06/11/2009 Jake & Amanda's Wedding

"David decided to crash Amanda and Jake's wedding. David said that he would never allow Jake to play daddy to his son. Jake attacked David, but Tad and Opal managed to pull them apart. Krystal wanted to know what has happening when she came home. Tad said he was trying to marry David and Amanda. Krystal asked David to leave. When David made a snide comment about Krystal, Tad punched him in the face.

David was tied up in a chair while Tad tried to finish the wedding ceremony. Opal stuffed tissue in David's mouth so he could not object to the marriage. Tad handed the bride and groom flashing toy rings. Jake read his own vows to Amanda. Amanda felt embarrassed because she did not prepare any vows for Jake. Opal told Amanda to just say what she felt in her heart. Amanda told Jake all of the many reasons she loved him. Amanda and Jake sealed their marriage with a kiss.

Tad took the tissue out of David's mouth. Krystal told David that Amanda and Jake were in love. She told David that if he really loved the baby, he should let Amanda and Jake raise the child. David said Krystal was not one to talk about the way to raise a child, considering she sold Marissa and left Jenny to be with him. Krystal said she was glad David was never around to help raise Marissa or Babe.

Erica went to see Ryan to explain that Annie was playing Adam for his money, power, and security. Erica said that she thought Annie killed Stuart, and Annie was capable of doing the same thing to anyone else. Ryan said he was more concerned about Emma being back at home safely. Erica received a call about Ian going home.

Annie asked Angie if she was going to die. Angie said that the medicine should break her fever soon. Aidan asked Annie what she meant earlier by saying, "I was so close." Annie said felt closer to getting better and healthy. She closed her eyes to sleep, and Aidan left.

Erica saw Aidan looking distressed outside Annie's room. Erica scolded Aidan for helping Annie outrun the law for so long. She wanted Annie in prison. To her surprise, Aidan said he wanted Annie there, too. Aidan said he wanted to help Annie, but learned that there was nothing more he could do for her.

Liza told Jesse she could not get anyone to match her story about the night of Stuart's murder. The lawyer said Colby needed to verify Liza's story. But the lawyer also needed to know if Liza did or did not see Kendall shoot Stuart, because she had changed her story so many times. Liza said she heard a gunshot, took the letters and left the Chandler home. She claimed that Kendall did not kill Stuart, and, if needed, would say it on the stand.

Jesse thought it was strange that Liza volunteered to be David's lawyer. Marissa asked Liza if she was going to try to frame David for Stuart's murder so Kendall could go free. Marissa said everyone in the town wanted David to burn, including Liza. Marissa threatened to take Liza down if David was arrested for Stuart's murder.

A doctor told Kendall and Zach that Ian was doing well in the hospital. Overjoyed with excitement, Kendall kissed Zach. He kissed her back. Kendall pulled back and said the kiss was weird. Zach agreed, adding that they might be married, but only on paper. Erica went to see Kendall and Zach while they waited to take Ian home. Erica knew something happened between Zach and Kendall. Zach said nothing happened, except he and Kendall were not fighting.

Jesse went to the hospital to tell Zach that David had been released from the police station. Liza walked up as Jesse told Zach that she volunteered to be David's lawyer. Zach reminded Liza that he would keep quiet about her fake pregnancy as long as Kendall stayed in the clear.

Kendall started to knock on Ryan's door, but stopped as memories of kissing Zach flooded back. Instead, Kendall went to Greenlee's old apartment. She was surprised to see Jackson packing up Greenlee's belongings. Kendall said she went there to feel closer to Greenlee. Jackson said David was brought in for questioning about Stuart's murder, but released. Kendall knew that made her the prime suspect in the murder.

Jackson left Kendall alone in the apartment. Kendall picked up a picture of Greenlee. She said that she loved Ryan, but it felt wonderful to kiss Zach again. Kendall said she wished Greenlee were alive to let her know that being with Ryan was right. Kendall asked Greenlee to give her a sign. Seconds later, Ryan walked through the door. Ryan said that he sometimes went to the apartment to feel closer to Greenlee.

Marissa was horrified to see David tied up after Jake and Amanda's wedding. After David left, Marissa demanded to know why they wanted to torture her father. Krystal said she thought that Marissa wanted Jake and Amanda to keep their baby. Marissa said she did not want David in prison for a murder he did not commit. Krystal warned her not to get sucked into David's manipulation. Marissa said that she could get through to David, even if everyone else hated him. Marissa stormed out of the house.

David found Liza at the hospital. He thanked Liza for keeping him out of jail. David said she was only helping him to put him in jail and keep him away from Amanda's baby. David took Liza's arm and said he would make sure she paid if he was blamed for Stuart's murder. When Liza pulled away, she stumbled and her stomach hit the wall. David asked Liza if the baby was hurt. Liza clutched her stomach and told him to stay away from her.

Erica went to see Annie. Annie apologized for stabbing Erica. She told Erica that she wanted to keep getting better. Erica told Annie that she should be in prison."

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