06/15/2009 Jake Tells David The Baby Died

"At the hospital, Annie confided that her guardian angel would bring Annie home to Emma. Ryan walked into the room moments later. He gave Emma some money and sent her out of the room. When they were alone, Ryan asked Annie what she and Emma had talked about. Annie tried to make light of the question, but Ryan wasn't in a mood to joke around.

Annie turned the tables on Ryan by revealing that their daughter had faked her illness. Ryan shot back that Emma had learned to lie from her mother. The two glared at each other for a long moment until Ryan switched tactics. He reassured Annie that he wanted her to get better. Annie insisted that she had recovered from her breakdown.

Aidan stopped Emma in the hospital corridor to ask her if she had played the "secret game" with her mother. Emma revealed that she and Annie had played the game; however, Emma couldn't reveal Annie's secret. According to Emma, it wouldn't remain a secret if she told Aidan. Aidan suggested playing another game. Aidan explained that he would try to guess Annie's secret. He instructed Emma to tell him "cold" if he guessed wrong or "hot" if he guessed correctly. Emma agreed to play the new game.

Aidan's first few guesses were way off the mark. When Aidan asked if Annie's secret was about Emma, she responded, "warm." Before Aidan could question Emma further, Ryan walked up and swept his daughter away.

Aidan went to Annie's room to check on her. Annie thanked Aidan for letting her know that Emma had been in the hospital. In the next breath, Annie confronted Aidan about the secret game. Aidan seemed surprised that Annie had figured out that he had been behind it. Aidan tried to reassure Annie that he was on her side, but Annie didn't believe him.

Annie made it clear that she no longer trusted Aidan. She accused him of wanting her locked up in Oak Haven. When Annie mentioned "the people" who believed in her recovery, Aidan asked Annie where Adam was. Annie claimed that Adam had gone home to get some rest. Annie then turned her back on Aidan, in an attempt to shut him out.

At home, Ryan talked to Emma about why she had lied. Emma said that she had wanted to see her mother. Ryan asked how Emma had known that Annie was in the hospital. Emma admitted that she had overheard Ryan discussing it. Ryan explained that it was important that she not lie to him. Emma promised that she would tell him the truth.

After they hugged, Ryan asked Emma what Annie had told her. Emma was initially reluctant to tell him because she didn't want to lose the game to Aidan. Ryan filed the information away, as he reassured Emma that he was on Annie's side. Emma admitted that she suspected Ryan was Annie's guardian angel, so Emma decided it was safe to reveal Annie's secret to Ryan.

Later, while Emma colored pictures, the doorbell rang. Ryan answered the door then stepped into the hallway with Aidan. Ryan was furious and made it clear that he would not allow Aidan to use Emma again. Aidan defended the game he had asked Emma to play. Aidan insisted that Annie had a secret.

Ryan told Aidan that the secret was that Annie had a guardian angel who intended to help her. Ryan suspected that person was Aidan. Aidan informed Ryan that he didn't have any intention of helping Annie. According to Aidan, the person Ryan needed to be concerned about was Annie's guardian angel.

Marissa met Krystal at the yacht club. Krystal immediately realized that things had not gone well between Marissa and David. Marissa admitted that she had failed to get through to David. He had left as soon as he had received word on Jake and Amanda's whereabouts. Marissa was heartbroken because she had hoped that her presence in David's life would have been enough.

After Krystal called to update Tad about David's travel plans, she focused on Marissa. Marissa suspected that David wanted the children that he couldn't have. Krystal urged Marissa to give David time to open up to her. Marissa felt pathetic because she tried to fill a void in David's life left by Babe. Krystal explained that Babe and Leora's deaths were not responsible for the black hole in David's soul.

Krystal cautioned Marissa that if she kept trying to fill that hole for David, Marissa would eventually end up broken like Krystal. Marissa told Krystal that she was already there; she had been since the death of her parents. Krystal reached out and hugged Marissa.

At the Martin residence, Liza rushed to check on Tad after he had passed out. When Tad came to, he was distraught because he believed that he had hurt Liza's baby when his stray dart had struck her stomach. Liza was forced to show the padding around her waist in order to prove that Tad had not harmed her child. Tad was stunned when realized that Liza had faked her pregnancy.

Tad asked why Liza had pretended to be pregnant. Liza claimed that she had been lonely after Colby had left her. Liza also explained that Colby had desperately wanted a family. Tad pointed out that Liza's plan had a huge flaw; she wouldn't have a baby at the end of nine months. Liza tried to lie by suggesting that she had not thought the entire scheme through. Tad spotted the fabrication immediately. Within moments he realized that Amanda's baby was at the center of Liza's plans.

Liza confirmed Tad's suspicions. She told Tad that she and Jake had reached an agreement about the baby. Liza also revealed that Amanda did not know about Liza's intentions to raise the baby as her own. Tad thought it was wrong to tell David that his son had died. Tad also believed that it was a mistake to keep Amanda in the dark about her child. A phone call from Krystal iinterrupted them.

Krystal warned Tad that David had discovered where Jake and Amanda had gone for their honeymoon. Tad ended the call and turned to Liza. He explained the situation then demanded to know where Jake and Amanda had flown. Liza gave Tad the information. Tad called Jake to urge him to drop his plans and alert him about David. The call was disconnected before Tad heard Jake's response.

After the call, Tad and Liza resumed their conversation. Tad told Liza that Dixie had regretted lying about Kathy until the day Dixie had died. Tad reminded Liza that she was asking Jake to lie to Amanda for the rest of their lives. Tad warned Liza that the secret would eat at Jake whenever he saw Liza with the baby. Tad was certain that the plan was doomed to failure because David would stop at nothing to get to the truth. When the truth eventually prevailed, the baby would suffer the most.

Liza pointed out that sometimes it was necessary to lie. She justified her decision by pointing out that David had ruined many lives. Liza asked Tad if he had wanted David near Jenny. Tad admitted that he didn't want David around his child; however, Liza proposed telling a man that his son had died.

Tad explained that Kathy had many issues to work through because of what had happened to her. He warned Liza that the baby she wanted to adopt would share the same fate as his daughter. Liza appreciated Tad's concern, but she believed that handing a child over to David was tantamount to child abuse. When Tad refused to help Liza, she cried that she couldn't lose her child. Tad pointed out that the baby wasn't Liza's; he was Amanda's baby.

David slipped into Jake and Amanda's hotel room in Barbados. As he crept around the vacant room, the room's phone rang. After several rings, David answered the phone. Tad assumed it was Jake on the other end, not David. He advised Jake to call off his plans then warned him that David was on their trail. David disconnected the call.

Moments later a hotel maid entered. She demanded to know what David was doing in the room. David pretended to be a friend of Jake and Amanda's from home. He explained that he had tragic news for the newlyweds, then asked the maid if she knew where they were. The maid told David that Amanda had gone into labor and she had been rushed to the hospital.

In the Barbados hospital, Amanda held her son. When Jake tried to take the baby from Amanda, she admitted that she couldn't give her son up. Jake suggested that they run away with the baby before David found them. Amanda appreciated the offer, but she did not want to live her life in fear of David finding them. Jake was determined to support whatever decision Amanda made. Amanda was determined to do what was best for her son. She asked Jake to give her a few minutes alone to say goodbye to her baby boy.

After Jake stepped out of the room, Amanda gently stroked her son's face and told him how much she loved him. She confessed that she had not allowed herself to think of a future with her baby because it would have been impossible for her to let go of him. As Jake walked in, Amanda begged her son not to hate her for what she was about to do. Jake quietly asked for the baby. Amanda hesitated briefly then handed him to Jake. Jake promised that the baby would have a good life. As Jake left the room, Amanda dissolved into tears.

Moments later, someone entered the room and put their hand on Amanda's shoulder. Amanda didn't look up as she cried, "I want my baby." David responded, "I do too. Now where's my son?" Amanda looked up at David, then yelled out, "Get out of here."

Jake ran into the room when he heard the commotion. David turned to Jake and demanded to know where his son was. Jake told David that the baby had died because David had pressured Amanda until the stress had brought on premature labor. Jake then claimed that the baby had died because the umbilical cord had been wrapped around his neck.

David launched himself at Jake. A scuffle ensued until the attending physician raced into the room and pulled David off of Jake. David stormed out of the room; in the hallway, David appeared shattered by the devastating news of his son's death.

In the hospital room, Amanda suggested that they call the police. Jake advised against it because they had told David that the baby had died. However, Jake believed that David's arrival in Barbados could work to their advantage. When Jake stepped into the hallway, David was demanding to be taken to his son."

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