Liza went to see Zach in his office. She immediately made herself a drink and he sarcastically asked if she should be drinking while pregnant. She said, "Turns out, I'm barren." She then explained her entire plan to adopt Amanda's baby. He assured her that she would have a chance to be a mother again. She assumed that he was being nice to her because he did not want her to implicate Kendall in Stuart's murder. He stated that Kendall was innocent. Liza laughed and admitted that she believed him because, for some reason, she always believed everything he said.

Jake called Liza and told her that David believed the baby was dead. He said that the baby would soon be hers.

Liza was ecstatic and told Zach her good news. She hugged Zach and smiled. Just then, Kendall entered Zach's office and grimaced when she saw them embracing.

Randi told Angie and Jesse that she could not get Frankie to return home. Randi was frustrated and blamed herself for Frankie's reluctance to return to Pine Valley. Just then, Taylor revealed that Frankie and Brot returned together. Taylor assured Randi that she was part of the reason for Frankie's return. Angie announced that she would throw a party in honor of Frankie.

Frankie and Brot went to ConFusion. Frankie ordered multiple shots of whiskey. Frankie confessed that he had second thoughts about marrying Randi. Even though he loved her, he feared he would hurt her due to his pent-up rage. Brot told him that the rage would subside. Still, Frankie did not want to see his family. Brot called Frankie a coward, and left.

Angie, Jesse, Taylor, Natalia, and Randi waited for Frankie at Angie and Jesse's apartment. Brot joined them and revealed that Frankie did not want to see anyone. Randi was upset and assumed that her marriage was over. She ran out of the apartment and, to her surprise, she bumped into Frankie in the hallway.

Frankie was very drunk and made jokes about being "crippled." His family looked concerned."

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