06/10/2009 Jesse Questions David

"Annie woke up and writhed in pain. No one was around, so she walked outside of her hospital room. She saw the police guard asleep outside her room. She noticed his gun and stared at it. However, she decided not to steal the gun and, instead, woke the officer. She told him that she needed help just as she collapsed.

Aidan ran to her and picked her up. He put her into bed and asked why she did not take the officer's gun and escape. Then, Angie entered the room to check on Annie. Angie determined that Annie was in shock. Angie told the officer to escort Aidan out of the room.

JR informed Adam that David was being questioned for Stuart's murder. Adam wished himself dead, not Stuart. Adam then noted that he was alive due to Annie. So, Adam planned to follow in Stuart's footsteps and help Annie. JR told his father to help someone that deserved it.

Adam reminded JR that Annie saved his life. JR asked his father if he had the "hots" for Annie, but Adam denied that. JR reminded Adam that Annie was not a saint. He noted that she tried to kidnap Emma on the night of Stuart's death. Adam commented that she did not follow through with the abduction because she decided to save his life instead. Suddenly, Adam received a call from the hospital saying that Annie was in trouble.

Adam arrived at the hospital and inquired about Annie. Angie explained that Annie had an infection due to the dirty shank she was stabbed with. Angie stated that antibiotics would cure Annie, but Adam was skeptical of Angie's prognosis. He reminded her that he was on the hospital's board of directors and demanded that every doctor in the hospital check on Annie.

Angie had multiple doctors examine Annie. They all concluded that Annie's diagnosis was correct. Angie told Adam that he wasted the hospital's time and resources. Angie also noted that Annie could be on the road to recovery, if Adam had allowed her to administer the antibiotics sooner.

Aidan informed Ryan that he was no longer Annie's partner in crime. Ryan assumed that Annie dumped Aidan. Aidan stated that Annie did not want to pay for her crimes, even though she claimed she did. Aidan said that Annie had used him and was using Adam to avoid jail time. Ryan did not trust Aidan, and asked why he suddenly turned on Annie. Aidan affirmed that Annie was crazier than ever and needed help.

Aidan sneaked into Annie's hospital room. She had a fever and called out for help. He urged her to relax, but she was certain that she was dying. She apologized to Aidan for getting him involved in her mess. Then, she rambled on and on that she was so close to doing something. Aidan asked what she was close to, but she did not answer him.

Erica noticed Adam at the hospital and assumed he was there to support Ian. Adam stated that he was there for Annie. Erica looked shocked.

JR told Erica that his father was obsessed with Annie. JR feared that Annie was taking advantage of Adam's vulnerability. Erica commented that anyone who got involved with Annie was hurt, or worse. Erica was determined to figure out why Adam was fixated on Annie.

Erica confronted Adam about his newfound bond with Annie. Adam said that he owed Annie because she saved his life. Erica reminded him that Annie was crazy. Adam thought that Erica was jealous, so she called him clueless.

Dr. Sloan announced to Kendall, Zach, Ryan, and Angie that Ian was ready for a new heart valve. Dr. Sloan felt that the baby was strong enough to withstand surgery. Kendall and Zach embraced and Ryan looked concerned by their show of affection. Then, Erica entered the room and was told the good news.

The doctor proceeded to explain that a mechanical valve would be placed in Ian. He further stated that the valve would need to be replaced every few years, because Ian would require bigger valves as he grew. Kendall wished that she went with the mechanical valve, instead of the Chandler valve, from the start. As Erica urged Kendall not to blame herself, Ryan left the room without saying a word.

Kendall thanked Angie for all of her support. Kendall assured Angie that Frankie would be fine, just like Ian.

Kendall wondered where Ryan was and Erica offered to find him. Erica saw Ryan in the waiting room. She asked him how Spike was handling his parents not being around very much. Ryan told Erica that he knew what she was up to. He thought that Erica wanted him to check on Spike, so Kendall and Zach could be together and reconnect. Ryan assured Erica that Kendall did not want to be with Zach. Nevertheless, Ryan said that he would go home to be with Spike because his son needed him.

Kendall and Zach said goodbye to Ian as he was carted off to surgery. They told their son that they loved him very much.

Kendall told Zach to close his eyes and imagine Ian's next birthday party. They pictured Ian and Spike playing with their trains. Zach promised Kendall that Ian would celebrate many birthdays. She feared that she would miss them, if she were convicted of Stuart's murder. He assured her that she would not go to jail.

She asked Zach how his meeting with the D.A. went. Zach did not want to talk about it, so she assumed the meeting did not go well. He admitted that the D.A. was intent on prosecuting her because he was an ambitious man. Zach knew that the D.A. wanted the publicity that would come from convicting Erica Kane's daughter.

Kendall affirmed her innocence and asked Zach if he believed her. He said that he was sure of two things. The first was that Ian would survive his surgery and the second was that Kendall was not a killer. Still, Kendall noticed doubt in his eyes. She worried that a jury would doubt her as well.

Jesse asked David why he was at the mansion the night Stuart was shot. Liza advised David not to answer the question, but David wanted to speak. David announced that not everyone would be pleased with his side of the story. David then explained that he was in the tunnels of the mansion with the intent to kill Adam. David had a gun on him that he stashed in the tunnels previously. David pointed the gun at Stuart, thinking that he was Adam.

However, David did not pull the trigger because he thought about his children and his grandson. David said that he could not commit murder for their sake. David proceeded to exit the tunnels and ran into the backyard. There, he saw Kendall trip, as she ran away from the mansion. The D.A. asked Jesse what he thought about David's account. Jesse felt that David was lying. Jesse was certain that David shot Stuart.

David admitted that there was more to his story. David said that there was another reason he did not shoot Adam; he did not have a clear shot. David explained that he went to the backyard for a better angle, but he heard someone approaching and hid. David then heard a gunshot and, shortly after, saw Kendall running away from the mansion.

David then revealed that he saw even more that night. David stated that he saw Liza standing over Stuart's lifeless body. Liza looked nervous.

Jesse and the D.A. questioned Liza. Liza explained that she was with Stuart's body because she wanted to get her letters. Liza offered to give the letters as evidence. Jesse asked why she did not divulge that information sooner. She stated that she did not want to implicate herself as a suspect, since she was innocent.

The D.A. still wanted to prosecute Kendall, regardless of the new evidence. So, the D.A. said that he would not question Liza further-if she changed her statement and swore that she saw Kendall with a gun at the mansion.

Jake and Amanda were excited over their engagement. They both wanted to get married as soon as possible, so they obtained a marriage license. Afterwards, they went to Tad's house and asked if Tad would conduct the ceremony. Tad got on his computer and became an ordained minister via the Internet.

Opal helped Amanda get ready for the ceremony. Amanda wished that she was getting married in a big church and that her mother and father were there. Opal assured Amanda that Janet and Trevor were there in spirit. Opal then noted that it did not matter how fancy the wedding was, as long as she married the right man.

Before the ceremony, Amanda told Jake that she felt very lucky to have him in her life. She looked forward to spending the rest of her life with him. They kissed.

Tad performed the wedding ceremony. As he asked if anyone objected to the marriage, David entered the house and announced that he objected."

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