06/08/2009 David Prepares To Flee

"In Germany, Randi told Brot that she was disappointed that Angie had decided to remain home instead of flying to Germany to help Randi with Frankie. Randi apologized to Brot for not being emotionally strong for Frankie. Randi admitted that the walls that Frankie had put up frustrated her. Brot told Randi that she had two choices: she could fight for her marriage or she could fly home. Either way, Brot warned, Frankie would resent her.

Randi decided to talk to Frankie. Unfortunately Randi's attempt to get through to Frankie failed. Frankie was convinced that his life was over because he had lost the use of his hands. Randi was hurt; she felt as if their relationship had been one-sided. Randi wanted the have the same opportunity to help her husband as he'd had when Randi had battled the demons from her past. Frankie refused to look at Randi while he rejected her overtures. When she realized that Frankie would continue to shut her out, Randi left.

In the hallway, Randi told Brot that she would give Frankie until the count of ten to get out of his bed and go after her. If Frankie didn't make an attempt to save his marriage, then Randi would return home. Brot and Randi watched Frankie, through the room's window, while Randi slowly counted to ten. Images from happier times drifted through her mind as Randi counted. When Frankie failed to stir by the time Randi reached nine, Randi walked away. Brot marched into Frankie's room.

Brot asked Frankie what was wrong with him. Frankie barely reacted when Brot informed him that Randi had left. Frankie thought Randi's departure was for the best. Frankie justified his decision not to save his marriage. He told Brot that he had warned Randi that he might change in Iraq. Brot pointed out that Frankie hadn't exactly predicted the future; everyone returned home from war changed.

Brot switched tactics by telling Frankie about his own experience after the explosion that had left him with severe burns. Brot revealed that for a long time he had resented Frankie for saving him. Brot had often wondered why Frankie had done it. Brot realized that he'd been saved so that he could return the favor to Frankie one day. Brot told Frankie that life could go on without the use of his hands. However, he wondered if the same could be said about Frankie's life without Randi. Frankie was silent.

Randi stood in the airport as the boarding call for a flight to Philadelphia was announced.

At the yacht club, JR and Scott discussed Stuart's murder. Scott felt responsible for what had happened to Stuart because Kendall's motive for killing Adam had been the faulty heart valve. JR reminded Scott that the killer was to blame for what had happened to Stuart, not Scott. JR changed the topic to distract Scott. JR revealed his plans for saving Chandler Enterprises.

Marissa walked up just in time to hear JR announce that he intended to use David to save the company. Marissa bristled over the idea of JR causing trouble for David. She warned JR to leave David alone. According to Marissa, David had suffered enough. JR was outraged by Marissa's suggestion. He followed Marissa as she walked away.

When JR caught up with Marissa, he told her about David scheme to have Amanda wear Babe's clothes in an effort to derail JR's sobriety. JR told her that when that plan had failed, David arranged for JR to be drugged with a pill to make it appear as if JR had started drinking again. Marissa blamed everything on JR's decision to keep David away from Little A. JR shot back that Marissa had been lucky to have escaped being raised by a man like David. Marissa was furious. She told JR that she hadn't been lucky; she'd grown up a single child, would never meet her twin, and had recently lost the only parents she had ever known. When Marissa walked away again, JR didn't follow.

When JR returned to the table, Scott blasted JR for the cruel things that he had said to Marissa. JR was unrepentant. JR reminded Scott that David could have killed Stuart. JR suggested that Scott advise his new friend, Marissa, of that very real possibility.

At the Chandler mansion, Jesse and Jackson discussed Kendall's claim about tripping over someone in the garden after she had left the terrace. A detective confirmed that they had found a footprint, belonging to a man's size 11D dress shoe, exactly where Kendall had tripped. Moments later, JR and Scott arrived home. They were curious why the police were crawling all over the estate. Jesse told them that they were following possible leads. He asked the cousins what their shoe sizes were. Both JR and Scott were quickly eliminated as possible suspects for the footprint.

When JR and Scott went inside, JR admitted that he wasn't about to stand around waiting for the police to build a case against David. Before Scott could stop him, JR walked out the door. Scott decided to follow JR.

Ryan wondered why seeing David had reminded Annie of the night that Stuart had been murdered. Annie became agitated; she didn't want to talk about it. Ryan was determined to get answers. Adam walked in and demanded that Ryan stop questioning Annie. Adam defended Annie; he claimed that she had been the only person in the house on that fateful night who hadn't wanted Adam dead.

Ryan explained that he didn't suspect Annie of killing Stuart. Appeased, Adam remained silent while Ryan resumed his line of questioning. When Annie recounted what she had seen, Ryan realized that David had ample opportunity to kill Stuart.

After Ryan left, Annie told Adam that she was sorry for his loss. When Annie asked how Adam was doing, he admitted that he had been doing well since David's nurse no longer drugged him. Annie asked Adam how his memory had fared. Adam smiled as he realized what Annie was really asking. Adam assured Annie that he would help her out of her legal troubles and help her regain custody of Emma. Annie was delighted by the news.

Adam asked Annie if she had been at his home to take Emma away on the night of Stuart's murder. When Annie confirmed Adam's suspicions, Adam asked Annie why she had aborted her plans. Annie revealed that she had helped Adam because he had once provided a roof over her head when she had been in need. Adam confessed that he'd had ulterior motives for helping Annie at that time. Annie didn't care what his reasons were, she just remembered that Adam had been there for her when no one else was.

A short time later, while Annie slept, Aidan walked into the room. He told Adam that he had just learned of Annie's incident in jail. Adam assured Aidan that Annie couldn't be in better hands. Aidan seemed taken aback by Adam's comment.

David went into Ian's room to update Kendall on Ian's condition. When Kendall didn't respond, David asked if her upcoming arraignment was the reason that Kendall refused to talk to him. Zach walked in moments later and made it clear that he would not let Kendall take the fall for David's crime. David insisted that he had been unconscious at the time of Stuart's murder. According to David, JR had knocked David out and stolen his gun.

Kendall refuted David's claim; she insisted that she had tripped over David shortly after fleeing the terrace. David suggested that perhaps Kendall had been influenced by Jackson to "recall" something that hadn't really occurred. David decided, under the circumstances, to have a new surgeon assigned to Ian's case.

After David left, Kendall asked Zach if he believed her about seeing David on the night of the murder. Zach reassured Kendall. However, he worried that it would be Kendall's word against David's. "Not anymore", Ryan announced as he strolled into the room. Ryan explained that Annie could place David in the house at the time of the shooting. Annie's testimony would corroborate Kendall's story and point to David as the prime suspect.

Moments later, Jesse approached them. Jesse informed Zach, Kendall, and Ryan that they had found a footprint where Kendall said she had tripped. Jesse asked Zach and Ryan what their shoe sizes were. Ryan told Jesse that he was a 10-1/2 and Zach revealed he wore a size 10D shoe. Jesse was able to rule out both men as possible suspects for the footprint. Zach was eager to act on the new information, but Jesse warned Zach to stay out of the investigation.

Jesse reminded everyone that the footprint only confirmed Kendall's claim that she had tripped. The footprint wasn't sufficient proof that someone else had killed Stuart. Ryan told Jesse about what Annie had seen the night of Stuart's murder. Jesse listened patiently then pointed out that Annie hadn't seen the shooting. Annie's testimony could only establish that David, along with "the rest of the town," was in the house at the time of the murder. Jesse urged them to allow the police to investigate the crime.

Later, Zach, Kendall, and Ryan discussed what would happen if they didn't find proof that David had killed Stuart. They realized that Kendall would remain the prime suspect and would face a murder trial.

Marissa was in Wildwind's living room when David walked in. Marissa noticed the overnight bag that David had with him. David announced that he was leaving Pine Valley before the town railroaded him for a crime he had not committed. Marissa thought that David should fight to prove his innocence to everyone. David told Marissa that Jesse had planted evidence in the past; he refused to allow Jesse the opportunity to do it again.

Marissa pleaded with her father to reconsider, to no avail. David was certain that he would be falsely accused and wrongly convicted because of all of his past crimes. David confessed to some of the terrible things he had done. He suggested that she leave to join the impending mob before they gathered at his front door with pitchforks and torches. Marissa's response was to sit down.

Marissa refused to abandon David. She told him that his past transgressions had been awful; however, at no point had he murdered anyone. Marissa was determined to stand by her father. David appreciated Marissa's support, but he remained determined to flee town. David advised Marissa to call 9-1-1 once he had left, so that she couldn't be charged with being an accessory.

David didn't get very far. Once he opened the door he encountered JR. JR asked David where he was going, but didn't wait for an answer. A scuffle ensued, during which JR was knocked unconscious. As David made good on his escape, he passed Scott, who was on his way in. When Scott stepped into the foyer, Marissa was leaning over JR's body. Minutes later, Jesse arrived. JR told Jesse that he had tried to stop David from leaving, but had failed. Jesse was in the process of ordering an APB on David when David walked in.

David told Marissa that he had returned for her sake. According to David, "they" ran him out of Babe's life; he refused to let "them" do the same thing to him and Marissa."

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